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Ask us a question – about remote healing

healing hands


I recently bought a QSB and Wave and am now sleeping so well and already feel better generally in myself.

My sister is very sick. She had the jabs against my advice which may be causing it or making her worse so I would like to give her remote healing as she does not live nearby but I am not clear about how to do it. Can you please help me to understand it. Thank you, Betty


Remote healing is a great way to help your sister Betty. For remote and direct healing we have a training video to the bottom of the QSB Wave page: https://lifeenergysolutions.com/product/qsb-wave/ This shows how easy remote healing is to do. Our very best to your sister and the help that you are giving her on her healing journey.

Information about the QSB/Wave package

Use the discount code pyramid at the checkout to get the fr*ee Power P.e.bal and 10% off (valid until 30th June 2024).

Believe in yourself…….

resilience quote

Understanding the Science Behind Remote healing

quantum entanglement, remote healing

We encounter many sceptics in our line of work. I have concluded that the main reason for scepticism is that people have been educated about a world that conforms to classical physics, often referred to “Newtonian Physics”. This deals with objects or lumps of matter interacting with other objects/lumps.

The fact is that we have a whole new understanding of the Universe emerging as we slowly embrace the world of the new “Quantum Physics”, where our universe is expressed as waves of energy is states of vibration that are manipulated by our own consciousness.

Understanding the principles behind remote healing or distant healing, as it is sometimes referred to, requires a basic understanding of Quantum Physics – in particular the principle of Quantum Entanglement. Einstein referred to this as “spooky action at a distance” but spooky as it might seem, it is being used in satellite communication and is certainly at work in all remote healing practices such as Reiki, radionics, and our own QSB Wave when used remotely.

The video and article on this page offer a great window into the possibilities of remote healing for somebody who might be sceptical of remote healing and want the principles explaining in scientific terms….

To read more and watch video click here

You are not a drop…….

drop rumi

Understanding Structured Water

structured water made simply

We are only really at the beginning of understanding water and its unique properties associated with our wellbeing, along with the wellbeing of the entirety of the planet and its inhabitants in all forms. The following article summarizes the current scientific understanding concerning what has been described as the 4th state of water – structured water or H302.

What is Structured Water?

Structured water, also known as “gel water” or “H3O2”, represents a unique phase of water distinct from liquid, ice, and vapor. This water is found naturally in our cells, fruits, vegetables, and certain natural water sources. It features a gel-like consistency due to its unique molecular arrangement, allowing it to hydrate cells more effectively.

The Structured Water Molecule

Molecular Composition

Structured water is composed of three hydrogen and two oxygen molecules (H3O2), differing from the typical H2O. This arrangement forms hexagonal structures, which enhance the bioavailability of essential minerals and vitamins, promoting better cellular hydration and health benefits.

Hexagonal Structure

The hexagonal structure of structured water is more orderly and stable, allowing for better absorption and utilization by the body. This configuration is thought to neutralize toxins and contaminants more effectively, providing a purer form of hydration.

Science Behind Structured Water

Energy Emission

Studies using gas discharge visualization (GDV) have shown that structured water emits more energy compared to standard water. GDV captures the electrical discharge of water, indicating that structured water has a higher energy state, which enhances its hydrating properties and overall benefits to the body.

Continue reading here: 

Can judging others make us feel better?


Most of us judge because that seems to be how the world work. We are taught to do it. Right– wrong, good-bad, like–dislike, is how we make judgements of even strangers. Our mantra might be ‘Observation without judgement’ but often our conditioned minds ignore it.

The last few years of C-vid have encouraged division and judgement. Like seeing strangers still wearing masks can easily elicit an expletive of ‘idiot – do they think that’s working? We are assuming and judging without knowing them, what they think and feel. We can’t get under their skin, or into their mind, and after all if it works for them – well quite frankly it is working. And – what difference does it actually make to us? Their needs and beliefs may not be the same as ours but does that mean we should judge them?

We judge people on where they live, what they do, their diet choices and their religious or spiritual beliefs. We criticize how they look and how they spend their leisure time. Without knowing, or thinking too deeply about it, we set ourselves up as superior and an authority. And the joke is – they may be doing the same about us.

Or maybe not. They may be too busy fathoming their way through life’s highs and lows. Like us. When we are on those highs and connected to all that is, life is good and so are our judgements. Or even lack of judging because we are so involved with enjoying life and that is colouring everything.

When life is not rosy, has challenges, we are on a low, everything is coloured by that too, but possibly negatively, and we can easily lash out with judgements and criticism. Although it doesn’t make life any easier, and usually digs a hole we sink deeper in. As they say misery begets misery.

No one feels great all the time. We all have to work at it. Maybe very hard sometimes. I know that when I am disconnected from my Source I am really out of sorts and catch myself being very judgemental. My only solution is to work at staying connected. What’s yours?

Any thoughts or ways to help stop being judgemental that you can share on our newsletter email margie@life-energy.org.

Every criticism, judgement…….

criticism, judgement

Kindness is infectious ……


I’ve missed you. But you have been in my thoughts daily when I have sent love and healing to you.

Thanks to all of you that have sent kind thoughts and wishes it has been a great support, and still is.

Life’s changes can be hard despite what we know. This is a time when kindness is the food the heart craves and the fuel that helps us come to terms with, or deal with the trauma that change can bring.

In the last month I have learnt how much kindness can come unexpectedly. Sometimes from strangers with a kind word or action. From friends and family who understand and are patient when my raw emotions make me difficult to be around. For not judging me and telling me what I should do or feel. We all cope in different ways and it is kindness that allows that to happen.

There are now people in my life that I consider to be good friends, although only acquaintances before their kindness and being there for me demonstrated what friendship really means. I value it.

Life moves on and is constantly changing, so some of us brought together at this time may move on. Busy lives, or distance, could mean that we lose touch. But their kindness I will remember forever. It will fortify me when the going get tough, and we all have those times.

Kindness is infectious. The world needs it, we all need it. From now on I intend to use kindness, instead of judgement, because who knows what challenges and changes anyone is dealing with.

Could kindness change the world? I believe so. Again, one of my favourite quotes by Ram Dass “we are all just walking each other home”.

Be kind to yourself and each other. Love you all.


In any given moment…….

change, quote

Dates of upcoming Webinars


Put the dates of these exciting webinars in your diary, number of attendees is restricted so book early.

20th March 2024

Quantum Vibrational Healing Meditation with the QSB

This is a guided meditation using the QSB linking the solfeggio frequencies it transmits with our energy centres, chakras, and subtle vibration of Solfeggio music embedded with binaural beats.

This meditation being done as a group makes it all the more potent.

There will be interactive time after the meditation for sharing and questions.

Register Here

3rd April 2024

QSB and Wave Owners Catch-up: How are you getting on? Feedback and Questions.

This is an interactive webinar where QSB and QSB Wave owners can get together to share their experiences, get feedback and ask questions of us and each other. We are all on an exciting learning journey with the QSB and Wave and speaking to each not only broadens our perspectives and knowledge but encourage us on our individual healing journeys.

Owning a QSB means that you are not alone because you belong to a community of like-minded people to help and support you.

Register Here


The Wave

If there is magic…….

quote water

Treat water kindly it has a memory

water has memory

Water Has Memory – Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Water Experiment!

Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist that studied the molecular structure of water wanted to know that do human thoughts and emotions have any impact on water? When he exposed water to different emotions the molecular structure of the water changed. With this research, he discovered that the water we drink and use has Memory.

Since Dr Emoto’s experiments the word structured in connection to water has been bandied about a lot, but what exactly does this mean? It is often used as a very effective marketing tool but what these product marketers don’t mention, because it is not in their interest to do so, is that our intent is the most powerful structurer of water.

Our intent has a frequency and Dr Masaru Emoto in his experiments proved that written words expressing emotions when attached to a container of water changes the structure. Our emotions, which like everything have their unique frequency, will alter the structure of the water.

So because water is affected and changes when exposed to frequencies it is imperative that the frequencies that it receives are beneficial. The QSB and QSB Wave are able to embed the most beneficial frequencies into drinking water. These frequencies implanted into energetically cleansed water by our unique technology, which has already been exposed to the inherent frequency of crystals, makes it the most beneficial water you can drink. By far!

Watch video here: 

Life doesn’t happen…….

quote David

Frequently I receive emails that contain the words “I can’t somewhere in them. I want to reply ‘Oh yes you can” but know that if they don’t believe it they will ignore me.

Most of these emails concern healing. They want advice but actually what they are looking for is advice on how something or someone can fix their health. They are not yet acknowledging their power and the fact that they and only they can heal themselves.

Now you may not be on this page either, there are plenty of arguments – buts. But – we cannot deny that our upbringing, cultures and the unconscious programming we receive constantly through advertising have robbed us of our belief in ourself and the knowledge that we are the one – and only one – who can heal ourselves. If we believe we can, we can. If we believe we can’t, we can’t. It’s as simple as that.

Anita Moorjani’s book ‘ Dying to be me’ about her near death experience and healing from terminal cancer then subsequent book ‘Sensitive is the new strong’ are great reads for those that want to take up their power but are still saying BUT – I can’t. I am sure that those that have already using their power will enjoy them to.

Of course we all need a helping hand, a leg up, a support system, and these you more than have with your QSB and QSB Wave. Use them. Engage with them, together with your intent to heal, improve your life and be all that you truly are. Use your power.

Stop butting and start doing. Because you definitely can and most importantly you are so very, very worth it.


What lies in our power…….


Stop Butting!

Frequently I receive emails that contain the words “I can’t somewhere in them. I want to reply ‘Oh yes you can” but know that if they don’t believe it they will ignore me.

Most of these emails concern healing. They want advice but actually what they are looking for is advice on how something or someone can fix their health. They are not yet acknowledging their power and the fact that they and only they can heal themselves.

Now you may not be on this page either, there are plenty of arguments – buts. But – we cannot deny that our upbringing, cultures and the unconscious programming we receive constantly through advertising have robbed us of our belief in ourself and the knowledge that we are the one – and only one – who can heal ourselves. If we believe we can, we can. If we believe we can’t, we can’t. It’s as simple as that.

Anita Moorjani’s book ‘ Dying to be me’ about her near death experience and healing from terminal cancer then subsequent book ‘Sensitive is the new strong’ are great reads for those that want to take up their power but are still saying BUT – I can’t. I am sure that those that have already using their power will enjoy them to.

Of course we all need a helping hand, a leg up, a support system, and these you more than have with your QSB and QSB Wave. Use them. Engage with them, together with your intent to heal, improve your life and be all that you truly are. Use your power.

Stop butting and start doing. Because you definitely can and most importantly you are so very, very worth it.



5G: Unveiling the Risks: A Case Study on Microwave Syndrome

5g tpwer

People are now waking up to the harmful effects of EMF radiation in large numbers with the limited roll-out of 5G being a massive wake up call for those unlucky enough to be near a transmitter with any amount of sensitivity getting an ice-bath wake-up call. The following article is taken from a Swedish study of two men working in an office that recently had 5G installed on the roof. It is eye-opening. Take a look at the table of symptoms at the bottom of the page (on web site).

As the world eagerly embraces the era of 5G technology, concerns about its potential health effects have arisen. In a ground-breaking case study published in the Annals of Clinical Case Reports, researchers shed light on the development of the Microwave Syndrome in two men shortly after the installation of a 5G base station on the roof above their office. This study not only underscores the urgent need for further research into the health impacts of 5G but also challenges existing guidelines for exposure to radiofrequency radiation (RFR).

The advent of 5G wireless communication heralds a new era of connectivity, promising lightning-fast internet speeds and unprecedented connectivity. However, the deployment of this technology has outpaced comprehensive studies on its potential health effects, leaving many questions unanswered.

5G – a Case Study

In this case study, researchers from the Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation and the Environment and Cancer Research Foundation describe the experiences of two men, referred to as Case 1 and Case 2, who worked in an office located close to newly installed 5G base stations…. read more

How to use – The QSB Wave

qsb instruction video

Watch our QSB instructional video here

If you missed our launch webinar for the QSB Wave or you would like to see it again it is available on this page, along with the more recent webinar, “Taking the QSB Wave to the Next Level” :


rumi - wisdom

Sharing the responsibility of healing – Vibrational Healing

self love

I am a fan of Bruce Lipton’s, he is a switched on guy that we have at the pleasure of being at the same seminars doing presentations. When I read his words it got me thinking.

“There is NO gene that causes cancer. Cancer is derived from disempowering and self-sabotaging beliefs that send dysfunctional signals to the cells, which in turn, elicit inappropriate, life-threatening, epigenetic alterations. In fact, over 90% of disease is due to disempowering beliefs, while less than 1% of illness can be attributed to defective genes. Bruce Lipton.

His wisdom led my thoughts to the song by Tina Turner “What’s love got to do with it?”. Well I believe everything. I’m talking here about self-love, although no love can ever be dismissed as it is all powerful stuff.

I see self- love as people in two camps, those that love their body but neglect their spirit, and those that take care of their spirit but don’t love their body much. There are a few in-betweeners that love both but they are probably relatively rare.

Loving oneself has to be all embracing when it comes to healing. No good looking in a mirror saying an-I love you-mantra if you are critically seeing a big nose reflected back. You caring that you have a big nose, or any other so called imperfection, shows a non-acceptance that you are perfect just as you are. And totally loveable.

Acceptance. That means accepting warts and all and loving yourself. Loving yourself enough to heal – yourself.

Big responsibility all this loving, acceptance and healing ourselves. Well yes, and no. If we think we are on our own doing it then it’s a huge responsibility. If we can’t let go of the self-criticism it’s just plain impossible, because loving ourselves and knowing we are worth it is paramount in true healing.

There is also denying our responsibility of healing ourselves when we think or act like a victim. Pointing the finger out instead of within by of looking at yourself. Wanting to be ‘fixed’. Ignoring our power to create the life we want which includes the health we want. Can love be linked to blame? Or denial?

But it is only a big responsibility if we think we are absolutely alone in this loving ourselves and healing business. Because we are absolutely not. We are ever supported by Universal Consciousness, which will strengthen our intent to heal if we align with it. It MUST be our intent of course, because Divine Consciousness gives us the respect, and power, to be in total control of our lives and therefore our healing.

Bruce Lipton writes about sabotaging beliefs. Isn’t that what we do by thinking our nose is too big and not giving thanks for having one that is fit for purpose, of taking in life giving oxygen. To me those thanks spell L.O.V.E. That Love though has to be for the whole of us, the physical and spiritual, every bit of us of us needs to be loved and healed.

So yes a responsibility but we are never, ever, actually all alone are we? The Quantum Physics perspective is: Scalar waves vibrate the Quantum energy field of which we, and all things are made of, and exist in. This is what connects all things and is in fact life itself.

We and all things are made of – and exist in – a Quantum energy field. Wow. And this field can be vibrated by frequencies or in other words information and this is where the QSB steps in as a great ally to assist healing by producing scalar waves in the solfeggio and custom frequencies. Or 528 Hz the frequency of Transformation, Miracles and DNA generated by the QSB Wave.

This take the BIG out of responsibility and replaces it with SHARED responsibility so we can heal ourselves at the deepest causal level.


Read more about our QSB here

Read more about the QSB Wave here

Don’t blame,…….

don't blame

Donation of a QSB and QSB Wave to PHA Auckland Hub

pha meditation

Last week we did our first Vibrational Healing Meditation with the QSB event at the North Western hub of the PHA in Auckland New Zealand.

Margie was guided to create the meditation and guided a group of people through the 7 frequencies playing on the QSB. To say it was powerful would be a serious understatement as it keenly focussed everybody’s minds on their healing process whilst receiving the frequencies. There is also something magical about a group of people sitting and focussing together with the same intent.

At the end of the meditation we donated a QSB and a QSB Wave to the hub with a view to enabling them to have the meditation sessions as ongoing events as well as opening up remote QSB Wave treatments to hub members.

If you are interested in finding out more about the PHA and connecting to a local hub, check out their websites here: the-pha.org, the-pha.nz, Peoples-Health-Alliance-Australia

If there isn’t a PHA hub near you and you are moved to do so, you can start your own.

You can check out a presentation Margie and I did with PHA last week on the QSB and the QSB Wave. It has been uploaded to Rumble here

Read more about our QSB here

Unveiling the Global Tragedy of Avian Demise

avian demise

Miners used to carry canaries into mines as they were more sensitive to gas and would fall over dead on exposure before the minors were fatally exposed. It almost seems that birds and other wildlife are offering themselves up for sacrifice globally in the hope that this sacrifice will wake us up to our imminent fate if we don’t wake up to the issue.

Let’s hope this happens before all the wildlife is gone and the health of this planet’s human population is collectively beyond repair.

Recently, an alarming event unfolded on the Varanger Peninsula in Finnmark, Norway, shedding light on a profound environmental crisis. Just as one of the world’s most potent radar stations, Globus III, was erected on the peninsula’s Varanger Island, tens of thousands of birds plummeted lifeless across the landscape. This catastrophe, however, is not an isolated incident confined to Norway but rather part of a larger, global phenomenon.

The installation of 4G+ and 5G services along the southern and eastern coasts of the Varanger Peninsula compounded the issue. At Ekkerøy Nature Reserve, a sanctuary for wildlife, the dire consequences became tragically evident. Over 15,000 endangered kittiwakes met their demise in July and August of 2023. Nesting on high cliffs, these birds were in the direct path of the radar’s emissions….

Continue reading here: 

Acknowledging the good…….


Peoples Health Alliance (PHA) Wellness Wednesday Webinar

PHA webinar

This year we are excited to have started working with an international group called the People’s Health Alliance.

The PHA has established itself in many centres around the world with a view to provide support and affordable treatments to people who are not being fully served by the medical system – a system that appears to be failing in many respects.

Our vision is to eventually get our QSBs and QSB Waves into all active PHA hubs around the world, starting with New Zealand and Australia with the view to make them available to treat as many people as possible with no barriers relating to financial means.

You can check out a presentation Margie and I did with PHA last week on the QSB and the QSB Wave. It has been uploaded to Rumble here:

If you are interested in finding out more about the PHA and connecting to a local hub, check out their websites here: the-pha.org, the-pha.nz, Peoples-Health-Alliance-Australia

We are doing a Quantum Vibrational Healing Meditation with the QSB this coming Thursday 8th Feb. in North West Auckland. Spaces are very limited so you will need to book. Here is their Telegram page.

If there isn’t a PHA hub near you and you are moved to do so, you can start your own.

We will be keeping you updated as we roll out our QSB healing initiative throughout the PHA hub network.

Watch this space!

Ask us a question – about EMF radiation from the neighbours.

emf ghost


We do not use Wi-Fi because our connection to the internet is hard wired and we use internet over power for different rooms. We have taught our children about EMF radiation and they accept and use protection even though their peers think they are weird. I am horrified though at the strength of the neighbours Wi-Fi signal in our house. They never turn it of and our phones indicate it and how strong it is.

What can we do we cannot ask them to turn it off even at night?


Well you could try asking them but you probably would not get any cooperation as people that leave their Wi-fi on 24/7 have no idea about EMF, the dangers and how hazardous it is to their health – and unfortunately your neighbours would probably treat you as a whacko.

You could try to educate them about the dangers of EMF, and you probably should, but it is surprising how defensive people are when presented with facts that would have to radically change their thinking and belief systems.

Even moving is probably not a solution as your new neighbours, unless you move into rural isolation, will most likely have Wi-fi also. It really is a wide spread major toxin.

The easiest and most efficient way to protect your family is to up your EMF protection. Only a very short time ago we recommended one Power P.e.bal was enough for a whole household, now it varies depending on your exposure. Probably three Power P.e.bals is more realistic in these times of escalating radiation.

You can spread them around your home but always remember that they are protecting you by creating a protective, harmonized energy field, or bubble, and not the source of the EMF.

Make a habit of putting them in or near the bedrooms at night because this is when we are most affected by EMF exposure. While being in one place for approximately eight hours we get no respite especially if near a strong, or constant source. Sleep is also the time when our bodies heal and EMF will stop or hinder this process.

EMF is of course the single biggest cause of insomnia because it fools the pineal gland into believing it is constantly light and this gland only makes melatonin in the dark. Melatonin is also essential in the prevention of cancer so these facts are clear evidence of why we have current epidemics of both poor sleep and increased cases of cancer.

EMF Protection: See here  

Product Comparison Chart: See here

Stop acting so small …….

stop acting

Happy New Year!

happy new year

Happy New Year. Even though life continues from the ‘old’ to the ‘new’ with no discernible difference we can have a new way of thinking, of being, and without the guilt of failed New Year resolutions.

My hope for you as 2024 continues are:

That your heart is bursting from a place of gratitude, then even for the smallest things, love flows and there is no room for fear.

May you, In concert with The Creator, create a life that you want. When we acknowledge that we and Quantum God are inseparable we stop waiting for things to happen to us, we are no longer victims, we live in our power of creation. So, why then would we create a crap life when we can create one that is fulfilling, abundant, vital and joyous. We absolutely have that power.

I hope that your realisation of who and what you truly are raises your vibration above the ordinary into to extraordinary and that your Divine light lights the path of others until their own light is ignited.

That our special connection, for which I am deeply grateful, continues through 2024, and in Quantum terms as Scalar waves into infinity. We are being led into exciting directions this year and as always you are included.

Hearing from you is the fuel that keeps us going. So please keep in touch. From our side we will keep you informed every step of the way with newsletters and webinars, both of which we extend invitations to be included, suggestions about what you and others want to hear/read about and how we can best reach those in need.

Together we can make 2024 extraordinary for ourselves and others, because as Quantum physics teaches us – there is no separation.


Whatever you want – your world is in your hands.

world in hand

Its ages since I banged on. Not from lack of thinking of you it’s just been a hectic ride lately. Probably has been for you too with the increased energies swirling around us. And negativity so dense it is like wading through ankle-deep mud.

Even if like me you don’t keep up with the ‘news’ the fear of the state of play on our planet is tangible. But let’s be honest on both sides of all fences people are living in fear and have forgotten who they truly are. How powerful they are as Divine beings, co-creators and I am not talking vision board creators, those that really are wishful thinkers about their power to create, I am talking about those of us that KNOW. Although knowing doesn’t mean we actually do it all the time does it? So let’s not take the moral high ground and recognise that in reality we are all novices at it.

A major part of the craziness that has caused me to neglect you is my Mum. She was tested positive for the big new frightening C-word, Bigger even than C-ancer it seems, C-ovid.

At a few weeks off 102 and in the hospital wing of an aged care facility, we used to call them homes but that concept sadly went a long time ago when we locked up our seniors stopped visitors and threw away the key, or so it seems. Although the staff still do their best and I am grateful because they are caught up in the panic-demic madness of mandates but are still there.

I digress – as usual. Although sleeping most of the time and so barely eating Mum had no other symptoms. Was this another false positive test result? Probably, but who knows when at 102 she is already sleeping more and obviously winding down in this realm ready for her next adventure. I am sure she will make it an amazing one.
She has always treated life full on and only a day or so ago, too sleepy to even open her eyes, she whispered “I love life, adding “They are good people here”. She still is the most positive and can-do person I have ever known.

Never having an easy life, with some major challenges, she coped without ever complaining. Never a pussy-cat, mum was ruthless at times and never submitted to anyone’s will. She believed that we create our lives by our attitude to them so, was never daunted by anything or anyone. A war veteran she lived death and destruction in the WW2 and survived it without wearing the badge of victim. I have never seen Mum wear that badge – ever.

She is my inspiration and my mentor even though we are different in many ways. Mum was a creator before vision boards and law of attraction were ever dreamed of. She is a Goliath among men and women, but then we all are – but only if we want to be. We create it – because we ARE it – Goliath creators in union with The Creator. After all how can it not be as we are in fact Divinity wrapped in a human body.

Everything in our lives we create, negative or positive, big or small, life-affirming or personally destructive. It is time to take up our power and create a life and a world we want.

Are you with me on this?


You can live with your limitations …….


Make Organic Food Drops – benefits for you and your budget.

dropper bottle

Elizabeth was a beta tester on the QSB Wave and shared this on the QSB Forum. She has been working with the QSB Wave on herself and with others. For my birthday I received a surprise package of her organic drops and can personally vouch for their benefits.

“I take my organic food drops three times a day with noticeable benefits – also experienced by another person who uses them. Her abdominal pain went the first day she tried them. I have 23 organic foods in my dropper bottle, built up over a period of time. This gives me the equivalent frequencies of a massive amount of food each day!

I also charged water with an age reversal healing session, and an intention for perfect hearing. Dowsing said I could take those as many times a day as I liked.

It occurred to me that I could place several intentions on the wave while doing an age reversal healing session and charge water with it all.”

Are food drops the way of the future? It certainly helps the housekeeping budget in these days of escalating prices. Of course it can never be a complete substitute, we still probably need our roughage. Or maybe not? This is new and exciting territory we are traversing.

I know is that the pleasure from taste of chocolates will never be able to be replicated. Nor wine but then maybe this could be used to preserve the food drops – or would that be decadent, or just plain wonderful? Just a thought.

Thank you Elizabeth for sharing this, it sure will inspires us all to try it

Go here to see the QSB and QSB Wave

Go here to see the Crystal Water Bottle PLUS

When wanting a change …….

butterflies - quote

Experiences with the QSB Wave.


Elizabeth shared her experiences on our webinar:  “A Time to Share”

Heal the wounds …….

Experiences with the QSB Wave.

jo kempston

Jo is a Health-Care Practitioner who shared her experiences on our webinar:  “A Time to Share”

The way of the future – Vibrational Healing with the QSB and Wave.

happy family

A big thank you to all that attended our live webinar “A time to share” – questions and answers about the QSB and Wave. It is during these interactions that we all learn and grow on our healing journeys, and none of us is exempt from being on that journey. We all get damaged mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually by people and events along life’s path, and if this is not cleared and healed it will surface in the physical as an illness or dis-ease.

The QSB heals the cause of the illness or di-ease. The QSB wave overrides the damaged DNA blueprints that has been caused by the events and interactions with people in our lives.

When we consider vibrational healing, we have to look at healing in a completely different way. We are not only treating what we are experiencing right now, the pain, the discomfort, the disability, the anguish, the depression, we are going back to the very root of what has caused this. There is ALWAYS something. Unkind words or actions, low self-worth, unprocessed emotions like grief or anger, trauma, accidents, in fact anything that has affected us to the point that we have shut down part of ourselves in an attempt to erase or relieve the feelings too painful to feel or process.

These becomes a block in are bioenergy field and over a lifetime, if not delt with, multiply affecting our health considerably. Advanced years would not have the restrictions and burdens they often have if we spring cleaned our energy fields and kept them sparkling.

The QSB and QSB Wave clears our energy field and heals gently and effectively. Vibrational healing is the way of future healing, and the QSB and Wave are uniquely blazing the way forward.

Go here to see the QSB

Go here to see the QSB Wave

You are fragmented …….


Even early days are proving that the QSB Wave is a healing phenomenon.


The QSB wave has only been out in the world for a few weeks and people are already getting amazing results. Thank you, Leigh Ann, for sharing this with us on the QSB Forum.

“I am just using baby and current photos for everyone. Have had good success in the past week.

My husband and I had some sleeping difficulties. After using wave for the first time, we now get 8 hours of uninterrupted quality sleep nightly. My sleep is much deeper and more refreshing.

Another client who had crippling anxiety that kept him at home is now enjoying peacefulness. He is able to do things he wants and is enjoying being out and about. He says every day he feels a little better than the day before.

Another client reports increased overall energy and ability to get more done in a day.

Another client with a neurological condition and issues with sleep has reported improvement. He is having more good days than bad days.

I am also using this for a 16-year-old dog with health issues. I should have an update on that soon.

It is amazing what QSB Wave can do.”

Go here to see the QSB

Go here to see the QSB Wave

Unexpressed emotions …….

emotions, unexpressed, sharing, healing

Emotional release plus a mind, body and soul detox with The QSB Wave.

Emotional release

Many QSB Wave owners are using them to help their loved ones by remote healing. Health care and wellness practitioners that have integrated the QSB into their clinics and practices are also offering remote healing to their clients/patients.

This is the feedback we received from Elizabeth about Julia’s experience.

For the last six weeks I have had daily sessions of remote age reversal healing from a QSB Wave.

I have experienced many deep clearings as if my timeline and deeper subconscious layers are coming to the surface to be acknowledged and released. My dreams have increased, and I have had very powerful emotional releases. It seems like a mind, body and soul detox, helping me to be a clearer channel so I can best be of service to others through my healing gift.

Thank you so much, Margie and David.

Go here to see the QSB

Go here to see the QSB Wave

Do we create our lives or are we victims in it?

victim, healing

It has been a hard few years for most of us. Many have had their lives changed by the panic-demic that swept the world causing broken families, friendships, finances, and health. It has been traumatic, and we know that it is not over yet!

But need we believe we are victims? Are we victims of any of the things that happen in our lives, the challenges, the hardships, our problems, the illnesses and dis-ease?

If we live thinking that we are a victim, then that will colour our whole life. We have taken the attitude that our lives are out of our control, and I know by saying this I face upsetting some people, when we will live like victims although the reverse is true – that we are the ones that create our lives in union with The Creator.

But, but, but. How can you control the circumstances that we live with, that are forced on us? Well individually and collectively we can. We have the ability. But – we give it up because we believe we are victims of circumstance.

A victim is pointing the finger out, but the other four fingers are pointing back – right at them. The buck stops there.

I know that I will have lost some people now. Shame, because they are giving away their power in the belief that they are powerless. Yet we have power over all aspects of our life, we create it. Now this is a really big one – everything!

So, I have given my opinion, strong as it is, but do I live it? Ashamedly not all the time. Sadly, I sometimes lapse, we are our greatest saboteurs, and knowing and doing aren’t always aligned. Often, we are our own worst enemies. I certainly am.

If, and this is a big if, we did live as the powerful beings that we are without living behind the illusion that there are things beyond our control, if we stopped thinking it was someone, or something else’s fault for our circumstances and therefore happiness, then nothing and no one would stop us from having the life that we wanted.
All this only with Divine approval of course, if it wasn’t in our highest good we would be stopped in our tracks by unconditional love.

So dear friends are you with me on this, that we let go of the past and past few years and collectively create a life, a world going forward that is wonderful for all. We have the power to do it – but not if we live as victims.


Ps On a similar but slightly different note, our healing journeys are about how powerful we are. All dis-ease is in-curable, curable from within. Healing can only come from the self – self healing

Victim …….


Questions and feedback about the QSB Wave – animals can benefit too.

animals, healing, benefit

We had this email dialogue with Trish who has three dogs who seem to be benefiting from the QSB Wave. The cute picture is not of her dogs but we are hoping that she sends us one.

Question from Trish:

I have a quick question about the wave. I put my QSB and wave in my bedroom and finally got a timer for it. We used it last night for 2 hours while sleeping. I put 2 photos on it for my husband and I. Question is…..is the QSB putting out 528 htz along with the DNA blueprint of photos? Our 3 dogs sleep in bedroom with us and last night was the first night they slept sound without disruptions!! (Barking, snoring etc) are they benefitting from 528?

Answer from Jo:

The QSB Wave puts out the 528 Hz so yes your dogs will be getting benefits from it too.

More from David

I just thought I would weigh in. Great feedback about your dogs’ response to 528HZ. May we share it? If you have puppy photos you could add these to the QSB Wave so that they could benefit even more.

Trish’s experience with the QSB Wave so far.

Sure, you may share it. I will be giving detailed feedback in 4 weeks sharing what we have experienced with the wave. I can honestly say there has been a dramatic difference in how we feel and our peace of mind, it’s BEAUTIFUL!! Both of us are sleeping well, calm, happy, relaxed etc….. it’s only been 5 days and I know it will only get better!! I am going to put the dogs photos on as well as soon as I find them. I waited several months for the wave to be available and it has not disappointed!! Oh… and I’ve noticed my skin looking better (I’m 52) just think what it will be like in 6 months!

Go here to see the QSB

Go here to see the QSB Wave

Inviting all QSB and Wave owners to join our Special Webinar – Spaces are limited so book now.

If you own a QSB and a QSB Wave or are thinking about joining this healing revolution, then you will want to join us on this next webinar.

This will be an unscripted get-together giving you a chance to feedback on your experiences so far, share tips and insights, or ask questions about anything related to the QSB/QSB Wave.

If you have a camera and a microphone and are happy to show your face then there will be an opportunity to join us on-screen to share feedback/ask or answer questions live.

Don’t worry if you prefer not to as you can take part via the keyboard and chat-box instead.

If you can’t make it

If you are not able to join us live but want to share/ask questions to the group then please share this with me prior to the webinar via this link: Send Email

Time and Date

Wednesday 25th October 1.00 pm New Zealand time.

Local times can be found HERE

Register HERE

The risk from cell phone EMF radiation.

emf risk, headphones, anti-radiation

“The voluntary exposure of the brain to microwaves from hand-held phones (is) the largest human biological experiment ever.”

Leif Salford, Head of Research at Lund University, Sweden

There are over 1.9 billion cell phone users in the world with 208 million of these in the USA. It is widely known that cell phones are not good for our health, but it is a technology that we cannot do without and they will not be going away anytime soon! It is not widely known that cordless phones are as injurious, or more so, to health than cell phones.

The research on cell phones is mixed and depends on who is funding it as to whether there is a bias or not. Dr George Carlo, who interestingly was the former chief scientist of the cell phone industry’s $28 million safety research project, believes that we could be heading towards…….

To continue reading or watch the video go here 

Heart of a child …….

quote, heart of a child, catherine doherty

Could Quantum Remote Healing Help You?

quantum healing, practitioners, qsb, qsb wave, remote healing

If you are struggling with your health and wellbeing and need some help and support, then maybe Quantum Remote healing is the answer.

There are Remote healers who provide Quantum vibrational healing with the QSB and QSB Wave around the world who can assistant you to get or stay well. Not only can the QSB Wave reverse aging to become your younger self it can repair DNA including the damage from Genetic engineering.

To see The list  of Quantum Remote Healers and the services they offer – Go here

Did You Miss Out?  Catch Up With Our Webinar Replays.

webinar, replay, qsb wave, quantum healing

If you missed our launch webinar for the QSB Wave or you would like to see it again it is available on this page, along with the more recent webinar, “Taking the QSB Wave to the Next Level”

Results Prove The Power And Possibilities of the QSB Wave.

qsb, wave, quantum healing, remote healing

We are so excited because, although It is still early days after the QSB launch, we are already getting  heart warming feedback about results and experiences. Rosemary kindly gave her permission to share this she posted on the forum for QSB owners.

“I wanted to share my experience with the QSB Wave so far.  I have been using it every night for just over five weeks.  I began with 2-hour sessions, and then dropped down to 90 minutes.  The first thing I noticed was the sensation that my skin was burning (like when you have been out in the sun for too long).  This sensation has stayed with me during the use of the QSB Wave, but it isn’t as strong now.  I have also been having lots of dreams every night.  The dreams have stirred up a lot of memories from the past.  It is incredible how persons who were some sort of stress to me 30 years ago would now appear in my dreams, as an example.  It has made me realise how we store every bit of experience/stress within the body, and we carry it around with us for decades.  The dreams are now becoming less.  I was also feeling very fatigued during this time, but it is improving. The QSB Wave is helping me to see things more clearly.  I guess all those dreams are a way of dealing and coming to terms with situations and people throughout life, and to see things more clearly.  I actually feel more at peace within myself.  It is a nice feeling to begin experiencing this shift.

Around the second week of use, I noticed the sun damage on the skin of my arms dramatically improved.  Last week, I noticed the grey in my hair appeared to be a lot less.  Thank you, David, for mentioning your improvement in your hair in yesterday’s post.  Yes, it is happening to others!  Not only is it happening to me, but it is happening to my mum.  My mum is 93 years old and had complete grey hair.  Yesterday, I was shocked when I noticed sections of her hair had turned darker!  I have not had my mum’s baby photo on the QSB Wave (she doesn’t have any baby photos), nor have I used any of her DNA samples as yet.  I always turn on my QSB Wave when I go to bed.  My mum’s bedroom is next to my room, so it appears the 528 frequency in my room is reaching her as well!”

Rosemary on QSB forum

Wow! Thanks so much for sharing this. This will encourage a lot of people to keep going with their QSB Wave and also to start their journey with the Wave.

Your mum will ABSOLUTELY be benefitting from Quantum Wave Genetics with your photo. Your photo has your mum’s complete DNA information encoded within it and the wall is invisible to scalar waves so you are giving her the full treatment at the same time as you.


If you have a QSB upgrade or a QSB Wave make sure that you join the QSB forum to keep in touch with what is happening within the QSB community.

Go here to see the QSB

Go here to see the QSB Wave

Quantum Wave Genetics takes the world by Storm.


The QSB has literally taken the world by storm, and we are delighted although a little overwhelmed by this explosion of interest and sales.

Without our small team working overtime, bigtime, we would not be coping. To everyone one concerned, staff, friends, volunteers, manufacturer, and our customers we say a huge ‘Thank-you’ for your part in it’s success.

The webinars were great fun and the planned sixty minutes turned into nearly two hours. Where did the time go, we were enjoying or interactions so much. You were wonderful participants in what felt like a gathering of old friends.

As the webinars were oversubscribed and causing disappointment, we are planning to do more. Keep a watch out for announcements in our newsletter.

A reminder to the new owners of the QSB Wave: Join our forum, you will have received the link and password. The QSB community on it is buzzing, sharing ideas, results and getting their questions answered not only by us but by each other. Wonderful.

Watch the QSB Wave video

Night Sky……

quote, night sky,

The Power of Numbers and Vibration – Nikola Tesla.

If you could grasp the magnificence of three, six, and nine, you would hold a key to the universe. You’ve entered a realm where numbers transcend being mere symbols, existing as real and vibrant entities. Upon exploration, you’ll uncover that the connections between numbers aren’t arbitrary or human-made; rather, numbers serve as the fundamental particles constituting everything.

Nikola Tesla unveiled a revelation in 1898, when an earthquake near his laboratory at 48 East Houston Street, New York, drew attention. This seismic event resulted from a small machine he was experimenting with at the time – a machine compact enough to fit in one’s overcoat pocket. A puzzled reporter seized upon this comprehensible detail, and Tesla, the progenitor of modern electricity, recounted the incident.

“I was delving into Vibrations. My machine was operational, and I sought resonance with the building’s Vibration…… read more or watch video here

Smooth seas……

smooth seas, african proverb

Have you ever felt as though you were living in the middle of a sit-com? Yesterday was one of those days. When I saw this quote, I thought – “well who cares about s-ailing I just want to s-urvive the day.”

I must admit that I didn’t even want to get out of a warm bed this morning and probably wouldn’t have if I knew what I was about to face. Bedlam is one word. Mayhem another. With a thumping headache as a result of both.

You know what I mean – we’ve all had these days – but hopefully not often.

It was going to be a jam-packed day we knew this, with orders after our QSB Webinars flooding in, along with enquiries and questions about our new product. The office was still rocking with the excitement of the QSB Wave launch.

That is until we had to navigate the stormy seas that life seems to throw at us when we think we are cruising the waves.

First the internet went down, then our two printers gave up and died one after the other. Topped off when an important zoom meeting failed.

Immediately after this the QSB forum, which the new owners of the QSB wave were clamouring to join, closed itself down and became inaccessible. Our desperate “Help” plea to technical support provided no support. While during this time emails flooded in telling us about the problem we were trying to fix. Patient customers we hope that you are now logged in.

Then the contract cleaners, lovely people who do not speak a word of English, sign languaged by pointing to the ceiling, rolling their eyes and swishing a mop around that the hallway was flooded. All this gesticulation plus the water dripping through the ceiling indicated a leak. Not just a mere leak as it turned out.

But I was still sailing.

David turned the water off with the main stock-cock meaning that the cleaners had to clean without water, while our office, overstuffed with extra staff, had to use a bucket of rainwater to flush the loo.

A challenge but I was still at the helm of my boat.

It was all too much for the gardener, on her monthly visit and sheltering from the rain though. She gave up hovering by the coffee machine in fear of getting swept up in the madness, and crept away

But all good still and the my boat was still afloat.

The emergency plumber confirmed that the part that was leaking was of major importance to the shower and now obsolete, although he promised to try to find a compatible part. If he failed, which he inferred he would, this would mean installing a new shower cubicle with fittings, tiling and redecorating. This leak was now looking like more of an expensive make-over.

My boat was starting to rock by now, with me becoming very sea sick and proving not to be much of a sailor.

With a farewell challenge the plumber broke the stop cock handle causing another desperate call, this time to Watercare, New Zealand. We are waiting to hear back from them!.

At this stage my boat, while navigating through the stormy waters of the day, now had me lying in the bottom of it.

Then I saw this quote, as if the Universe was giving me a kick to get the hell up. My resulting laughter caused some consternation with the rest of the team who believed that I had finally toppled over the edge into insanity.

So dear reader, while we navigate life’s stormy sea of challenges we know there is always a greater power that has our back. I was reminded of that yesterday by this seemingly simple quote. If we look for the signs, we are always given our direction.

Today is a new day, and the waters are smoother. I’m learning to become a better sailor. But – the shower still needs fixing – and it may be – very expensive!


Ask us a question about Solfeggio Healing frequencies?

solfeggio frequencies


It says on your website that the Solfeggio healing frequencies are embedded in all your products. I have just bought a Nu-Me Pendant so what does that do for me?

Thank you.


All our products contain high quality crystals which can be embedded with frequencies. The frequencies that we use are, as you said, the Solfeggio Healing frequencies which have been used for thousands of years. Vibrational healing is not new, and these frequencies were originally used as sound in a musical scale sung by monks.

When you wear your Nu-Me Pendant the Solfeggio Frequencies are working as a
resource for your complete health and wellbeing, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The proof of how powerfully the Nu-Me pendant protects and strengthens you is shown in this video:


quote, truth

What is truth?

black and white, truth

Have you ever recalled a shared experience with someone and thought that they were talking about a different occasion? What they remember to you is completely different.

Egos can kick in with “No your wrong” but are they lying or are they telling their truth? Even if it’s different from yours? Our world and how we see and remember it can be different with no right and wrong so surely is all truth – our individual truth.

Now we all know that there are deliberate lies, people tell them to get out of trouble or deliberately fool people, this is a different thing all together. This isn’t anybody’s truth and, in my book, despicable.

I have always had a thing about lies, after all how can you really know someone if they aren’t showing you their true self? A bit idealistic I have come to learn over the years. Maybe it is, but the important thing to me is not what they portray about themselves in words, but who they really are. I suppose this is relating to others on a different level, by feelings and not merely what they say.

Ah, that’s an interesting thought, words can lie but feelings can’t because they can only tell the truth.

Lies have become part of everyday life and mostly ignored by being considered ‘that it is just the way things are’. Politicians, the media, marketing are ruling and brainwashing us with untruths – it has become accepted, even though its unacceptable. How crazy is that? And we might never change it. But by being aware of blatant lies it probably makes us look for the truth. Waking us up to what is real.


Emotional Pain……

emotional pain

Vibrational healing – emotional release here and beyond.

QSB Quantum Wave Genetics

What is emotional release?

Emotional release is on everyone lips it seems at the moment, as is talk about vibrational healing. It’s fashionable. But what’s it all about – really? Often when we’re sick, we just want to get on with feeling better, getting better. When we are unwell who has the time to investigate what is making us ill and trying different modalities to get better? We want to get well as quickly as possible and get on with our lives. This is often why people go to see their doctor and get the pills.

Ok so we know that it masks the symptoms and doesn’t reach the cause, but often we have no idea what the cause is.

Can our emotions affect our health?

For some time, about as long as I have been exposed to knowledge about quantum physics and vibrational healing, together with the development of our QSB I have become more aware about how our emotions affect our health. I can now boldly say that I believe they are the biggest factor along with stress and lifestyle that make us unwell – sick.

Your opinion may differ, and I respect that but hear me out.

Read more here.



Is a microwave oven harmful to your health?


Microwaves – the ubiquitous convenience of our modern age. We find them in homes, chic cafes, take-away joints, and even motel rooms. But have you ever stopped to think about the health hazards they pose? It’s time we shed some light on the dangers of microwave ovens and why we should reconsider their use.

Who invented the microwave oven?

Believe it or not, microwave ovens were actually invented by the Nazis. Dubbed the “radiomissor,” they were intended to provide quick and fuel-efficient meals for the invasion of Russia. After the war, the Allies stumbled upon German medical research on microwaves and confiscated both the documents and working ovens. These findings were classified for further scientific investigation…

Read more here

Ask us a question – about healing frequencies.

uprooted tree


1. What is the difference if I play the Solfeggio frequencies music rather than using the QSB? There are platforms which claim to have music for all 9 of solfeggio frequencies.

2. What extra frequencies can I get beside the 9 solfeggio frequencies.


1. What is the difference if I play the Solfeggio frequencies music rather than using the QSB? There are platforms which claim to have music for all 9 of solfeggio frequencies.

2. What extra frequencies can I get beside the 9 solfeggio frequencies.


1. Listening to the tones is certainly good to do – although not comfortable unless well hidden within music. Sound is the vibration of air molecules so affects the physical body primarily. The same frequencies transmitted as scalar waves affect our complete energetic spectrum with full power – our mental, spiritual and emotional bodies as well as our physical. As the root cause of most, if not all, of our health issues is found in trapped emotions then this is a powerful way to release these blockages.

2. To add frequencies to the QSB you would need the upgrade pack. You can use the QSB app to generate any frequency between 100 and 1000Hz. These frequencies will deal with viruses, bacteria, specific medical conditions, and symptoms.

The inbuilt Solfeggio frequencies of the QSB will help us deal from the root cause of illness which can leave us more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. The individual frequencies that can be generated by using the QSB app will help destroy these.

Root causes of illness exist in our bio-energy field, usually within the emotional or mental layers. The QSB excels at helping us deal with these.

An analogy for how this works is that our issues, emotional blockages, and imbalances, are the soil which the weeds of physical illness can grow in. The QSB shakes the areas where the soil resides and helps to release it. No soil means there is nowhere for illness to grow.

We have a special Newsletter readers only offer available which gives you discount and also includes the Upgrade Pack fr*ee.

Use discount code QSB10 at checkout

See the QSB here:


Coming Soon – The QSB Wave

The QSB Wave, our exciting new vibrational device that facilitates anti-aging, age reversal and so much more, is coming soon.

To find out about it and register your interest so you are the first to be able to buy getting any discounts and offers.

Initial stock is limited, and we are inundated with interest. It’s so exciting!

Register your interest here:


The QSB is a Healing and de- Stressing Device Working at the cellular level, beyond both the mental and emotional levels. This is true healing and not a short-term fix. Check out the blood cell analysis results that prove how it de-stresses the body after only 30 minutes…..

Learn more about the QSB


quote, karma, keanu reeves

Ask us a Question – radioactive Shungite pendants.

radioactive, shungite,


I was doing some reading on our Nu-Me pendants, and I came across an article which says that some EMF pendants could be doing more harm than good. And there was another article which says we should only wear them for 2 hours at a time. I am confused can you explain this to me? Annie


I can understand your confusion because what they are referring to is pendants made of Shungite. Depending on where the crystal Shungite was mined they can have a level of radioactivity. We have no experience with Shungite and do not use it in any of our products.

We do use high quality high quartz crystals in the technology of our pendants, and they have zero radioactivity.

In conclusion:

Our Nu-Me pendants can’t be compared to any of the Shungite pendants marketed for EMF protection because like most crystals they can give a very small measure of protection against EMF, but this is insignificant compared to our technology, which works by creating an active protective field around itself and therefore the wearer. Crystals are passive while our technology is dynamically active.

Shungite is also marketed as Scalar Pendants, this can also cause confusion. They use this term to refer them as ‘energy’ pendants but actually means nothing in itself.

Scalar waves in the simplest terms means the building blocks of life itself. Scalar waves in the Solfeggio frequencies are used to embed these frequencies into our Nu-Me Pendants as it is in all our products. Nu-Me Pendants also move and balance life energy, which is another name for scalar energy. This means, of course, that they are genuinely Scalar, and the term is not merely used as a marketing term. Do not confuse the two, they are completely different.

Your question highlights the dangers of the rigorous marketing we are now exposed to, which often twists facts or eliminates information. Always be smart and do your research which you obviously do. Without this genuine protection and healing products get confused with products that are well marketed but don’t always do what is promised. Sadly, integrity is often lost now in our materially biased society.

See the Nu-Me Protective Pendant here:

You can’t be that kid……

tina fey, quote, water chute

Ask us a question – about EMF and the QSB.

healing hands, emf, qsb


I am interested in the QSB product however I have a few questions regarding it. First off since the QSB requires a power supply doesn’t the QSB give off a by product of EMF? Also if you utilize your smart phone for different frequencies with the QSB, isn’t that counterintuitive as well since cell phones give off a very sting field of EMF. Please help me to understand how the QSB device works since it does require electricity that produces EMF. Thanks, Robert.


The QSB does produce some EMF, but it is structured in that it is at the therapeutic frequencies and not chaotic as in dirty electricity which is what causes harmful EMF.

The frequencies generated by the QSB are mostly scalar waves which offer the greatest benefits, but the very small amount of PEMF, or pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields generated do have therapeutic value too and some healing devices that are available use only these. The amount from our QSB is so insignificant though that we do not consider it of much value in comparison to that of the scalar waves.

You can run the cell phone/tablet on flight mode (we would encourage it) with the QSB or you can even use a computer.


The QSB is a Healing and de- Stressing Device Working at the cellular level, beyond both the mental and emotional levels. This is true healing and not a short-term fix. Check out the blood cell analysis results that prove how it de-stresses the body after only 30 minutes…..

Learn more about the QSB


quote, syncronicity

Ask us a question – about EMF harm from laptops.

laptop, kids, harm, emf


“My teenage children have always got their laptops on their laps even when doing homework. They make such a fuss when I tell them to work on the table and tell me that none of their friend’s mums nag them like I do. Their friends’ parents must have no idea how dangerous EMF is.

I do not want the constant war about this and someone said that you might have a solution. Help! “



You are definitely not alone in having this fight with your kids, this is why we have been looking for a solution that wouldn’t be rejected at the onset.

The good news is that we have found one although it will not be available for a couple of weeks. We will let our newsletter readers know immediately that it is available, so make sure that you are signed up to receive it. If you have any wide-awake friends, like you obviously are, who are swimming against the tide of EMF denial tell them to sign up too.

Laptops are definitely not good sitting on laps. And most kids, who are greatly influenced by their peers think talk about the dangers of EMF is rubbish and that their parents who are concerned are worriers and nags. The sad truth is that even though people are waking up to the dangers of EMF it is taking a long-time filtering through to the younger generation. Schools, on the whole, which abound with radiation just ignore the subject. So, unless the parents are well informed, like you, children grow up in ignorance.

Sadly, it will be too late when this generation wants to have a family because their dismissive approach to using laptops and cell phones and all their electronic toys will find them possibly infertile and maybe sick.

So, Sonia, keep telling them it will pay off in the end. And we will get the laptop solution available as soon as possible……

Watch this Space.

True maifesting……

true manifesting, gabrielle bernstein, quote

Throwing away the walking stick.

walking stick, qsb, healing

Getting your feedback always makes our day, after all what we do is for you. You are what makes us get up in the morning. When we received an email from Elizabeth with the following it made our hearts sing. Even though the storm and rain were still lashing outside our inner world was basking in sunshine.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing this and may your health continue to improve with the QSB😊

“Issues with my spine some years ago made walking very difficult. Steps and stairs almost impossible as I couldn’t lift my legs from the floor. BUT – I now can lift my legs, cope with steps – not stairs – and get in and out of my car with no problem. Someone expressed surprise the other day at seeing me without a stick and asked how I’d improved. I thought about what I had taken for granted and realised that the Quantum Scalar box runs each night – for about three hours – and often during the day as I forget to turn the power off. And that just has to be the reason.

WWWOOOWWWWEEE!” Elizabeth Salmon.

Learn more about the QSB

Ground hog day.


Life can get so routine that it becomes ground-hog-day. Wake up in the morning and straight into it – same old, same old. Surely most of us experience this, my chats and emails confirm it, and it is often true for me. Big yawn. When this is how life feels put your big girl, or big boy pants on, some walking type shoes and take a stroll round the block, to the end of the road and back, around the park, beach or even your back yard.

No excuses about weather because you have your big persons pants on, and you are water-proof.

As you walk it feels good to interact with your surroundings. My favourite is to see how people’s gardens are changing, blooming, or needing a weed. It always makes me feel less guilty about the neglect, or shall we say imperfections in my own. It also makes me appreciate it too and maybe, if I have time, give it a bit of TLC by pulling a few weeds when I get back.

Getting out always reminds me that I am part of a bigger picture than my own life, that things are ever changing as am I, and at the end of the day, as the saying goes, life is a temporary situation. So, we probably need to lighten up about it, and if there is nothing to laugh about, we can at least look for things to make us smile.


Laugh my friend……

quote, laughter, stella mccartney

Vibrational Healing by any other name?

Wave DNA

Whether you are into Quantum Physics or Metaphysics or both you will know about healing with vibrations. You may not be into either and are aware of vibrational healing, but you don’t know it by that name.

Since the dawn of man, we have been healing ourselves and others with plants, herbs, crystals, minerals, the list is endless, but what we are using to heal from these things is their vibration. Everything has a vibration which is what allows it to exist.

We all know of homeopathy, developed in Germany in the eighteenth century and now becoming a popular alternative to taking drugs, even by the section of society that would frown if we used the term vibrational medicine, but what is it if not that?

Sound healing, colour therapy, and I could go on, but you probably know it already and I will get boring –  all vibrational healing. So, let’s be honest it has been around for a long, long time. Forever even.

So, what’s all this chat about vibrational healing being the new  paradigm? Well to be honest it isn’t other than it now has a new twist – technology, which we have to admit makes it more potent, swifter, and deeper.

There is a lot of technology waiting in the wings for this time to emerge, and boy (or girl) do we need that technology right now.

Nicola Tesla was a visionary, way ahead of his time as we know, he inspired David to develop the QSB. Now over the several years since its launch it has helped several thousand around the world to heal themselves.

The late Russian scientist Dr Peter Gariaev and his work with Wave Genetics was the inspiration for David to take Life Energy’s journey into vibrational healing further, and so our as yet unveiled new product was conceived, developed and waiting to be born – The QSB Wave. Dr Gariaev uses sound as his delivery method, the QSB Wave uses scalar waves generated by our Tesla inspired technology The QSB – two amazing but different technologies combined. How powerful is that!

There you now have it – in name only as yet I know, and what other name could we give it in honour of the great man that brought wave genetics to the world and with the knowledge that it will have blessings that his work continues through our QSB Wave.

When will it be available? That is the million-dollar question because although we already have The Waves, as they have become affectionately named, there is still much to do to get them ready for sale. But if you really want to be the first to know about what is happening email admin@life-energy.org

What it will do…..Watch this space for more info😊

If you missed David’s article Wave Genetics: how can we use it to heal ? See Here

If you want to learn more about The QSB: See Here

Getting over the trauma caused by an accident.

car wreck

We often get questions about how to get over the trauma of an accident which is
affecting a person’s ongoing health, this is a typical one.


I was involved in a car accident five years ago in which I suffered whip lash and a
broken arm, since then I have had several health issues but before the accident my health was good. It’s getting me down and I now have depression and am not sleeping.  I found your website but don’t know which product will help me most can you advise me what’s best please. Thanks Malcolm.


Any kind of accident is a major emotional shake up. If this emotion is not dealt with at the time, and let’s be honest most of us don’t, then it will stay blocked in our energy field where, as you have discovered, it manifests as physical dis-ease. Left untreated it can, as you have also found, cause you to become depressed and have trouble sleeping.

After this amount of time the emotion will be firmly lodged in your bioenergy field and stubborn, the Nu-Me pendant is your first line of help and as you will be wearing it at least during your waking hours it will be constantly working at unblocking that persevering trauma. The Nu-Me pendant will immediately help with your insomnia anddepression too.

Nu-Me Pendant : See Here

The fastest route to deal with the emotional blockage caused by your accident is
however with the QSB.

The QSB heals at a casual level – the accident in your case. Accidents always cause trauma not only in what you suffer physically but also how it affects you mentally – shock. Even a simple accident like a fall can profoundly affect us. A road accident causes a major trauma and is much more difficult to shift out of our bio-energy field.  This is where the frequencies transmitted from the QSB, with its unique Tesla based technology, tackles the problem at its source – where it is stuck in our energy field.

This is the true path of healing, all else is just dealing with symptoms and is like putting a band-aid over a wound, if you do not treat the wound the band aid will do no good and may even prevent the wound from healing.

Think of your accident as having caused an emotional wound that needs care to heal. This emotional wound needs treating/clearing because neglecting it, by not dealing with it at the time of the accident, has caused it to become infected causing your ongoing poor health which also needs healing.

The QSB : See Here



Gather round – The Latest Buzz.



Important News: did you read about the latest advance in quantum healing? If you missed it read here:

Yes, you guessed – this is the way we are going with our new product which is now in production in Christchurch. Our electronics manufacturer is sharing the excitement with our whole team including the volunteer experts testing it. The results have been beyond amazing.

Come close, it is still all very much under wraps but because you are our special people we can’t leave you out of the excitement. Our near-to-be-born-baby will be able to replicate Dr Peter Garayev’s work in your own home. It will enable information of your undamaged DNA to be fed into your system – refreshing the blueprints so to speak.  Anti-aging!!

It also opens up the possibility of treating yourself with complex frequencies from plants, oils, minerals, colours etc., some could be very difficult or impossible to apply otherwise.

And to……….

The potential is endless, and we have only scratched the surface, Watch this space – you will be the first to hear when it is available.

Crystals on steroids.

We have a new product ready to be launched – a beautiful collection of bottles filled with crystals embedded with Scalar waves in the Solfeggio healing frequencies. Notonly do they look stunning but used alongside our energetic products – well – you have crystals on steroids. And we all know that crystals have wonderful properties that have been appreciated since times beginning.

Watch this space for their launch…

“Leave our kids alone” Pink Floyd.

kids, classroom,

My article A-wake or A-woke in our last newsletter brought an inbox full of email responses of support, thanks to all. Obviously, the grooming of our young is an emotive subject.

There was some opposition to my view and those readers have unsubscribed and have ridden into the sunset of A-sleep. We are all entitled to our opinion of course –so long as it doesn’t hurt our kids.

In this crazy world, when a radio station was taken off the air for saying pregnant woman instead of pregnant person, as adults we know facts from fantasy. But kids are different they are sponges that absorb what they are told and if it comes from authority figures like teachers it must be the truth – mustn’t it?

Not all teachers are into the woke grooming I know, but to those that are I use Pink Floyd’s words “Teachers leave our kids alone” which of course includes everyone else that is programming young minds into this dark agenda.


A footnote on the subject of schools: Please principals and teachers consider the fact that the magnetic radiation your students are subjected to is extremely harmful.  Please take action to ensure their future is healthy as well as educated.

1 POWER P.e.bal in an average size classroom will protect everyone.

Take advantage of our special POWER P.e.bal offer here

Injustice anywhere is a threat……

martin luther king quote

A-Wake or A-Woke the Emotional Affects.

margie 2

Your support on my views on political correctness has prompted me to take this step of opening up a part of my life that has always been closed but emotionally awakened by the woke movement.

For starters I want to be very clear that I am not anti-trans-gender, what I fervently don’t agree with is grooming children. Nor does my dad.
My dad was a transvestite in the days when it was an imprisonable offence. It was his alter personality for which he suffered dreadful aversion therapy, electric shock treatment and deep depressions. Dad spent periods in and out of “psychiatric hospitals because of it. Emotionally it dominated his life and to some degree all of us too.

It was a deeply held family secret that affected us all because we didn’t understand it, we never spoke about it even to each other, and the secretiveness of it all meant lies which caused conflict to children who are constantly told to tell the truth.

An emotional minefield that Dad tried all his life trying to live at peace with, while Mum, my brother and I tried to sort out emotions caused by not having a clue what it was about, what this secret life of dads was, and a mum that kept tight lipped about it. Lots of suppressed emotions. What an emotional mess.

Sadly, it wasn’t until his funeral that we got to meet the friends he couldn’t openly introduce us to during his stay on this planet – they were trans-women. Genuine trans that you would not have picked out as being different from anyone else. Not a Drag Queen amongst them.

I speak to dad, he is still with me in spirit, so I asked him to help me understand this woke movement around trans people. I wanted to know if my own experiences had prejudiced me.

He told me that education about transvestites and trans- gender, who shouldn’t be confused with each other as being the same thing, is different from what is the blatant grooming of children by confusing them about their gender or giving them an opt out to change sex when their life gets tough, or puberty kicks in with all the hormones and confusion. This is using children for means other than their good and is very dark.

Drag Queens telling kids stories in the library or performing at children’s functions is pantomime, where there has always been a man dressed up as a dame. The world has now become a stage where a perpetual pantomime is being rehearsed with an ever-changing script. It is only a production – it is not reality.

People buying into the whole farce are actually doing a disservice to the advancement of understanding of trans people. It is doing a great deal of harm. This generation of youngster will have a lot of emotional and physical damage to deal with down the track.

Be kind to those that are different, but intelligently look through the bull-shit to what is real. Talk to people, communicate, and try to understand what makes them, them. Make friends.

Thanks dad.

This is an emotional time for ALL of us. If anyone thinks otherwise, then – well – I suppose you are just about ready to press the unsubscribe button. For those that haven’t hit the unsubscribe you know we all need to work on those emotions, let them air in the light of day. Let them go or get sick.

To this end of letting go I have shared a big part of my life with you, stepped forward and owned it. Never easy to do. Thank you for being part of my journey.

Together we can heal.

All emotions have frequencies which is why our QSB is such a powerful tool to help shake them free for release. Check out the QSB here


True emotional healing……

emotional feeling

How Clearing Clutter Can Bring Emotional Release.

declutter for emotional release

It may take time to have a good clear-out of all your clutter, but it will do you much more good than just giving you more physical space – it will help you heal

How can de-cluttering have health benefits??

Even a chipped cup can have memories that are buried until you decide to throw it away or donate it to a charity shop. The mere fact that we are getting rid of things makes memories surface and with emotions connected to those memories. Most things can trigger a memory and therefore an emotion – memories and emotions are virtually inseparable.

The buried emotions that we have not dealt with are what make us sick. Reliving them is what helps us to heal at the most fundamental, causal level…………..read more

All friendly feelings……


Exciting news for all QSB owners.

Wave DNA

If you have a QSB (Quantum Scalar Box) you are already benefiting from the amazing technology of true Quantum Healing – but – we have been working on something that to work in combination with the QSB to take healing, wellness and even reversal to a completely new level – wave genetics

What is Wave Genetics?

Wave Genetics is a relatively new field of study that originated with the work of late Russian scientist Dr Peter Gariaev* which is revolutionizing the way scientists look at the genetic code. It is based on the idea that the genetic code is not static, but rather is constantly changing and evolving. Wave Genetics is an attempt to understand how this dynamic process works and how it affects the development of organisms.

At its core, Wave Genetics is based on the idea……………read more

If Easter says anything to us……

truth in grave

What does Easter mean to you.

angel ascending

It might not be considered politically correct to connect Easter with Crucifixion and ascension, but I am not a fan of political correctness, it just doesn’t make sense to me. Why is it not OK to say black but perfectly alright to say white? Why can’t we call a spade a spade instead of a digging implement. And pregnant person instead of pregnant woman – has the world gone mad? Oh, please don’t get me started!

I digress.

Easter – what does it mean to you? For me it is a time to stop, taking a moment to reflect on the human condition. A time to think of our own mortality – but – also of our ascension. For me it is a time of new birth and endless possibilities. It is a reminder that we also are part immortal, and that part of us is ever pushing us to be who we truly are.

Easter is about ascension. Every day I believe we can ascend – a little. Raise our vibration a little higher, align with our Creator from whence all things are possible and we can be all that we are truly meant to be – Divine consciousness having a human experience – Divinity wrapped in a human body.

So, whatever your beliefs or views about Easter maybe take some time out just for you. Rest, refresh and renew. Raise your vibration – because, I believe, from that vantage-point we can fly.

Have a wonderful Easter.



quote, remember

EMF radiation means we need to drink more water – or we get sick.

drinking water

Golden Oldies never carried water. Now most people carry a bottle around with them. What’s changed in the last couple of decades to create this fad? Put simply it’s EMF exposure and it definitely is not a fad – it is a necessity.

EMF dehydrates us, it affects our cells and biorhythms. It jams our operational frequencies and messes with us generally. As the intensity of EMF radiation, that we are now bombarded with increases so too does our need to protect ourselves.

More than ever before we need to make sure we get enough good energetically clean water to rehydrate ourselves.

And yes, EMF affects water too. This means that a bottle of high quality artesian well water, in fact any water, can become contaminated by EMF. When we think we are on the right track and doing the very best we can, yet another nasty is waiting in the wings to throw us off course.

Our solution, which includes our unique technology alongside the wonder of crystals, is our Crystal Water Bottle.

Don’t miss out on our special weekly deal which includes an extra fr*ee gift of a crystal pendulum. Available until 31st March

Inner Strength……

pulling together

852 Frequency Solfeggio Music for deeper meditation

Solfeggio Music 852

One Hour of blissful meditation music with embedded binaural beats at 852Hz. Which will be particularly helpful to connect those who are struggling with their connection to Spirit. In these turbulent times full of fear and negativity we need to lift above it and this frequency will help you to do that.

This is a perfect accompaniment to our QSB relaxation/healing device and adds another level to the experience.

852Hz Balances the Third Eye Chakra

The benefits of this frequency are:

• Returning to spiritual order.
• Awakens intuition.
• Facilitates communication with the spirit world.
• Initiates inner strength.
• Raises cells to a higher energy level.


Pulling together……

inner strength

Ask us a question – about 5G



I just have a question I have had a Nu-Me pendant for years and love it but now we have 5 G and I test a little weaker. Is it enough for 5G. Mandy.


Our technology does mitigate 5G but a pendant might not be enough on its own – which I suspect is what you are getting. Look at adding some other personal protection like a Hope Stone, Small shell shield or a Ki-Bal. if you are quick we have a great seconds offer which will save you quite a bit of money





helen keller, suffering

528 Frequency Solfeggio Music for deeper meditation

Solfeggio 528

One Hour of blissful meditation music with embedded binaural beats at 528Hz.

528Hz Balances the Solar Plexus Chakra

Benefits of this frequency are:

• This is the frequency of Transformation and miracles.
• Repairs DNA* the-vac affects DNA
• Assists all healing.
• Helps boost self-esteem and self-love.
• Increases positive energy/positivity.

This meditation music is a perfect accompaniment to our QSB and adds another level to the experience.

*528 Hz was used in a scientific laboratory experiment by genetic biochemists to repair DNA in a Petra-dish. DNA is the genetic blueprint upon which life is based.


Collective pain – we are energetically connected.

collective, connection energetic

Do you feel as though you have been through the wringer and don’t know why? Although we may feel grateful that we are safe and well, while so many others are suffering, we still feel out of sorts?

Many are feeling this way and it is perfectly understandable when we accept that all things are connected, whether we are mindful of it or not, we are feeling the pain of others and there is a lot of global pain right now.

It isn’t just that we need to read the news to be aware, or to see pictures of atrocities, devastation and horrors that confront our sensibilities and imagination, we actually feel the pain of others energetically consciously or unconsciously.

Now I am no quantum scientist but know that when all things are composed of energy, information and consciousness how can we not feel the suffering on our planet when we are indeed at one with it and all things. We hurt the planet, or each other, and we hurt ourselves. In my book it’s as simple as that.

But we can’t be part of this collective suffering without taking care of ourselves otherwise we will become depleted, negative, and depressed. It is imperative at this time to keep our vibration high, positive and life affirming – not only for ourselves but for our immediate family, our tribe, our country and all our global brothers and sisters.

You will have your own ways of doing this be it meditation, prayer, nature or something else. Being with loved ones. Being in the moment. Being.

You are reading our newsletter because you are our people, part of our energy family. Most likely you have at least one of our energetic products, maybe even a QSB. Use them. They are not merely ornaments that need dusting, hold them. let them interact with your energy field where they will work on balance, harmonising the negative into positive. Hold them when meditating to take you deeper within. Before going to bed or when you feel anxious hold them to feel the calming energy they can create within you. If you practice energy healing give them to the person you are treating to hold and they will create a clear space for that person to receive and benefit from the healing energy.

Take your P.e.bal off the coffee table and hold it, allow yourself to let go into the moment with some deeply life giving breaths. Feel calm infuse you.

More about Power P.e.bal

Take your Nu-Me Pendant out of the drawer and wear it – every day – everywhere. It will protect you from EMF but energetically there is so much more that it will protect you from.

More about Nu-Me Pendant

If you have a QSB make the time to use it every day. Run it at night – all night if you like – the frequencies will benefit you at the deepest most fundamental level.

And most importantly scalar waves which are the carrier for the Solfeggio frequencies, or custom frequencies if you are using with the Quantum Frequency App, go on indefinitely so you are benefitting not only yourself and those around the QSB you become part of an international network of thousands that is now helping all of us on our planet.

More about QSB

Remote Healing

Here in New Zealand we are reeling from the devastation, loss of life, those unaccounted for, loss of homes, property, farms, businesses and living with an uncertain future. People are helping how and where they can, putting up prayers and sending out love.

There are many countries where their peoples are doing the same.

We are continuing with our daily remote healing. All of you that have already sent us pictures are still part of this.

If you, or someone you would like to include, want to join us please send a digital picture to david@life-energy.org. You can of course send pictures of animals and places that need healing.

Although we can not be with you physically know that we are with you energetically with love and our relationship through Divine consciousness.

See about Remote Healing

Ask us a question – about child trauma

child, trauma


My 9-year-old son has become very withdrawn and is not sleeping since he had sex education at school about trans-gender. He occasionally wets the bed now and is easily upset. He will not talk about it to us. He has always been such a happy bright child I am at a loss as to what to do is there any of your products that will help? The school have been less than helpful especially as they already think I am a nut job with my concerns about EMF. They just say that this sex education is part of the curriculum and suggest that my son may need counselling. I am so angry and now thinking we need to do home schooling. I just want my lovely happy child back.


I am so sorry to hear this has happened to your son and to your family. Sadly, we entrust our children into schools thinking that they are a safe place. As you have already mentioned the disregard for the high levels of EMF shows they are not. When schools do not consider and respect parents opinions, beliefs and wishes it means that they are unable to work together in the child’s best interest.
Obviously, we cannot give “professional” advice about the phycological damage that information can cause to a young mind, but we feel sure that the support of loving family will encourage your son to voice the disturbance this has caused him mentally and physically and overcome it without the need of analysis.

Any of our energy balancing products could help. I suggest a P.e.bal, Love Stone, or Shell Shield, which will put him in a protective field of balanced positive energy. If he holds this, it will interact with his own energy field bringing it into to balance. This will also help him sleep. I also suggest that he has a Ki-Bal in his school bag to protect him in that energetically negative environment.
It would seem that what your son was told was so confronting that his emotional response was traumatic which has caused a blockage in his energy field where it will stay lodged if not released. The best, easiest and most effective way to do this is with our QSB. The inbuilt solfeggio frequencies will work energetically to unblock the trauma and help your son heal from the experience that obviously was abhorrent to his young mind and sensitivities. Running the QSB through the night will also help his insomnia and disturbed sleep.

As a long-time customer I know that you are familiar with our products and that we will always work with you in any way that we can to overcome this. I feel confident that with love and support your son will come through it. I am sending healing and love to you both – and all the other children that are traumatized and may not be held by such a loving family.


Learn more about the  QSB, the Ki-bal and our Energy balancing products

Growing up……

growing up, quote, Bryan White

Drama or Dance

dance, drama, dancing

Life can be a constant drama or a dance. The young seem to mostly dance through their days because their problems are transitionary and good adrenaline is pumping through their bodies.

As we get older the balance tips it seems and the dance steps get lost in the day to day challenges we constantly face causing adrenal fatigue from the stress instead of adrenaline highs.

I want to dance in the rain because I know that I am waterproof, and I have memories of splashing with merriment through puddles, but I watch the raindrops on the window then shudder and put my raincoat on to run to the car and then from the car to my destination trying to stay dry. But – I miss out on the fun of getting wet. I have forgotten that I am waterproof.

What an awful example after months of rain here, and now the floods, but it was the first childhood memory that I thought of that that was naughty but nice, so please forgive me. At what stage do our problems take precedence over our enjoying our life?

For many of us life sucks right now, and probably has done for a while. No fault of our own. We didn’t ask to be bullied, bashed, and threatened, but we have been, and as responsible adults that is hard to swallow. After all we have previously spent a long time managing ourselves, our lives and often our families.

Our stress has become so ingrained that it seems to hard a trek to get away from it. Much easier to just get on with it? Maybe even pop an anti-depressant to help. Or deep breathe through anxiety and panic attacks. But then aren’t these merely band aids covering up the real issues?

I suppose the bottom line is whether you feel you are worth the hard yards needed to reach, then put your dance shoes. But then how much do you actually want to dance? I do.

In truth I am fed up to the back teeth of all the drama. My inner voice keeps saying ‘dance’. I ignore it often as I get caught up in another stressful situation, more drama. It is shouting so loudly now that it is becoming hard to ignore. Dance.

That trek back is going to take some help I know. I also absolutely know that the QSB will lift us up and the Nu-Me Pendant will give us the strength and stamina to do it. So, are you ready? Are you joining me, and our Creator, in the dance that we were born to dance?


If you are joining me in the dance use Discount Code dance at the checkout for 15% OFF a Nu-Me Pendant, a QSB and the QSB upgrade pack.

30 years of insomnia gone.

sleep, insomnia,

In our last newsletter we told you that we were going in a new direction and asked for your help to do this. We received this heart-warming and encouraging reply from Wendy who after reading Margie’s experience with the QSB overcame 30 years of insomnia. Thank you, Wendy, for sharing this with us all.

“It’s interesting you say that you have guidance for your next steps with your products…

Since Marg said in the newsletter than she runs the QSB all night to help insomnia, I’ve done the same and had wonderful deep sleeps (after being an insomniac for 30yrs)

I have a vision that all homes/shops/buildings around the world have one or more of your QSB ‘s

It’s just inspiration I’ve had the more I use your beautiful products so we will keep opening the energy up for that to happen.

I will hold that dream for you and leave the details up to Spirit to work on!

So keep the faith and keep moving forward, companies like you are needed throughout the world especially with all the awful control that’s been coming in now for several years.” Wendy

About the QSB

More QSB testimonials

Corinthians 4.8.9……


Ask us a Question – about other products and brands.

comparing products, differences,

Question: We are often asked about other products and brands, how they compare with ours or what our opinion is of other people’s devices and machines. We have had a raft of questions about the Harmoni Pendant and how it compares with our Nu-Me Pendant. This must be the result of the rigorous marketing that is being done on the Harmoni for valentine’s day.

Answer: Unfortunately, it would neither be ethical to comment on any product that we have not tried and tested personally nor make a judgement on any brand as our bias is always going to be with our own products – otherwise we would not be producing and selling it.

Giving opinions about other brands also applies to the Harmoni which we have only come to know about because many have asked the same question – “how does it compare to the Nu-Me pendant?”

Sorry we don’t have the time to read and research the Harmoni or any products you may want an opinion on but as part of your own due diligence these are the questions you need to ask:

• What is the Harmoni (or any pendant) made of?
• What is the technology if any?
• If there is no technology, how does it work and meet their claims?
• What testing has been done other than verbal – proof?
• Is the information they give just sales spiel, or globldy gook masked as scientific – does it make sense to you the layman, if not and you are who they are marketing to why not – transparency?
• Are there genuine verified testimonials on Google and Trustpilot etc and not only those of highly paid influencers?
• What is their returns/guarantee policy?

Marketing if fierce these days and sometimes it twists, or even avoids the truth. Sad but true in this day and age of the hard sell. So never take marketing at face value only – do your own research.

The technology in the Nu-Me pendant moves and balances energy, this means your own energetic system or chakras, and the energy that surrounds you. In balancing negative energy it protects from EMF which is to your finely tuned energetic system perceived as unbalancing energy. But, and this is a big but – it is not just an EMF Protection Pendant – it is designed to bring you to homeostasis, while providing total negative energy protection including EMF, and the negative energy of people places and entities.

The Nu-Me Pendant has the Solfeggio frequencies embedded in it which act as a homeopathic resources to help you heal and keep you well.

This is worth a noting.

There are a lot of Crystal pendants coming out of China at the moment including Shungite and being branded as Scalar Pendants. Scalar simply means life-energy of which all things are made of. They are CRYSTAL PENDANTS with beneficial properties as do all crystals. These crystal pendants do not have technology as does the Nu-Me Pendant. Our technology is unique to us.

So, all we can advise is to do your research, go with you intuition and don’t be blinded by marketing which is merely a sales pitch. Your higher self will know what is best for you.

See our Nu-Me pendant range here

Join us on our ride to new beginnings.

ride, new beginnings

As we have said in a previous newsletter – this is a time of change for us. We have been preparing by clearing out big time so be prepared for some bargains and clearance line discounts.

We have received some divine guidance as always but this is a new adventure unfolding. To raise the vibration and take us, and mankind, into the new and exciting future that’s awaiting we need like minded people to work not for us but with us.

Your ideas and skills are need in a unified effort to make Quantum Physic benefits available all.

No concrete plans yet, and no limiting expectations that might lead to disappointments. You are our people and if you want to be on this ride with us tell us what you can do and how we can work together.




How the QSB changed my life with a good nights sleep.

sleepless, insomnia, emf, radiation

Sounds twee I know, but honestly what a life changer the QSB has been for me. I am not alone as you can see on our constant feedback, but I wanted to share my relationship with my QSB with you.

When David was first given the outline plans for the QSB it all seemed a bit beyond us – too big a task. But he persevered because he knew it was his given path, and I persevered also because I knew that it was mine to support him. It was quite a journey that took years.

You know how it is when something is meant to be? It goes forward however hard it is sometimes reaching the destination. Although there isn’t really any destination where the QSB is concerned as it is ever growing and evolving. It took a while, but it is now as important in our lives as eating and drinking.

I’m not easy to live with. Even I find it difficult living with myself. Living this life as an Empath has its blessings but also, it’s challenges. Top that with the star sign of Scorpio and more subconscious programming causing more buttons than could ever get pushed in a lifetime and you end up with a stick of dynamite. Ask David.

Now I am not going to say that the QSB has saved our marriage, but it sure has helped it to be more harmonious. How? Because I am more in harmony with myself. More relaxed. Less prone to fighting demons, my own and those of others.

The blessed side of my Empath nature means that I can feel the frequencies as they play. I have my favourites but understand that they meld into the whole. Together they Work towards my wellbeing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I must admit that I don’t have the patience or skill set to find individual beneficial frequencies using the upgrade apt. I am quite content with using the inbuilt  solfeggio frequencies which I intuit just about cover all my needs. Hearing about the successes of others with their upgrade apps is spurring me on to have a go. Another admission – my FOMO.

This is becoming a confessional! The big downside of my personality is my obsessive thinking. “You are like a dog with a bone” David often tells me. During the day it is bad enough but at night – well frankly it just keeps me awake as I mull over nothing important enough to stop me sleeping.

You may identify with my insomnia and with the fact that it makes you feel lousy the next day, and if it goes on long enough your energy levels sink to the floor. Eventually of course your immune system gets fed up, goes on strike and you end up sick.

This was the story of my life. I had become fed-up of looking through my window at a sleeping world while my mind mocked me and kept me awake thinking of trivia. All the time knowing I was making myself tired and sick but not having an off switch to stop it.

Immediately after the launch of the QSB we got feedback about it curing insomnia, but it took me a while to catch-on. In some things I can be a bit slow! I was fixated with destress, as our blood testing had proved, and self-healing which I had proved for myself, and other people reported. But eventually (what took me so long?) I went to bed and left it switch on. Wow, and all praise, I was amazed at the good night’s sleep I got, and ashamed that it had taken me so long to just get on and do it.

So, the moral of my little story about my relationship with my QSB is – I now don’t go anywhere or spend a night without it. I simply contemplate life separated from it!

Has it made me a better person? You better ask David for his opinion on that, all I can say is that it is now it easier for me to live with myself!


Want to know more about the QSB see our FAQ’s HERE


Wi-Fi, Danger, EMF, Radiation

Wi-fi is an opportunist, it will turn itself on in your devices at every possible chance. When you turn them off then on again even if you previously had the Wi-Fi off it will reinstate itself. You may think you are safe from it then when you check you find you are being surreptitiously radiated. Blue tooth is just as sneaky.

Because Wi-fi is for granted as a normal part of everyday life, after all who can live without it, very few consider how destructive it is to living things.

The late Dr Neil Cherry did research way back in 2002

EMF/EMR Reduces Melatonin in Animals and People

Melatonin is a vital natural neurohormone that regulates the daily circadian rhythm in mammals. Melatonin is the most potent known antioxidant. At night the pineal gland’s output of Melatonin rises and the Melatonin is carried by the circulation system throughout the body, passing through the cell membrane and scavenging free radicals in the cell to project the DNA. It also has many other vital functions involving assistance of the immune system to maintain its immunocompetence, and it regulates slip activity including aspects of REM sleep and sleep efficiency. Hints substances of activity at reduced melatonin output causes many serious biological effects in humans and other mammals, including sleep disturbance, chronic fatigue, DNA damage leading to cancer, cardiac, reproductive and neurological diseases and mortality. Reduced melatonin is also associated with arthritis, depression and suicide, seasonally affective disorder (SAD), miscarriage, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Multiple independent studies will have found that electromagnetic fields reduced melatonin in animals, flesh of and human beings. The evidence includes correlations with Geomagnetic Activity reducing human melatonin, through the Schumann Resonance signal effect. The level of evidence exceeds the usual requirement for causal link. This strongly suggests that melatonin production caused by electromagnetic fields and radiation exposure contributes significantly to the allocation of many adverse health effect rates in the community…….

Read more of Dr Cherry’s research here

Wi-Fi is a particularly harmful form of EMF as it operates on frequencies that are very close to those of the human body. As you can imagine this is disastrous to us as finely engineered energetic beings. It stops us operating optimally, endangers our health and shortens our lives. Put simply it is a killer!

So, don’t treat EMF lightly even if most people are blasé about it. Check your devices regularly to see that the Wi-Fi is indeed OFF. Internet over power is a safe alternative to Wi-Fi. So, you may have a few wires to cope with which don’t help the modern minimal designer look, but at least you will be using your computer safely  and not a glossy magazine style bedroom because you are sick.

Internet over power plugs into the power supply and can be used from any sockets connected to it. Google it, there is plenty to choose from.

Now if you still want to hang onto your Wi-Fi, please, please, please switch it off when you aren’t using it and ALWAYS at night. No if and buts about the kids. Ground rules now will stop heart ache about health issues later. No one is invincible even the young – sadly. Wi-Fi mocks us all.

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Time to Smile – This story is true even if improbable – some names may have changed.


When growing plant cuttings my usual method is very hit or miss – I cut of a branch and stick it in soil. Needless to say it is usually a miserable failure. In the spirit of changing my bad habits this year I visited the garden centre to get rooting powder and proper potting mix.

The young man was very helpfully explaining about growth hormones as he unlocked the cabinet they were kept in. I didn’t know rooting powder even had hormones that needed locking up, so I was curious, “Why I asked?’

He couldn’t give me a reason other than it was to stop young people stealing it! But why would they want it? My rationale was that it must be this whole Woke transgender thing gone mad, with youngster thinking they were taking a sex change short cut by taking plant hormones.

I told him this, but he didn’t get it. He looked at me as if I was some mad old bat, while David walked away in embarrassment shaking his head.

Mad I may be, but I still didn’t understand why rooting powder, even if it did contain hormones, should be kept under lock and key – so – I mentioned it to the check-out lady.

She kindly explained that youngsters stole it for ‘growing’. “Ah” I said “So its similar to athletes taking steroids to enhance their performance. Kids take this so that the hormones will help them grow taller”.

She looked at me sideways, then rolled her eyes at David who was edging towards the exit with the only thing stopping his escape being the cash he was holding to pay.

“No” she said “ They steal the plant growth hormone to grow marijuana.

Now I understood that nobody tries to ingest it! And it is not like locking up glue and solvents to stop people sniffing them. But wouldn’t it be easier for all those, like me, that use a different kind of logic, and are perhaps a bit naïve, to have a printed notice on the locked cabinet saying:  “This cabinet is not locked to prevent human consumption but to stop grubby thieving little hands from stealing it to grow dope. Kids needing it should get a responsible adult to buy it for them.”


The QSB in 2023.

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The QSB has taken wings and is flying around the globe. We are humbled that we, in a country that is no more than a pimple on the bottom of the world, have developed, designed, and are producing something that has gone viral with no marketing other than word of mouth. Thank you all that have been with us on this remarkable journey.

Daily we get feedback about how the QSB is being integrated into people’s lives and the help and support it is giving them. We are learning and being amazed continually about what it does and the endless possibilities that lie with it.

At this very moment we are well advanced in the design of a new add-on to the QSB which will deliver more Quantum Physics magical potential to enhance, repair and prolong life. Enough said for now but watch this space we will keep you updated.

Use our discount code QSB10 at checkout to get 10% off . Find out more about the QSB HERE

Valid until 1st February 2023

Letting go……

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The essence of Christmas.

embracing christmas

There was lots of feedback about my Christmas comments, which you can see here on viewpoint. It humbled me. Despite the ups, downs, disappointments, hardships, and sheer struggles people have and are still having they are getting into the essence of Christmas joy.

The resilience of people never ceases to amaze me, for every ‘poor me’ attitude there are many more glass half full, rather than glass half empty people who look at what they have, not what they don’t have. And do it with gratitude.

Your emails rocked and reminded me of that. Thank you. This Christmas you may be  facing it without family and  friends because the wounds of separation have been caused by inflicted difference, but I am sure that many, like us, have been able to make new friends. Enjoy that friendship.

Christmas is a time all of us can reach out to those who are alone. People that are finding it hard to move out of the old familiar and into the new different. They need some hugging friendly arms. We are all carrying our battle scars that need healing and what better time is there than Christmas to reach out to each other.

Christmas means different things to different people. Now it is not only Christians that celebrate, it is recognised almost everywhere as a festive season. Festivities are great, and I whole heartedly approve, but I think the essence of Christmas is extremely important and should be remembered too.

Reaching out to you all this Christmas with love and healing.


Time ………

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How to unfrazzle yourself at Christmas.

Anxiety, crowd,

The energy sensitive, Highly Sensitive and Empaths don’t usually ride smoothly through Christmas because they are buffeted by the energy of individuals, gatherings, and crowded places. In the effort to fit in to the Christmas narrative of togetherness it is easy to overlook the need for the space to refresh and recharge. We often overlook this as we measure ourselves and try to keep up with those that seem to endlessly socialise. In doing this we push ourselves beyond what is comfortable and in our own best interest.

Accepting that we need to recharge, between rounds, so to speak is imperative. Even a few minutes in the bathroom doing some deep breathing or better still a stroll alone around the garden can do wonders. I have found that a quiet corner with my QSB for ten minutes centres and reenergizes me enough to join the ‘party’ again.


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How does dowsing using a pendulum work.

dowsing, pendulum, emf

Quantum physicists have discovered that everything is energy and connected – evenour thoughts. We can tap into this universal energy if we know how. The crystal pendulum is the tool that will make it possible.

All you need to do is ask the question and let your pendulum relay the answer. Some may think it sounds a little ‘unlikely’ – well try it – you will be surprised and delighted– we promise!

Our crystal pendulums are unique because they are embedded with scalar waves in the solfeggio frequencies so not only do you have a divination tool, when you carry it in your pocket you have a device that is assisting your health and well-being.

Watch our video on using a pendulum for dowsing

Crystal Pendulums

Miracles ……..

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Water – To lose weight and stay well

water, emf

It is all around us. We bathe in it. Wash with it. Drink it. Cook with it. In fact, we are 70 – 75% of it – water. We take it for granted, think it is boring – so we have a cappuccino or a soda instead!

But what if we don’t drink enough water? We become dehydrated!

Dehydration impairs our ability to think, drive, and perform simple normal tasks. Many, especially older people, can confuse thirst with hunger causing overeating and dehydration.

Dehydration is the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue, nausea, headaches …….

Learn more about Water and staying well

What does Christmas mean to you?

scrouge, christmas, package

I hate to admit that I am becoming a Christmas Carol, Scrooge’s “bah-humbug” type of person about Christmas. And I hate myself for it. I’m not a scrooge about spending money but about taking the opportunity to share and show that I care. Isn’t that what Christmas has always been, and should be all about?

With no small children, or any children at all now, seeing the magic through their eyes has gone. The shops are busy with lots of tempting merchandise – but – I suppose the lockdowns, restrictions, mandates, mask wearing, and the social distancing thing has worked in making our way of life strangely different, and often incredibly hard. It has knocked the stuffing out of many of us to make the effort. Are you like me feeling a bit jaded about getting into the whole Christmas celebration spirit after being bashed about in the last couple of years?

Is it any of those things though really? Or am I getting older and grumpier. Have I forgotten about myth, magic, laughter and – well just simply feeling love for my neighbours. Unconditionally.

We have been deliberately sectionalized and separated and it has worked to a degree, but only if we let it. I obviously have if I let it knock the joy out of what should, at the very least, be a time of celebration of remembering or being with loved ones. If I have become so bah and humbug that I don’t care when I clearly do, then all I am doing is diminishing myself.

I have talked myself round – bring on a joyous Christmas!


Your thoughts on Christmas email margie@life-energy.org

Ask us a question about why some people feel EMF and others don’t.

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I used to be able to cope with all EMF by wearing my Nu-Me Pendant and having a P.e.bal in the house but I find that when I am out, I now sometimes feel EMF affecting me. No one that I am with ever seems to get this. Why is this happening and only to me?


Some people are just more sensitive to things than others and this includes energies, frequencies and therefore EMF which is disturbed energy that negatively affects us.

As EMF emissions are ramped up with Wi-Fi, smart devises, cell phones and towers with the roll out of 5G  everywhere it is becoming more than any person’s bio-field can cope with. We are energetic beings that operate with frequencies, when these are jammed or interfered with, we stop to function optimally and get sick.

Most people are unaware that they are being affected until they do get sick but energy sensitive, electrosensitive people are aware that they are being adversely affected which although an inconvenience, and often uncomfortable or even painful, is a blessing in that they have to protect themselves and in so doing prevent themselves getting very ill. Their sensitivity is the warning sign that sadly everyone needs but doesn’t  have.

When I am out and about, I often need extra protection from EMF. There is often high levels of Wi-Fi in restaurants, cafes, shopping malls and other public spaces. I am very energy sensitive and am now aware of the places I should avoid but if I cannot then I need extra protection.

David on the other hand is not such easy prey to feeling EMF but besides his Nu-Me pendant he always carries a hope stone in his pocket. He calls it his back-up.

The fact that you are alright at home shows that the level of protection you have is adequate except for the odd outside location. Maybe David’s EMF-survival-kit of a hope stone is the answer for you too?

Hope Stone

Nu-Me Pendant.

Solfeggio frequency 741 Hz – Helps overcoming problems, cleansing toxins and so much more.

741 Hz, solfeggio frequency,

Do you speak your truth? Do you confidently access the root essence of who you are and share it with the world without reservation, fear, or concern as to how it is received?

Well, I can answer this question as “sometimes”. If it was on my report card it would be something like a C -minus with a note “must try harder” or “plenty of room for improvement”!

Expressing our truth is tied into the human energetic system at the throat level in, what is referred to in the East as the 5th Chakra. This maps to the Solfeggio frequency of 741 Hz and was the frequency that I have been guided to for Margie and myself in response to a cough and general malaise we have both been experiencing.

I don’t think that we are alone in being challenged in this area and set to receive benefit from this frequency which has a list of benefits it can bestow.

741 Hz Benefits include:

  • Helping cleanse the body.
  • Awakening our intuition and promoting confidence in our gut feelings.
  • Expressing creativity, Speaking our truth.
  • Problem solving – by increasing mental clarity.
  • Protects against negativity by repelling emotions such as anger and jealousy.
  • Cell cleansing from toxins.
  • Cell cleansing from EMF toxicity.

A sign that our 5th chakra is blocked and needing attention is lack of self-belief, self-denial, and a tendency to tell lies to those around us.

Introducing 741 Hz into your life through embedded music, or scalar waves from a QSB can work to rebalance and clear the throat chakra and promote a healthy, self-determined life.

As for me it has definitely helped with my cough and malaise. As for the deeper stuff, I will share my next report card!



QSB Christmas package

Solfeggio Frequency Healing Music

It is very relaxing – there is a faint buzzing sound which changes from time to time. I can feel my physical tensions releasing, and my mind seems to go quiet with no inner voice. Sometimes I fall asleep and need to have it turned off for me, or I just keep on sleeping (for 12 hours the first time!), and sometimes I just seem to lie in a zen state for an hour but not actually asleep. Value for money – while $1000 seemed fairly expensive at first, I’ve seen what I think are very similar products from America selling for $3-4k, and I can compare it very favourably with several other types of therapeutic treatments I’ve tried. To be able to just flick a switch at home and have an effective relaxation treatment in one hour each day is pretty awesome. It seems to be pictured upside down on the website! Ian Gregson on TrustPilot

Is your world view different?

It seems that intolerance is being encourage and if anyone has a different world-view instead of a healthy discussion ensuring there is a stand-off with fanatism.

I strongly believe that we create our own reality, after all what do we actually know is real? So, if you believe the world is flat it is flat to you, and it is your absolute right to believe that. Others may disagree and that is also their right. Absolutely.

Sadly, we are not taught or encouraged to discuss our differing opinions. We are encouraged, nay, brainwashed by our education systems, the media, and our governments to believe what we are told – only. No exceptions. No tolerance.

What we at Life Energy Solutions do, and therefore what we believe, is the science of Quantum Physics. It is the basis of all that we know. When a Newtonian Physicist disagreed with this, he made a complaint to the Advertising Standards Commission.

Now we hadn’t actually advertised anywhere, what he objected to was on our website which of course is our property, and if you like is our shop, even our home that we invite you into. If you visit us, it is entirely your choice. We are not making any ‘public’ announcements about what we believe, what we know, who we are, you are visiting us and we’re having a chat at our place.

Newtonian physics is yesterday, and the ever-evolving Quantum Physics is where science is now heading in my view. I respect that everyone is not on that page. This differing view with lacking openness was obvious when we explained how Quantum Physics is different from the Newtonian physicists take on EMF protection, and energy in general I suppose, because the Advertising Standards Commission ruled against us!

Two newspapers, desperately trying to find any odd bits and bobs of news, contacted us. Who would really be interested in an anti article about us other than those who still believe that EMF does not exist and want to gloat about it? Needless to say one article was a smash piece, the other had an element of understanding but were not brave enough to clearly say so.

Will it change our life? No. Was it a waste of time? Probably? Will that Newtonian Physicist be satisfied? Absolutely.

But should any of us accept that we do not have a voice, an opinion a reality that is valid? Never, and neither should we accept the disrespect or intolerance of others in the need to be right. We should all be able to live by our own standards, beliefs, and realities as long as they do not hurt others – I believe. We are all unique and should not try to fit into a standard box labelled ‘The Normal’ or ‘The only truth’.

If you want to visit our website, we welcomed you there. If you disagree or have alternative views than ours, we will always listen and maybe a healthy debate may ensue. But if you are enamoured with the present culture that is now being encouraged at governance levels we do not want to engage.

You are welcomed onto our website and into our world but if it does not fit your world view, we understand, and you at liberty to leave.

To all of you like – minded souls that have accompanied us on our journey we are very much enjoying sharing it with you. And as always, we are grateful for your support –  we are always here for you.


Ask us a question – about frequency healing

healing frequency

Ask us a question about frequency healing


I have taught physics but I can’t get my head around scalar waves and how they work.  Can you help?


This might be helpful: If you look at our Universe in terms of its three components – energy, consciousness, and information (frequency of vibration) then you can also look at what ails us in terms of energy vibrating at non-beneficial or disharmonious frequencies. It is known, for example, that we have a self-defence mechanism that “locks in” the frequency of a traumatic event by walling into part of the body. This creates stiffness and imbalance within the system which can result in a physical complaint at some point down the line.

The challenge in healing in this case is to provide energy and frequencies to the body that allow for these imbalances to be released.

In the case of Reiki or energy healing the healer channels energy from SOURCE or the Zero-Point field through their body using Source Consciousness to imbue this energy with suitable frequencies. If the patient is aligned, then they can use this energy and frequency to help unlock the trauma and so heal the condition.

In the case of the QSB, the QSB translates electrical energy into scalar energy (which many will argue is the same as zero-point, the aether, ki, chi, prana…) This energy is presented to the patient at a vibrational rate related to the QSB’s internal sequence.

The frequencies (Solfeggio) are tied to our own energetic centres within the body and so each one causes resonance in the respective area and this vibration acts like a super deep-seated massage for the whole energetic system of the body – including the mind and emotions.

Just like a good physical massage can remove and release tensions from muscles, the QSB can remove tensions from anywhere within our system when we are aligned with the process (ready). At the simplest level this is very relaxing, but the potential is there for significant healing to happen at any time.

Some of this might not fit with what we have been taught but these principles of energy and vibration are behind a slew of emerging physics-based devices that will surely be the healing devices of the future – despite opposition from pharmaceutical interests!

Remember that there is a 30 day guarantee for you to try the QSB. All the theory does not make up for actual experience.

Note: that the QSB has its own Xmas package (#1) for some significant savings.

QSB Christmas offer

Everything we hear is an opinion ……..

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Having your say

family, happy, healthy

I have recently purchased several Power P.e.bals, Ki-bal & Chi-Shell keyrings, Nu-Me pendants and Nu-Me Natty pendants from you.  The service, support and speed of postage was exceptional thank you.

My husband, as a kinesiologist, muscle tested each item. The range and positive effect of the products are incredibly powerful. We discovered that the range of the P.e.bals started to extend even further after several days. We also found that using a clockwise spinning motion with hands above each product, seems to activate the products even more quickly.

In terms of health changes, my family has noticed several things. Our young, adult son was going through a period of grief/stress and associated fatigue, muscle aches, broken sleep and over-sleeping, gastro-intestinal upsets, depression and un-explained anger. As soon as he put on the Nu-Me pendant, he reported to feel calmer and more at ease. I also placed a P.e.bal near his computer and gaming equipment. Over the past 2 weeks, all of his symptoms have subsided to a significant degree. He is happier, chattier and follows better sleep and diet routines. Plus, he how refuses to take the pendant off.

My husband and I have also experienced unusual fatigue and back muscle aches. I started wearing a pendant, my husband kept a Nu-Me Natty in his pocket and we placed the Power P.e.bals (pyramids) near the bed and around the house. The muscle pain started to dissipate and is nearly gone after 5 days now. Our energy levels also seem to be improving and sleep has been more restful.

Since wearing Natty pendants, our dogs seem to be more relaxed and less anxious even during a recent thunderstorm. One dog used to be terrified of one of our cats. Now she curls up in bed close to the “scary” cat and there is less growling and swiping from the cat as well.

The ‘feeling’ in our house and my workplace (where I also placed some pyramids) is calmer and more even. Even my co-workers seem friendlier, and one commented how peaceful the week was (he was unaware of the P.e.bals).

All in all, the Life Energy Designs technology has a stabilising effect on our health and well-being. I already purchased some extras for our family and friends. Thank you again. K.B, Tasmania

Your feedback is invaluable to us, keeps us on track and spurs us on when the clouds block out the sun. it makes our day, makes us smile and makes it all worthwhile. Thank you K.B. and every one that takes the time to let us know what is happening in your life.

Want to get in touch? Email margie@life-energy.org


Life Energy Products

The plethora of emotions ……..

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Have you been traumatized?


What defines a trauma?

Trauma is common in one form or another and most of us have been ‘traumatized at some time in our life. Mass trauma can be caused by political situations like wars and of course now with the fear induced panic- demic.

Trauma results from exposure to an incident or series of events that are emotionally disturbing or life-threatening these can have lasting adverse effects to our function mentally, physically, socially, emotionally, and affects spiritual well-being.

Trauma should never be trivialized or ignored.

If your trauma is left untreated it can cause nightmares, insomnia, anxiety, depression, phobias, substance abuse, panic attacks, anger, irritability, and a feeling of hopelessness.

Neglected trauma can have a huge effect on your future health. Any undealt with trauma will cause an energy block resulting in physical symptoms or dis-ease. These can range from gastrointestinal disorders, rapid heartbeat, or extreme fatigue to severe health conditions including stroke, heart attack, weight problems, diabetes, and cancer, according to a Harvard Medical School research study.

How long after trauma does PTSD start?

Post-traumatic stress disorder can develop immediately after experiencing a disturbing event or having a disturbing experience, or it can occur weeks, months or even years later. PTSD is estimated to affect about 1 in every 3 people who have a traumatic experience, but it’s not clear exactly why some people develop the condition and others don’t. There may be a delayed onset of symptoms, when the brain is less preoccupied, or the person has the opportunity to absorb what has happened. There is no definitive answer to why some people who experience trauma develop PTSD and others don’t.

Post-traumatic stress disorder cause significant problems in social or work situations and in relationships. They can also interfere with your ability to go about your normal daily tasks.

PTSD symptoms are generally grouped into four types: intrusive memories, avoidance, negative changes in thinking and mood, and changes in physical and emotional reactions. Symptoms can vary over time or vary from person to person.

What happens if we ignore trauma?

We can’t ignore the fact that this panic-demic has cause trauma by fear, the destruction of our freedom and choice and the constant battle of survival, no matter which side of the fence you are on. We have been emotionally assaulted from all angles while throughout we are trying to survive in the politically called ‘New Normal’.

It is easy to try and ignore the trauma that we have been exposed to by explaining our emotional responses, changes in behavior or physical ailments as just part of the situation, whatever that may be, that we now find ourselves in. In doing this we are undermining how deeply the situations and events over the last three years, and still on-going, have affected us. By ignoring the trauma of what we have been subjected to it will become a blockage in our energy field and make us sick. We need to look at it honestly and objectively and take action to remove it to heal the emotion behind the trauma, and therefore ourselves.

The Nu-Me pendant is constantly working on protecting you from any negative energy and bring you back into balance. The Solfeggio healing frequencies embedded in the Nu-Me Pendant are like a homeopathic tool kit constantly healing and working towards your highest good.

The ultimate healing tool for trauma is the QSB which produces scalar waves in the Solfeggio healing frequencies and custom frequencies. The QSB unblocks any emotions stuck in our energy field including those caused by trauma that can, or have, become present in the physical or mental as illness or dis-ease.

Learn more about trauma….

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The wound…..

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Walking away from Energy Healing

energy, healing,

Many, many years ago, I was a member of a National Spiritual Healers group. We met weekly offering hands on energy healing to anyone who walked through the venue door. It was long before I really knew or understand what energy or healing was all about. We simply called it Spiritual healing and I suppose that did, and still does, fit the bill.

Out of the blue I had the feeling that I wanted to help others in this way and without training and no more than the rudimentary knowledge of what to do I became a novice member, or some such title for those that had a trial period before becoming a full member. How that was tested was a mystery that no one broached. As far as I was aware no one was asked after receiving ‘healing’ from a novice how it had gone. Or if they felt any better.

I jumped in with gusto and ignorance and because I didn’t know then about Empaths, I gave no thought as to what impact it may have on me.

As I chalked up the months of my novice-ship and made my way to becoming a full member it was remarkedly uneventful. Afterwards I felt a little drained and knew that I felt aches pains and strange sensations while involved in healing sessions, but this was not unusual for me, and as David and I were running a business while also getting to know each other in our newish relationship I put it all down to living life in top gear.

One week, and it was to be my last, a lovely young woman came to me. People chose who they wanted ‘healing’ from by instinct, knowing the person, or any unknown or random attraction. I stood behind her as she sat on an uncomfortable venue chair, no niceties or luxury there, with my hands above her head. I did what I always instinctively did which was connect with my creator asking for healing for her. What I didn’t realise or know how to control was my strong energetic connection to her though through my empathic nature. After a few minutes she started to weep. Her whole body shook with heaving sobs. I had no idea what was happening or what to do so I cuddled her. With her head on my shoulder, she calmed down and started to smile. ‘I feel so much better she told me’. But I felt terrible. My throat was so sore I couldn’t swallow while the pain in my head banged so loud, I thought it would bust open.

I have never given energy healing to anyone except my nearest and dearest since.

What on earth happened? Well obviously, I helped her remove her di-ease or energy block and had taken it into myself where it stubbornly stayed for a week as acute laryngitis.
Why did it happen? Simply I had no idea about what I was doing, how powerful energy healing really is, and that Empaths need to have tools to protect themselves. Or keep the hell away.

It is a shame that if you are an Empath and like me you do steer clear – mostly. Energy healing given to help someone self-heal is powerful stuff. Awaking their own divinity to be all they can and should be – what a service.

This experience of course was many years before the Nu-Me Pendant which is an excellent tool for protecting you from other people’s energy. So, if you are Energy Healing make sure that you wear yours. If you Don’t have one yet have a look at our Christmas offers with some great discounts to take advantage of.

Writing this has given me a real dig in the ribs. And I might add a kick up the rear. What a whuzz I am. Maybe It is time to take up the reigns again, let go of the past and take back my power.

If you have any energy healing stories you want to share email margie@life-energy.org


View The Nu-Me Pendant

Police Violate State Law and Utility Customers’ Privacy by Sharing Data Without a Warrant

police, search, violation

Smart meters are in the news again but not regarding EMF radiation or fires but alarmingly how power providers are supplying information to the police on request. This court case is in Sacramento but how widespread is it? Is it happening on your doorstep too and is it another reason not to have a smart meter?

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) searches entire zip codes’ worth of people’s private data and discloses it to police without a warrant or any suspicion of wrongdoing, according to a privacy lawsuit filed Wednesday in Sacramento County Superior Court.

SMUD’s bulk disclosure of customer utility data turns its entire customer base into potential leads for police to chase and has particularly targeted Asian homeowners, says the lawsuit filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and law firm Vallejo, Antolin, Agarwal, and Kanter LLP on behalf of plaintiffs the Asian American Liberation Network, a Sacramento-based non-profit, and Khurshid Khoja, an Asian American Sacramento resident, SMUD customer, cannabis industry attorney, and cannabis rights advocate.“SMUD’s policies claim that ‘privacy https://lifeenergysolutions.com/is fundhttps://lifeenergysolutions.com/amental’ and https://lifeenergysolutions.com/ that it ‘strictly enforces privacy safeguards,’ but in reality, its standard practice has been to hand over its extensive trove of customer data whenever police request it,”…….Learn more 

We can’t protect you from smart meter privacy violation but we can protect you from EMF radiation from smart meters.

Calling all QSB owners

car charger cable, vehicle

Do you ever want to run your QSB in a car, camper, or caravan?

We have good news you can with our 12V Power Cables

These cables that plug into a cigarette lighter socket at one end and the QSB on the other. We had so many requests from those of you that never wanted to be parted from your QSB when going away or going off grid that we looked for a solution.

These 12V Power Cables mean that you can have your Scaler frequency healing wherever you are – and whenever you want. No restrictions! 

Scalar Energy and Healing / The Healing Universe

Seeking to understand scalar energy waves and the nature of the universe?

We found this little gem of a video on YouTube and thought it of serious benefit to those seeking to understand scalar waves and the nature of the universe. The video is eleven years old as I write this -so a little dated in some respects but physicist and engineer John Michael Mullen does a great job of explaining something seemingly complicated in a simple way. It is about 1.5 hours long but well worth a watch.

scalar, healing, energy

You are not a drop in the ocean …

rumi, quote, drop in ocean

Climbing out of the hole

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When a close friend told me that they were grappling with depression and my brother said that he struggled to get out of bed and face the day it reinforced the dozens of emails I get every week from those of you that are having a really hard time at the moment.

Every morning David asks if he needs to keep his head down, a metaphor for what mood am I in, or will he get his head bit off” Not that I am moody in the usual meaning of silence- for-days kind. I’ve experienced that in relationships – a killer. I am more the snap your head-off one minute then bust into tears because I hurt you sort of moody. Its how I act when I can’t cope.

David on the other hand puts the shutters up and retreats into a secluded place inside himself. Naomi gets out the vacuum cleaner and cleaners every surface, corner, and the path outside. Jo dials up the speed until she is a blur and then curls up exhausted.

All coping mechanisms when things are too much to cope with – or even tolerate. When we are saturated with non-life-affirming things, people or events in our life. Eventually we can sink so low we can forget that this is all an illusion, a matrix, a drama and not remember who and what we truly are. When we can no longer – cope – we can sink into depression.

Be kind to yourself, or others, when you’re depressed trying to fight it, or being told by others you must fight it, isn’t going to crack it. Recognising it, while knowing that it is only temporary –will.

 It is so easy for us to be swallowed by our depression and low moods and stay there but we can’t and mustn’t. Let’s be honest though, it is not easy to climb out of that hole you are in when you are feeling at your lowest ebb – but it is so worth it. You are worth it!

Take baby steps.

My article 12 Ways to help overcome depression without drugs may be able to help. I do hope so. Alongside it I am sending my healing thoughts and big hugs to you.


Satellites a new EMF threat.

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If you look up into the night sky these days, the chances are that a significant part of your view will be populated by satellites. Elon Musk’s Space X plans to have added 42,000 of the shiny things to our skies by the time he has finished – enough so that we can stream Netflix from anywhere on the planet. He is by no means the only player in this game and, just like we have multiple cell phone towers to service all the different cell providers, we are heading for a sky full of competing satellites.

On the face of it, it seems like a good idea to be able to pick up your emails or Skype home whilst paddling down the Amazon but anybody capable of deeper thought should be asking some serious questions as to the wisdom behind this endeavor.

I know people who think Elon Musk is the second coming and I know people who think he is the devil incarnate. I won’t enter this debate, but I will question the sanity behind turning the planet into a huge energetic zone of data soup. Remember that, when all is boiled down, quantum physics dictates that all we are and perceive consists of energy, consciousness, and information. You would wonder whether we would simply blip out of existence when bathed in all this energy and information coming from space? Maybe we will just merge with the internet? Scary thought!

One man I respect to look at this issue intelligently and thoroughly is author and researcher Arthur Firstenberg. He has documented multiple health issues that have been reported to him from his network that coincides with satellite deployments in their location.

He also reports on the effects on insects and animals that are exposed to this new source of radiation.

I will say no more but hand you over to a snippet of his information and a following link to take you to the complete article…

…On March 29, 2018, the Federal Communications Commission gave its approval to SpaceX’s plan to launch an unprecedented 4,425 satellites into low orbit around the Earth. And that’s only the beginning. SpaceX has applied to the FCC to increase the number of satellites to 42,000 in order to provide “ultrafast, lag-free Internet” to every square inch of the earth. 5G from space. The name of SpaceX’s project is “Starlink.” As of May 2022, Starlink already has about 2,500 operating satellites in low-earth orbit.

The global electrical circuit, which sustains all life, is about to be seriously disturbed unless we act.

Recent History

In 1997, in my first book, Microwaving Our Planet, in the last chapter, titled “The Danger from Satellites,” I wrote: “The proliferation of satellites we are about to witness—unless this world wakes up soon—is mind boggling, and nobody seems to have considered that popping thousands of them up there like so much confetti might have consequences for our atmosphere and our climate.” I wrote about the expected ozone loss; the destruction of the Van Allen belts; global warming from the addition of water vapor to the stratosphere; toxic wastes; groundwater pollution; space junk; microwave radiation; and the vandalism of the …

Learn more about this EMF threat

Having your say about your experiences with the frequency that triggers an alternative state of consciousness

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‘The frequency I am sharing with you today is a fresh one for me but is obviously one that has been known to some of our most ancient ancestors.’ David

In last week’s newsletter David wrote about a frequency which gives an alternative state of consciousness. READ HERE

This article really fired people up and filled our inboxes with amazing and diverse experiences. We decided not to share these because they are so personal.

The mind when it latches on to information about other people’s experiences can create an expectation of experiencing the same. This in all honesty is probably not going to happen and could lead to disappointment. Everyone is unique. In the expectation of what will be you will overlook the wonder of what is.

Please keep sharing with us as this connection to you is invaluable to us and we thrive on it. Email david@life-energy.org or margie@life-energy.org

The frequency that triggers an alternate state of conciousness

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As you will read elsewhere in this newsletter, from the quantum perspective the Universe consists of 3 things: consciousness, energy, and information. Information comes in the form of frequency and understanding the frequencies our bodies use in their operation is a powerful start to creating tools to help us heal and thrive. As an inventor of vibrational healing tools, finding a new frequency is akin to a prospector finding a golden nugget in the sand.

I don’t really go looking for frequencies, rather they seem to come looking for me. A hidden hand seems to throw bits of information my way as I “stumble” on some obscure website, magazine article, or video as I follow seemingly random paths through the great digital web.

I have found many gems in this manner that have contributed to the creation of some valuable tools in the field of human (and animal) wellness and protection.

The frequency I am sharing with you today is a fresh one for me but is obviously one that has been known to some of our most ancient ancestors.

I was led to a post by author and researcher Freddy Silva (thanks Gary Cook) where he talks about ancient hollowed-out monoliths found in Sardinia. These rock chambers are all carved in the same shape and manner with a resulting resonant frequency of 116Hz (cycles per second). This just so happens to be the same resonant frequency of the box inside the king’s chamber within the great pyramid of Egypt.

I didn’t know this until reading this article but the frequency of 116 Hz acts like a switch between the brain’s hemispheres and triggers an alternate state of consciousness.

I have since tried this with our QSB, using the upgrade to over-ride the internal frequency. I will refrain from sharing my personal experience so that anybody wanting to try it does so without any expectations for what is very likely to be a very individual experience.

I will continue to share information on frequencies in future blogs and newsletters. Please feedback if you find this an interesting subject.

Here is the original snippet from Freddy Silva’s post and a link to his web site if you feel to investigate his work:

The Dwarfie Stane, Orkney. A sandstone monolith with carved interior chambers, a tiny door aligned exactly west, and a plug that fits snug yet allows a little air inside. The chamber has a sonic resonance near identical to that of the box in the Kings Chamber at Giza.

The earliest Vikings found the monolith sealed with no one inside, and no one knew who carved this or why. The design is alien to Britain, its roots lie in Domus the Jannas Salixi (Chamber of Faeries) in Sardinia, whose chambers were cut exactly in the same shape and manner, with an identical sonic fingerprint. This resonant frequency of 116 Hz acts like a switch between the brain’s hemispheres to facilitate an alternate state of awareness. Curiously, both sites were associated with initiatory rites, and folklore describing their creation by very, very tall people.

Scotland’s Hidden Sacred Past:


The QSB and Upgrade Pack

The frequency that triggers an alternate state of conciousness

negative people


I seem to be surrounded by negativity and it’s getting me down. I have read that we should surround ourselves with positive people but where are they? Everyone I know and meet is worn out or sick or moaning about inflation, the state of the world or the jab. I feel as though I am drowning in it all. Will your Nu-Me pendants help or are they mostly for EMF Protection?

Jim Peebles


There sure is a lot of negativity abounding right now and you like most of us are understandably tired out after more than two years of living in a negative energy soup. This has been created by the induced fear, misinformation, restrictions and enforced lack of contact with masks, social distancing and broken families and friendships. It has worn us down and worn us out.

Although the reigns have been slackened and we seem to be getting back to some ‘normality’ we haven’t miraculously healed and become positive and whole again. Fear is still lurking as a negative emotion as we wait to see what will happen next.
Hope is surfacing but is infiltrating slowly into this soup of negative emotions. In the meantime, coping with the residual negativity and the way it is still affecting the people around us isn’t easy and a Nu-Me Pendant will certainly help with this. It will protect and separate us energetically by harmonising the disruptive negativity people surrounding you are projecting.

Because the Nu-Me has unique technology to bring all energy back to balance it will not only protect you from all forms of unbalance energy including EMF and other people’s negativity it will strengthen and balance your own energy field, while the Solfeggio frequencies embedded in it will help raise your vibration giving you the strength you need to move forward and into the positive world that I am sure awaits us all.


The Nu-Me Pendant

How the Nu-Me Pendant balances and strengthens you

I received the Nu-Me pendant today in the mail. It seems to be starting to work already, making me feel more relaxed yet a bit stronger. i can also breathe better.

Thanks again for the excellent customer service, I will definitely buy again from your website soon. Ken Schiavo Ken Schiavo, US

Your views on Bluetooth

Tesla frequency

In last week’s newsletter we shared Tatjana’s views and experience of Bluetooth and the Healy:

A friend of mine introduced me to the “Healy” device, which I found interesting, slightly complex in some ways. The fact that it runs via Bluetooth threw me totally out… mentally, energetically, and physically. I’m quite sensitive to radiation and can’t get my head around how I’m supposed to heal and relax in the midst of Bluetooth?

I personally find Bluetooth worse than other radiation. I feel it mostly straight away in my head if Bluetooth is working around me. No Bluetooth use in my home or car!!

This proved to be an emotive subject and elicited comments on our Facebook page you can see them here…

Where healing is concerned there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. People seek answers for their healing needs in different ways. And if it feels right to you then it is right – for you.

The QSB and Healy are not in competition, they work in very different ways. Our QSB, based on Nicola Tesla’s work and Quantum Physics, facilitates self-healing. It does not diagnose or scan but works with scalar waves which vibrate the energetic fabric of existence together with frequencies which are the information needed to facilitate healing. With our own conscious connection, the circle of self-healing is complete.

The inbuilt ancient Solfeggio healing frequencies in the QSB work on our whole energetic spectrum at the same time, which gives us the ability to heal at the very deepest level not only in the physical but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually also.

When we have physical symptoms or dis-ease, it always denotes an underlying experience that has caused a strong emotion that lodges in our energy field. This has to be dealt with to enable us to heal truly and completely. The QSB is excellent at this.

Custom frequencies are possible with the QSB by using the simple app that is part of the QSB Upgrade pack This enables you program any specific frequencies you want.

Choosing frequencies is important to some as it gives them control over their wellbeing and healing. Usually, they choose the frequency intuitively or by dowsing. Or use Rife frequencies, although Rife himself used only six or so frequencies with more being added later by other people that have then been attributed to him.

Like Rife we believe that there are prime frequencies that cater for all our whole-being needs, but respect that people want to target specific health problems or energetic challenges with particular frequencies.

An added note: The QSB does not touch physically and can be used for several people at a time. Scalar waves travel through the ether and connect with us energetically. No wires. No Bluetooth. No Wi-Fi.

More about the QSB


QSB is a Great help in keeping me aligned happy and healthy. Like most things, it is no quick fix. We have to do the work, but it is a Great help in that work. Thank you lifeenergysolutions- Erlend Ambjørndalen 5-star review on Trustpilot

Having your say

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We were delighted to receive this feedback from Aaron.

“Have received the earphones and they are great. Thanks. I love what life energy solutions are doing and how they continue to innovate.” Aaron McLoughlin

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