United Remote Healing

United Remote Healing

We were guided to use the powerful technology that David has developed and designed based on Nikola Tesla’s work to help the current world situation caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. We would like you to join us together with this technology to remotely heal the people, animals, and all things affected by this.

With our individual messages, we are inviting you to join us.

Message from Margie:

The Coronavirus, COVID-19 Pandemic is causing suffering, uncertainty, isolation, fear, separation, and feeling helpless. It would be easy to feel like victims.

But we are not victims of this virus and situation.

We CAN make a difference and so invite all those that believe that to join us every day at 9 am New Zealand time, for as long as it is needed, to help ourselves and others.

Lock Downs that are already in place in many countries including New Zealand mean that suddenly we are cut-off from each other. Yet – actually, we aren’t -energetically we are still connected.

None of us are alone. The energy that has always connected us still does. That Superpower energy that is present in and connects all life -is still present – and doing its thing – Infinitely keeping things going. COVID 19 hasn’t made one iota of difference to that. So, if we align with that energy, we are acknowledging that collectively. we are a Superpower -and can overcome all things
Add to this – two frequencies, one specific and it’s eleventh harmonic, generated by our high voltage Scalar (life Energy) wave frequency generator the QTB – and miracles happen.

Together we are strong.

Message from David:

What a crazy time we are living through. Everybody is being tested to some degree or another and the stress involved with living through the lock-down and all the uncertainties around this time is enough to generate illness totally unrelated to the covid-19 virus if we are not careful.

One danger is that we can feel powerless in the face of all the fear and factors affecting our lives that are beyond our control.

This is a time to remember who we are as powerful creator-beings. This is a time to remember that we are all connected at the most fundamental level. This is a time for us to support each other as we move through this transitionary phase out into the new world we will create together.

Quantum physics confirms that we are all part of the same energy field and, with our intention and our focus, we can plug in and connect together with a common aim – to energize, uplift, heal, and support one another through these challenging times.

We also have a powerful energy tool that can inject healing frequencies into the field. It uses high voltage and generates very high-powered (life energy) scalar waves. These waves are transmitted out into Aether, or our collective field of energy.

When we add our energy and intent, we become part of this collective healing as both a giver and receiver, supporting and supported. It can be a powerful experience:

Joining us is easy, just be present. There is no money involved and we will not be collecting your email for marketing.

How it works:

  • This Absent healing will be done using a powerful, high voltage Scalar (life Energy) wave frequency generator which has been developed, designed and made by David, evolving over twelve years and guided by Nikola Tesla’s work. The QSB is a bi-product of this.
  • We are using a specifically identified frequency and its eleventh harmonic.
  • The frequency will be transmitted for one hour every day at 9am New Zealand time.
  • We will personally connect for the first 10 minutes of this. We suggest you do the same.

What we can do together

  • Quietly focus at this time (you can find your local time here) with your intent for yourself and others. As we know we are all connected so let’s use the power of that connectedness to help ourselves, others and the situation- working towards healing, resolution, and transcendence for all.
  • If you can send digital pictures of yourself, family, friends, neighbors any-one you want to help, heal, destress, uplift, boost, energetically hug in your absence – everyone you want to include. Email pics to david@life-energy.org  Let the people know what you are doing if you can and encourage them to join us in the ten minutes of silent contemplation while the frequencies are being generated.
  • If you can’t or don’t want to send pictures still join us at this time as the connection can still be made.
  • Remember always – Together and unified we are strong.
Remote Healing questions

Your questions

Is it just a one-time event?

No, daily until we come out the other side of this situation.

Can I still be part of the distance healing without sending a photo?

You don’t need to send a photo. All you need to do at your time that is the same as our 9am, is to sit quietly to meditate, pray or think of those that you want to send safety and healing too. You may just want to bring love which is the most powerful creative energy possible to the global situation. If we all did only this how powerful that would be?

While we are all sitting alone – and yet together – the QTB (Quantum TrailBlazer) machine will be generating and transmitting scalar waves also known as Life energy or Zero-point energy, in a frequency with its eleven harmonic frequency which increases its effectiveness. This energy, like all energy, is infinite. This means it goes on, and on forever.

Can I stay connected for the full hour of QTB transmission?

Yes, absolutely – if you have the time and inclination. It is, however, important to connect for the first ten minutes so we are all connected for this time.

Do you need names thanks or just do this at 9am NZ time

Answer: only a photo – if you want to send one. But this isn’t necessary.

Just wondering about the tuning in at 9. Should we have our QSB turned on to something?

The QSB is running at different frequencies to the transmissions at 9.00am so it might be a good idea to keep them separate. The energy from your QSB will flood out into your surroundings and help others at a subtle energetic level so please continue to run it at other times.

If you have a digital photo of yourself and anybody else you would like to include, send them our way for inclusion – otherwise, your intent will make the connection.


Your expressions

Thank you SO much for this healing. It was beyond amazing. I could feel the energy. It was very uplifting and healing. We can all get through this together. Peace and love, Leigh Ann USA.

I would just like to thank you again for this daily time of intense healing energy. I have made it my goal to take part every day that I am not working and have had two amazing experiences so far. Firstly I usually find “sitting” in meditation challenging and really thought yesterday that I would definitely not last 10 minutes, you can imagine how amazed I was to see I had ‘sat’ for 30 minutes and felt great! Today was around 25 minutes and as I opened my eyes a flock of beautiful, graceful finches were busy foraging through the seed heads on the cosmos flowers outside my window…as if to emphasise why it is important
In connection

Hello All!
Just a note to let you know that the energies you are magnifying and sending out are SUPER POWERFUL.
And I am very appreciative!!!!
But, here’s the clincher:
even when I fail to connect at precisely 3pm our time/9am your time,
WHENEVER I THINK OF YOU, of your scalar machine, and of your gifting, regardless of the time, day or night,
the magnificent energies fill me up and lift me up!!
Every time!!!!
It never fails!
So! I am thinking of you often, night and day.
And every time, my body can’t help but smile large!!!!
Big Hugs
Big Love
Highest Regards,
Bambi, Nebraska, USA

I felt my body purge, and also emotional, then calm. Anonymous via feedback.

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