Being Grounded

Why is grounding so important?

As bioelectrical beings we live on a planet that also operates with electrical frequencies. Our cells transmit multiple frequencies that run, for example, our heart, immune system, muscles, and nervous system. We and the Earth need to be in sync.

What is grounding?

Although we need to be connected to the earths electrical energetic field, modern living and EMF interference makes this very difficult, almost impossible in some circumstances.

It is rare for city dwellers to go barefoot, or at least wear all leather shoes including the soles, so that they can connect to the earth and absorb its energies. This is how we were designed to operate optimally but often high rise living, and insulating footwear mean that our connection to the earth is minimal. We become ungrounded.

What happens when you are not grounded?

You become:

  • Stressed
  • Anxious
  • Depressed
  • Tired
  • Have problems sleeping.
  • Feel weak.
  • Not centred
  • Very Sick.

How can you become grounded?

Get back to nature. Walk barefoot and lie in the grass. But that is not always easy or be done often if you live and work in a city and it needs to be a daily practice to have any real benefits.

Alternatively, a sure and effortless way to be always grounded is by wearing a Nu-Me pendant whose energy moving and balancing technology will be constantly working on balancing your energy field, protecting from EMF while making a stronger connection between you and the Earth’s energies. Its overall function is to bring all energy, including your own, back into balance – a tall task but one that has been proved successful for two decades.

What are the benefits of being grounded?

You are:

  • Centred
  • Stronger
  • Relaxed


You Have:

  • increased energy levels.
  • Improved circulation
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Reduced inflammation and pain

When grounded you are living in Sync with our planet, well, without stress and with the ability to enjoy a better quality of life.

I received the Nu-Me pendant today in the mail.  It seems to be starting to work already, making me feel more relaxed yet a bit stronger.  I can also breathe better.

Thanks again for the excellent customer service, I will definitely buy again from your website soon.  Ken Schiavo, USA

Our guarantee

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