Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If we buy Nu-Me protective pendants, will it interfere with other emf protection devices such as the P.e.bal, the ki-Bal, the Negater shell, Zen stones (hope, love, and peace) or any other protection devices?

None of our devices interfere with each other. In fact, you can never have too much protection. Unless you have extremely high EMF in your home a Nu-Me pendant is enough. But remember they are only designed as personal protection, if you want to protect anyone else while they are in your home then a p.e.bal, Peace or Love Zen stone would be great. These will also help if you suffer from insomnia.

I have a Solfeggio-embedded crystal pendant. Does this give me personal EMF protection?

The short answer to your question is “not really”. It will help with your immune system and offers a range of healing frequencies but for EMF protection you really need a technology to move energy combined with a crystal – a Nu-Me, Ki-Bal…..

I am suffering from severe post-partum anxiety and insomnia. Do any of your products help with this? If so what product would you recommend?

I sincerely believe that this technology will help you to a great degree and we have had much feed-back to support this.

The product I would recommend is a Nu-Me. We have multiple designs to choose from but our strongest and most compact is the Nu-me Skinny (3 designs)

Why is Wi-Fi harmful?

The frequencies that are used for transmitting Wi-Fi are so close to the frequencies that our own bodies use for self-communication that the Wi-Fi blocks them. When our body can’t self-communicate it understandably becomes stressed. In this state we can’t sustain our health mentally and physically. This is where dis-ease starts.

I bought a Nu-Me pendant and accidentally wore it while having static energy therapy. Did the high voltage static electricity damaged the pendant?

This is a new one for us. Usually we get emails about them going for a ride in a washing machine.

The good news is there is no mechanism in the Nu-Me which would be damaged by static electricity so your Nu-Me is all good.

I am inquiring about the P.E. Bal pyramid. Does it need to be grounded like the shieldite rocks? Also, are the engravings on it zodiac signs? Thanks for your help!

The P.e.bal does not need to be grounded at all. The markings are symbols to represent the intent of the device. We have steered clear of standard symbols as they frequently mean different things to different people. Two of the symbols we use have been used by the Hopi native Americans and stand for healing and protection. The other two represent infinite love, and the life force.

Hi! I can’t decide which nu me pendant to choose. I am about 5’1″ and 118 lbs. would the large one be too much?

The latest designs of the Nu-Me – the Skinny range – are the smallest pendants we produce but are also the strongest. Whether you would find them too strong is more a factor of sensitivity rather than body mass, we have discovered. Even if you did find it too strong to start with, you would be able to acclimatise to it over a week or so, based on general feedback.

So, we would recommend a Skinny but listen to your intuition as it will guide you by making one pendant more attractive than the others. The gentler pendants are now the Nu-Me Classic – copper and silver, and the Natty / Snappy. Worst case scenario and you feel that you have bought the wrong one, we will swap it over for you.

I just moved to Chicago, and there are power lines outside my apartment/bedroom. I want to protect my entire apartment (~950sq ft.) and my beloved roommates.

There are a few ways to go about creating a solution for this. If you have a Nu-Me and wear it you have covered yourself but it won’t protect others in the apartment. For this, I would recommend either a P.e.bal or a Zen Stone LOVE. If you are not somebody who likes to wear jewellery then a key-ring product would cover you whilst you are out and about.

See product comparisons here

Do you have any videos of tests you’ve run with a gauss meter or tri-field meters?

The nature of this technology is that it doesn’t block EMF or reduce its quantity (which these instruments will show) – rather it changes its “quality”. The quality in question is the chaotic/random nature of the radiation which the body finds hard to assimilate and so causes stress. This is by far the best approach as blocking technology would interfere with the effectiveness of many technologies and it is very hard to do without Faraday cages or similar.

The best way of testing the efficacy of our technology is bio-feedback as the body is what is responding negatively to this radiation so querying it can tell us if our solution is effective or not. Fortunately, there are a number of bio-feedback technologies coming onto the market to easily measure the stress in the body caused by EMF so can also show the relief provided by our technology.

You can see some of the testing we have done here.

You can also do a simple balance / strength test to prove that our products are working for you. See how to do it here.

Will your protection products be effective for 5G?

Yes, they will offer protection but until we get 5G and can test it we can’t say if you will need more product to give adequate protection or we will have to increase the processing speed/capacity of our existing products.

5G is not good news and we will be subjected to it without thought for our health or the health of all things on the planet. Progress? I doubt it. But as we don’t have a say in it we have got to cope with it!

How does a Nu-Me compare to a Q-link?

As far as the Q-link goes – we have tested it and it gives good protection against EMF but doesn’t have the same personal energy-balancing/ healing qualities as the Nu-Me. I can’t compare the technologies because it isn’t clear how the Q-link works from their information.

As far as making comparisons the best advice we can give is to choose whichever pendant your intuition is guiding you towards. But always check out technology, testing and guarantees on any products you are considering. If none of these are readily available – ask yourself why – then ask the manufacture/supplier the question.

Does a RadiSafe cell phone chip work if you have a case on your phone? Where do you put it.

You can stick the RadiSafe on the case it will work 100%

What are the differences between the items our wear and the items you don’t? Is there any reason why the Chi-Shell or Negator Shell couldn’t or shouldn’t be worn on the skin in alignment with the chakras? Would they be less effective than the Nu-Me Skinny

All our products use the same basic technology so there is some wriggle room with how you use each device. The Chi-Shell is pretty strong and for most people they would find the experience overwhelming – getting dizzy or spacey. Also, it is nickel silver so might cause a rash if worn next to the skin. The Negater Shell is not so strong but is pewter, too heavy to be worn, and has no attachment point for a cord. Both these products lack a component to help them interact with the body as well so this reduces their effectiveness as a personal device compared to a pendant.

If I buy the Nu-Me pendant, do I still need to buy the cell phone radiation protect?

The Nu-Me is very capable of protecting you from your phone until you put it against your head for a call. This is when it actually microwaves your brain. The RadiSafe helps reduce this considerably. If you only text and / or use the speakerphone then the Nu-Me is all you need.

Would it be beneficial for me to have more than one P.e.bal next to the other where the adjoining Unit to me has a smart meter close by to my bedroom? I have put one in my window and wondered if it would be preferable to have a second one there or could t

A second P.e.bal will certainly give you extra protection from that smart meter. I doubt if it will stop you sleeping, when we had a smart meter at the house in Kaiwaka we had six P.e.bals near the meter which was right near the head of the bed. But that was a bit extreme even considering how much we hate smart meters. I had no problem sleeping – in fact I slept better so when the meter was removed and the P.e.bals were no longer needed there I put them in a bag under my side of the bed. There is no such thing as being over protected!

I’m thrilled with my pendant that I bought a couple of months ago but I’ve had enough of wearing it around my neck so I’m going to make a pouch to have it inside my bra. My question is about night time and whether it is as effective under my pillow as it

Good idea about wearing it inside your Bra, many women do this.

When your Nu-me is worn centrally on your body you are getting maximum benefit from it because it is working on your personal energetic system. If it is under your pillow you will be still be being protected but it is best if you can wear it or fix/tie it to your nightwear at least until your health improves.

Are your maths wrong on the protective field of stacked Zen Stones? My calculation is hope stone 14 meters (15 yards) + peace stone 17 meters (18 yards) + love stone 21 meters (+ 23 yards) = 52 meters (56 yards).

When the Zen stones are stacked, they create one energy field so the field is stronger and they process the unbalanced energy, including EMF, faster. This is different from having the Zen stones separately creating their own protective energy fields – hence the seemingly inconsistent maths

Does the ki-bal keyring protect against cell phone radiation? Does it cover all that the cell phone sticker does?

These devices fulfil different functions in that the Ki-Bal creates a dynamic field that will protect you against EMF, whilst the RadiSafe is more specifically designed to reduce the heating of your head when you effectively microwave your brain during a cell or cordless phone conversation. The RadiSafe will offer some general EMF protection but this is not their strong point.

I ordered the nu me skinny a few days ago. I have the snappy right now it has really helped my anxiety. Can I wear both at the same time or just one at a time do you recommend?? Have you had other people with clinical anxiety get better from this as well?

We have helped many people with anxiety and even those who don’t consider themselves to have anxiety feel calmer with our Nu-Me pendants.

You probably won’t find additional benefit with wearing your Snappy alongside your Skinny – although you will likely feel some improvement with the Skinny over the Snappy as it will be sitting on your central meridian, which offers some benefits. The Skinny is a stronger device as well. There is no harm in you trying them both together. Worst case scenario – you might feel a little dizzy for a short while with no other benefits. Best case – maybe a slight improvement, although we don’t really know for sure (as each individual responds slightly differently) and would welcome your feedback if you do try it.

The Nu-Me will protect against EMF but will not affect the electrical activity in your body.

  • It will last indefinitely (assuming you take care of it – although it will keep working even if it no longer looks its best).
  • It would do my heart good to read that you feel well enough to play golf again. Please share if you do.

Can I wear my Nu-Me pendant with other energetic jewellery? Will it interfere?

Yes you can wear your Nu-Me pendant with other energetic/protective jewellery or crystals. The technology in the Nu-Me pendant is unique and has been extensively tried and test over more than 10 years. If you have any concerns email david@life-energy.org we are always here to help.

My child is not allowed to wear jewellery at school so can’t wear a nu-Me pendant or Snappy what can I do as there is so much EMF there from computers, electrical equipment, cell phones and a cell phone tower?

A ki-bal or Chi-shell in your child’s pocket or even their school bag (as long as it is in the same room) will give them protection from all the EMF that abounds in most schools

Will Zen stones do the same job as the P.e.bal, Ki-Bal and Chi-Shell?

Yes, yes, and yes. The protective field of the P.e.bal is 18 meters (19.7 yards). The protective field of the Peace Zen stone is 17 meters (approx. 18 yards) and the LOVE Zen Stone is 21 meters (approx. 23 yards).

The protective field of the Ki-Bal, Chi-Shell and HOPE Zen stone are all 14 meters (approx. 15 yards).

They will all do an excellent job of balancing and protecting from all unbalanced energy including electromagnetic radiation which will greatly aid your health and wellbeing.

They have put a cell phone tower on the roof of my child’s school I am very concerned about the amount of radiation they are getting from it. The school are not sympathetic, what is the best way to protect my child and will it be enough?

Having towers on schools is the worst kind of negligence. Those that are supposed to take care of our young are blatantly putting their health in danger. Even if there is no cell phone tower on or near the school there will be lots of EMF from computers, lighting and equipment. Until there is a general waking up from the general public, to reduce risk, all we can do is provide our own solution and take care of our own young.

A Nu-Me Natty or Snappy will provide good and adequate EMF protection and kids love the fun, colourful styles. If the school don’t allow them to wear what they consider jewellery (how ridiculous to classify it as this) then a ki-bal or Chi-Shell in their bag or pocket will protection as long as they are within the range of its protective field.

And don’t give up lobbying for change. And don’t let them back you in a corner either into thinking that you are somehow “odd” in what you believe. The wake-up call will come and they will be the ones re-evaluating their beliefs. In the meantime don’t let our youngsters suffer.

I have accidentally dropped my Nu-Me protective pendant will it have stopped working?

It will take a hammer to break the Life Energy technology inside a Nu-Me pendant. If it is accidentally dropped it may receive some cosmetic damage, a few dings and scratches, but the technology is very robust and will continue to serve you.

Can I wear a Nu-Me protective pendant and carry a chi-shell or ki-bal in my pocket also or will it be energetically too much to cope with.

A. No. Although if you are very sensitive you might have to get used to that amount of balancing/protection by carrying the ki-bal or keyring for short periods until you adjust.

You can’t ever have too much protection!

How long will the solfeggio frequencies remain active in your products?

When we expose a crystal to a series of frequencies (solfeggio) using a scalar transmitter the crystal “learns” these frequencies and subtly vibrates with them alongside its own inherent frequencies. We have determined that these frequencies will remain effective for about 400 years. Please send your products back for recharging after this period 🙂

How can I tell which Nu-Me EMF pendant is best for me?

The size of the Nu-Me will affect the strength when it comes to the classic designs – compact and full size. The new Nu-Me Skinny designs are equivalent in strength to the full size classic and are actually slightly smaller (thinner) than the Nu-Me classic.

Strength doesn’t affect protection as all strength Nu-Me’s are more than adequate. A stronger pendant means it is faster at balancing your energy and assisting your body’s natural healing process. If you are small-framed or especially energy-sensitive, there can be an adjustment period to acclimatise to the stronger Nu-Me.

Copper and silver do the same job. Copper will tarnish and leave a mark on your skin if your body needs copper (like the bangles do). Some people like the tarnished look and some people don’t mind polishing them to keep them shiny. Silver is more maintenance-free in this respect.

I hope this is helpful. As an additional tip: your subconscious is telling you which is the best choice by making one design more attractive than the others so go with this/ your gut feel.

How is it that the protective field of the ki-bal and chi-shell is bigger proportionally to the p.e.bal and Negater Shell?

We have introduced special coils into our Life Energy technology which enables us to make our products smaller with greater power. See life energy technology here…

Can I wear my Nu-Me pendant with other crystals or crystal jewellery?

Absolutely. The properties of the crystals will be included in the energy field of the Nu-Me pendant. And don’t forget that the Nu-Me technology will cleanse your crystal – so it will benefit from being near your Nu-Me and so will you!

Do I have to wear my Nu-Me pendant around my neck or can I put it in my pocket?

To protect you from Electromagnetic radiation the Nu-Me pendant will as effect where ever you have it on your person, around your neck, in a pocket, tucked inside a bra, clipped to a waistband or belt but when worn centrally on the body the Nu-Me will also balance your own energy system keeping you calm, boosting your energy levels and aiding your immune system.

Of course the Scalar waves embedded in our Nu-Me pendants in the solfeggio healing frequencies make sure that you have the best possible chance for living your life at optimum levels where ever you wear it.

Can I wear my Nu-Me with other crystal jewellery?

Most definitely. In fact your Nu-Me will keep your crystal jewellery energetically clean and include their properties in its energy field.

Are Snappy bands made exclusively for children?

No and no and no! They are as powerful as the compact size Nu-Me pendant and give adequate protection to adults as well as children of all ages. The only determining factor as to whether an adult will be comfortable wearing one is the size of their wrist but as you can see from our testimonial below men as well as women wear and benefit from them.

The bands are made from silicon so are very hard wearing and ideal for the work-place as well as the school yard. But they aren’t just functional, the trendy colours make them fun to wear too!

“Thought I’d just let you know that I’ve just worn my Snappy for the first time on my night shift, where the Wi-Fi that was recently fitted was causing me so many problems/symptoms. … What I wasn’t prepared for with the Snappy was that my place of work had never felt healthier, even before the Wi-Fi arrived and no negative side effects. It is I assume neutralising other radiation apart from the Wi-Fi signals. Anyway, must get to bed now. Very impressed, the 3rd protection I’ve tried and by far the best. Thanks again” Roger Gail, U.K.

Are Life Energy Design protective products active or passive?

So what is meant by Passive and active?

Passive means that a device is not powered in any way.

Active means that a power source, usually a battery, moves energy from one pole to another through a device.

So are our products passive or active as they don’t have batteries or any external power source? The technology in them discovered by the scientist Wilhelm Reich moves energy through our devises which makes them very active – and – without extra costs, maintenance and inconvenience.

Can you stick the RadiSafe on the outside of a case?

The answer is absolutely yes. Many of us use some sort of protective case to save their phone from a drop (I dropped mine this morning) and the RadiSafe won’t usually fit in between phone and case. As long as the case offers a reasonably flat surface to stick to, this will work fine as the RadiSafe will still be close enough to the phone to work 100%.

I have had my Nu-Me pendant for five years will it have Scalar waves embedded in it?

We have been embedding Scalar waves into Nu-Me pendants for four years so if yours is older than that it will not have Scalar waves. They can however be embedded in your Nu-Me for a nominal fee plus postage so if you want to do this email or give us a call

Can I wear my Nu-Me pendant in the shower?

Yes showering in your Nu-Me pendant is fine. Swimming or bathing in it is not good, as prolonged soaking in water can allow water in because although they are water resistant they are not water proof.

How long will my Nu-Me pendant last?

The technology within a Nu-Me pendant will work indefinitely – there is nothing to wear out. How long the case lasts will depend on how it is looked after. It is as robust as any piece of jewellery but won’t be happy if it is dropped and bashed about. With care and the love that you would give any good friend it will serve you for many, many years as hundreds of wearers will testify.

What is the best EMF protection?

The best EMF protection is whatever fulfils all your needs. If you have done a Google/internet search you will see that there are a lot of products available and we can’t give opinions on other company’s products – that wouldn’t be fair. But we can say honestly, hand on heart, that all our products have been made here in New Zealand with the utmost integrity and have been tried and extensively tested for over ten years. We give a 30 days no-questions, no-quibbles, money back guarantee so you can try them for yourself without financial risk.

Not only is the technology of our products unique to us but we also embed them with scalar waves which improve their efficacy.

I have dropped my p.e.bal will it have stopped working?

No if the technology in them is still intact. It may be dinged or damaged on the outside but as long as it’s innards are all there it will be serving you well.

What is the best way to protect my family from Electromagnetic radiation

To protect the whole family and pets in the home a P.e.bal does an excellent job of Electromagnetic protection. Of course when they leave the house they won’t be in the P.e.bal’s protective field so they need personal protection. The workplace and schools usually have unacceptably high levels of EMF radiation. So do public places – shops, shopping malls, cafes, airports, restaurants, bars, and night clubs – just about everywhere.

A ki-bal is the most economical protection for children and adults alike. So too are the Nu-Me Natty and Snappy. The Nu-Me protective pendant range will not only protect against EMF but will assist health and wellbeing in general. All these products are embedded with cutting edge scalar waves which benefit at a fundamental level.

Cell phones which beams ionising radiation straight into the head needs “RadiSafe” protection shields. This simply adheres to the cell phone and has been tested to reduce the radiation by more than 80%. No more hot ears, headaches and much worse that can develop over time!

Babies can’t wear anything, although some customers put a Nu-Me Snappy around their ankle, so a ki-bal attached to the cot or pram is ideal. Many, many customers use a Negater Shell tucked under the mattress to protect their precious tiny one. They say that the shape is just perfect.

The Nu-Me Natty Pet takes very good care of your animal family members.

I have a P.e.bal but should I put a RadiSafe on my laptop?

This is not necessary your P.e.bal is giving you adequate protection as long as the lap top is within its energy field. If you take your laptop outside the P.e.bals protection (away from home or work) and you are not wearing a Nu-Me pendant or carrying a ki-bal then a RadiSafe will give you some protection.

Is the Energy/protective field of the p.e.bal stopped by walls?

No within its field of operation nothing stops its efficiency. The p.e.bal will balance a house/building and its occupants and puts out a protective field against EMF Pollution of 18 yards (18M) in all directions (approx).

Can i wear my Nu-Me any way around?

You should wear it with the copper or silver back next to your body either next to your skin or over your clothes unless they are from the confidential range which are designed to be worn the other way round.

How quickly will my p.e.bal start working?

Immediately, it is constantly moving subtle energy, and balancing it.

Can I move my p.e.bal?

Yes, it is of a convenient size to take with you everywhere! You can take the p.e.bal to and from work so that you can maximize the benefits and protection from it.

Can I have more than one in a house/room?

Yes, we live with many! It may take a little time to adjust to their energy – experiment with their positioning. The benefits of having more than one is that they can used as a personal balancer. Having one in your own room or space means that it is possible to hold the p.e.bal when ever you feel particularly out of balance (low, stressed, anxious, hyperactive etc). They are then interacting with your energy field very fast. Don’t forget that for those that meditate or are healers they will enhance the experience.

Is the Energy/protective field stopped by walls?

No, within its field of operation nothing stops its efficiency. The p.e.bal will balance a house and its occupants and puts out a protective field against EMF Pollution of 18 yards (18M) in all directions (approx.).

Do they need cleaning?

No, except for a quick dusting! Nothing negative is stored in a p.e.bal (unlike crystals which do need to be constantly cleaned) because they are constantly moving and balancing subtle energy (not filtering it). You can in fact use them to clean your crystals. Put the crystals near the p.e.bal overnight, or even leave them there to be included in the p.e.bal’s energy field and thereby extending the crystals’ range.

Does my p.e.bal need to be aligned North South.

No, but there is a minor strength increase to be had by doing this. Use a compass if you don’t know the alignment of your house.

Will the energy from the p.e.bal harm my baby/children?

No, No, No, it will benefit them greatly, at the very least from EMF Pollution. Our testimonials relating to the Negater (the p.e.bal’s older brother) show how many benefits parents have found- such as with hyperactive, depressed or introverted children, nightmares, travel sickness, insomnia, behavioural problems, the list is endless. Children benefit from the p.e.bal as much (in our opinion, more) as adults.

What can I use to clean my Nu-Me?

A jewelers cloth or good quality chrome polish. DO NOT POLISH THE FACE.

The copper is making my skin green what should I do?

Copper is necessary for the body and can be absorbed through the skin. Copper has been used for its therapeutic qualities for thousands of years (you can see copper jewelry in any museum). This is why we have made the Nu-Me from copper. It’s interaction with the chemistry of the skin in some people causes green coloration. It is completely harmless but if it is inconvenient then the Nu-Me can be worn over clothes. Although its functions are just as effective like this, the benefits derived from the copper are lost.

Can I share my Nu-Me with others. I have been told that with some protective pendants you can’t?

Yes you can share the Nu-Me.

Do I need to put my pendant in the sunlight to recharge it. Some protective pendants you do?

No. The technology of these pendants is unclear but the technology used in our N-Me pendants does not require this.

Can I use a chain with my NuMe?


Will the Nu-Me cure any illness or prevent cancer?

The Nu-Me boosts your immune system and balances your energy field (chakras). It is not sold as a medical device, if you are sick you should consult your chosen health care professional. Most qualified health care professionals will tell you that your immune system, when working efficiently (is not under stress from EMF) enables the body to “self heal”.

How quickly will my Nu-Me start working?


Will I feel any benefits immediately?

Most people do, usually increased energy, feeling calmer, thinking more clearly, and a feeling of general well being. A few people find the energy of the Nu-Me very strong. They should wear their Nu-Me for two hours and then take it off for two hours for about two days until their bodies have adjusted to the energy. 99% of people easily make this adjustment. The energy of the Compact is much gentle so if you continue to find the energies of the Nu-Me too strong contact us for an exchange.

How does my Nu-Me work?

have a look at Technology/testing.

Will my Nu-Me protect me from my cell phone?

Yes. It provides complete protection against phones in stand by mode and much protection from an active phone, but NOTHING provides 100% protection against a cell phone when in use next to the head.

Will my Nu-Me protect me from all EMF?


What is the difference between the Nu-Me and the Compact?

The energy of the Nu-Me is gentler – but is perfectly adequate to protect and balance an adult. We do not recommend the Nu-Me for children under 12 years (Compacts are great for kids old enough to wear a pendant).

Why do the Nu-Me and the Compact cost the same?

Because the components in them are exactly the same and they cost us exactly the same to produce. The Compact is not a “lesser” product.

Have I got to wear my Nu-Me round my neck?

No, but that is where it is most affective for balancing your energy field (aura) as it is on your central meridian line. To protect against EMF it can be worn any where on the body – like in a pocket. Females often fasten it in their bra (its then on the meridian line).

Can I wear my Nu-Me any way around?

The Nu-me Skinny pendants can be wore either way around, it depends on personal preference.

Can I wear my Nu-Me in bed?

Yes but if you prefer put it under your pillow. Keep it close to you so that it is continuing to do its work – which is to protect you. This will also ensure having a good nights sleep.

How can I prove my Nu-Me is working for me – I don’t feel any different?

If you haven’t consciously noticed a difference while wearing your Nu-Me take it off for a couple of days. Then put it back on. See how you felt with and without it. You will be surprised. We are good at adjusting to changes and often don’t even notice them.

Can I wear my Nu-Me with other jewelry or crystals?

Yes. It will enhance your crystal jewelry and even energetically clean it.

What are Solfeggio frequencies and why do you put them in your products. What do they do?

You can read all about the Solfeggio frequencies here.

We embed scalar waves into all our products in the Solfeggio frequencies. This makes sure that you have the best possible chance for living your life at optimum levels. So not only do our products offer protection from all unbalanced energy the solfeggio healing frequencies work on getting and keeping you well.

A jeweller friend told me that the chemicals in body lotions and even some essential oils can be harmful to jewellery can it affect Nu-Me pendant as well?Yes, Nu-Me Pendants are the same as any jewellery and it can be harmed. Even the resin covering the spiral on the reverse of the design (which is part of the technology) can be affected.

If you are using any type of cream or lotion whether chemical or natural in the area where your Nu-Me will lie there are a few alternatives you can do to protect it. Don’t put moisturizer in the area where it lays, or let it soak into your skin completely before putting your Nu-Me pendant on – this is a must. Wear your Nu-Me over your clothes, this will not affect its efficiency and is probably the easiest option. Or you can paint clear nail varnish over your Nu-Me pendant. Many of our customers do this and are very happy with the results.

Beware: spraying perfume near any jewellery – even really expensive ones – can harm it!

After saying all this I have had my faithful Nu-Me pendant for many years now and although I am careful with it, as I am with all my precious things, I don’t agonize over its care. I do admit to talking to it though–I am nutty that way – but then – it’s a been a really good friend who always watches my back.

I have had my p.e.bal for ten years will it still be working? In those years we have more electrical stuff, and my kids are now teenagers with phones, pads, computers with the Wi-Fi going day and night. Is one p.e.bal still enough? If not what do you advise?

Your p.e.bal will still be working well but the increase in EMF that you, and most of us, are now experiencing means that you and your family have not got adequate protection anymore.

Because of the higher levels of electromagnetic radiation everywhere we have upgraded the technology in all our products, so they produce a larger stronger protective field. For example, the POWER P.E.BAL has a protective field of 36 meters whereas the original p.e.bal, which you have, was 18 meters.

This does not mean that you need to retire your p.e.bal but it would be advisable to add to it. Having more than one product has the advantage of spreading them around your home (or workplace) and the smaller products you can stick in a pocket to provide protection when out of the house.

The combined Zen stones offer 29 meters protection when stacked together, but the added advantage of the Zen Stones is that you can separate them into three individual forms of protection.

Have a look at our product Comparison chart to help make decisions but whatever you decide turn the Wi-Fi OFF at night however unpopular it makes you with your kids – you will be doing them a favour in the long-run.

I have many health issues which causes me to have low energy and tiredness all the time. I had a very difficult childhood with little love from my selfish mother. i think this is why I am so unwell. Have you a product that can give me more energy?

I am sorry to hear that you had difficulties and a lack of love in your early life. Even when we have not felt loved as children, as adults we need to learn to love ourselves. To recognise our own self-worth and accept the fact that we ARE the creator of our lives – the responsibility of getting and keeping well is ours alone.
We also have to KNOW that we are worth being healed. Strange – not at all, if we do not feel worthy of being well, we are not going to commit fully to healing ourselves.
All healing is Self-Healing, and we are the ones that command and orchestrate this. Quite a commitment I know, and we cannot do it if we feel like a victim with someone else responsible for our di-ease, illness or wellness. This is when we must take on the responsibility of being grown-up and, with love, leave our hurt inner child behind. It is in the past and only we can let it contaminate our health and happiness in the present.

Seems quite a task but self-worth comes from recognising that we are Divine Beings wrapped in a human body. It is the humanness that gets sick and tapping into the strength of your higher self, or Devine-ness is how we heal.

After you have made up your mind to get well and strong you have committed with your intent. Then, like with most of us, a little help goes a long way to achieving your goal. Any of our products that balance unbalanced energy will help.

When wearing a Nu-Me pendant it will balance your chakras which is our personal energy structure, while helping boost your immune system. it also helps to keep you calm in stressful situations and give your energy a boost when that is out of balance.

Holding a Power P.e.bal is immensely powerful, doing the same things for you as the Nu-Me pendant, but not being so portable it is best to use as a booster alongside the Nu-Me pendant.

The Life Energy Wand is a great little tool to help unblock energy that is causing pain and dis-ease. By wanding daily all-over the body it will act as an energy tonic to gently prevent energy getting stuck in your energy field that could cause pain and illness.

The QSB is the ultimate Self-healing tool, digging away at the roots of any illness or health challenge. It works to flush things out at the cause.

Lots of choice so tune in to your instinct, which comes from your higher self, which is going to do the healing, to learn what you need. And remember always that you can do it – because your worth it.

When we experience a strong emotion, which is not dealt with and cleared, or resolved at the time, it goes into our physical energy field where it stays as an energy block. This is why we become ill. Clearing these energy blocks so that we can regain out health takes conscious work.
Because you are obviously sensitive you are more aware of your body’s energetic reaction to emotional situations or interactions, and this is affecting your health. By being aware of this you can avoid things and people that will affect you. This of course is not always possible, we have to live in a world which presents us with challenging scenarios and people.

The most effective tool to clear energy blocks is the QSB which works gently and non-invasively to access the blockage with Scalar waves in either the inbuilt Solfeggio frequencies, or custom frequencies by using the upgrade app. It heals at the causal level so it will deal with the emotion also. See our QSB here.

The Nu-Me pendant will support you in situations and with people that could be emotionally challenging to you. By wearing a Nu-Me pendant you will be kept safe in a harmonised bubble-like energy field. This will protect you from the emotional or negative energy being generated by people or places. In some locations sensitive people can even pick up historic energy that disturbs or upsets them. see the Nu-Me pendant here.

Their sensitivity makes HSP (Highly Sensitive People) more affected by EMF. Many become electrosensitive. Wearing a Nu-Me pendant will keep you protected wherever you are but with the high levels of EMF we are now experiencing you may want to supplement it with a Power P.e.bal or another Zone Product at home or at work. See the Power P.e.bal here. See other Zone protection here.

Although as a sensitive person you may feel things more intensively than others, and often feel it’s a curse, your great advantage over the less sensitive is that you can take care of yourself before your health is impaired beyond easy repair. In cases of extreme Electrosensitivity it is usually beyond repair and can only be ‘managed’ with drastic life-style changes.

We do not use Shungite in any of our products including our pendants. The Shungite pendants which are produced in China have been branded as scalar for marketing purposes. They are simply Shungite Crystal pendants and don’t seem to have any connection to anything that can truly be called Scalar.

Our Nu-Me Pendants, even though they have clear quartz crystal in them as part of our unique technology, are NOT crystal pendants. Crystals are passive and the technology in our pendants which actually moves and balances energy, makes them active.

Our Nu-Me Pendants are embedded with scalar waves in the Solfeggio Frequencies using special equipment which allows the frequencies to act homoeopathically on the wearer. We do not market them as Scalar pendants as they are so much more – and scalar pendant is a vague term anyway?

As always do your research. Ask the basic questions. Don’t be fooled by marketing as a lot of it is just to sell products to the uninformed. Make sure that you are hearing the truth and the whole truth before buying a product.

This would be a very expensive and ineffectual way to protect from EMF. You are getting EMF radiation from more than just a few selected devises. Everything electrical and especially motors are producing EMF, so even your hairdryer, sewing machine or car are dangerous sources of EMF. Then there is of course Wi-Fi, Alexa etc. you need protecting from them too.

Our recommendation would be a Zone protector like a Power P.e.bal, or Zen Stones or if you wanted to protect yourself rather than your whole family personal protection then a Nu-Me pendant, *Small Shell Shield or Zen Hope Stone, when carried or place nearby, will do a great job. These will all create a harmonious energy field around YOU and not the EMF sources. Keep them near you – and your family.

Read about Scalar waves here…
By embedding them in our products in the Solfeggio frequencies they act homoeopathically using those frequencies to clear and heal at a causal level which means not only the physically but emotionally, mentally, and Spiritually also.

Read about the Solfeggio frequencies here…

Yes, they have our updated technology to cope with the higher levels of negative energetic stress, including EMF radiation, that our bodies are now coping with.
Hope this helps you make the decision.
See our Nu-Me pendant range with updated technology here.

Yes, they really are bad for your health a wellbeing so don’t give in or give up. I know how relentless they are, there is no such thing as no means no, they will try every couple of years to change your mind. The short video below shows how smart meters emit constant radiation. Why they need to do this is a mystery? If they were only monitoring usage, then once a month would be adequate surely?

I don’t want to get into theories and possibilities however as our concern is EMF radiation and giving you information that keeps you well. See are article “Smart Meters causing tidal wave of mysterious illnesses that strike people in their own homes” here…

Note: If you are a newsletter reader in rental property and have no say about the meter make sure you have protection. See our p.e.bal here… but remember that all our products create a protective field, so they need to be near you and the family rather than the source of EMF radiation. In extreme cases however people designate one of our Zone protection products to be exclusively by the source i.e. the smart meter.

Sorry to hear that you are not able to enjoy your new home. Sadly, it is more common than you may imagine. People move with expectations that it is a will be a happy new start to their lives.
The cause of it will definitely be energetic, after all everything is actually energy, but whether that is EMF, Geopathic stress or negative energy lodged in the building or land will be hard to determine. It is most likely to be a combination of causes.
Any of our Zone protectors will harmonize the unbalanced energy whether it is EMF, Geopathic stress or clear historic negative energy.
Feng Shui has been used in the east for thousands of years and the video below might be of interest but bear in mind that one Power P.e.bal, which is moving, balancing, and harmonising the energy around it, will happily do the Feng Shui for you.
Hope this helps you to create a great space to live in.

Your daughter is obviously very energy sensitive. To understand the mechanism behind your daughter’s sensitivity you would need to look at getting a broad understanding of quantum physics. In a nutshell this concludes that everything is energy, and everything and everyone is connected.
I would recommend looking at a Nu-Me pendant for your daughter. It will protect against all forms of negative energy and will certainly help her.
You can read how it works here
And see the options here

There are many people who are struggling with their lives in the current situation. We are living in fear driven societies struggling to juggle our health, livings and restrictions on our sheer humanness like denial of social contact. There is no balance to our lives.
Stress, anxiety, and depression are natural outcomes of our negatively biased lives. As is also the increase of insomnia which was already prevalent because of the levels of EMF. It is no wonder that you, and many of us can’t easily cope.
It is imperative to bring the balance back into your life – and to start getting a good night’s sleep. Our Power P.e.bal has a wonderful record of helping insomniacs. Have a look at some of our testimonials here… you can use it to help you to destress too. Hold it especially prior to going to bed, the energy balancing technology in it is calming. It is also good to do this while meditating which is a great way to de-stress and relax.
The Solfeggio Suite music, also included in the Power Package, has binaural beats so this is another relaxation tool. This can be played to give a deeper meditation. But used as just background music you will feel the benefits.
Our QSB, based on the work of Nickola Tesla, is the ultimate way to get your life back on track. The QSB is a life energy, energy, frequency generator that is pre-programmed with the solfeggio healing frequencies. It is a de- Stressing device capable of destressing at the cellular level, beyond both the mental and emotional levels. This is true de-stressing and not a short-term fix.

I am so sorry to hear about your situation. The product you would personally benefit most from personally is a Nu-Me Pendant as it will work within your own personal energy field calming you and helping bring you to balance.
To help the situation for the whole family a Space protector/balancer like a P.e.bal will be best.

A Power P.e.bal or Zen Stone Love are our most powerful protective products and one of either should be enough if you aren’t overloaded with EMF and wireless producing devices and equipment in your home.

You can help reduce your radiation by switching off EMF producing things when not in use. Turn off your cell phone and Wi-Fi router ALWAYS at night. And keep as many electronic devices as possible out of the bedroom. Be aware of what electronics you have around your home and take into consideration that things with motors produce high levels of EMF and seemingly harmless things like electric blankets and electric bedside clocks emit EMF.

Zone protection products should be centrally located or placed where people are as they create a protective bubble around themselves and not around the source of EMF.

If you feel that extra protection is needed, then a ki-bal keyring is the most affordable personal protection but have a look at our product comparison chart to see the most suitable products for your situation.

Yes, but be aware that some crystals can be toxic if used to charge water and then ingested. The safest crystals to use are probably Amethyst and Rose Quartz. Do a little research before using other crystals.
There are several methods but the one that we use is:
• Put a tumble crystal in a blue glass filled with filtered water.
• Put a cover over glass and place a p.e.bal on it.
• Put the glass with the p.e.bal in the sun for several hours. A sunny windowsill works fine.
• The charged water can be diluted or drunk at full strength. Keeping the p.e.bal on it is beneficial but if it is needed elsewhere i.e. beside the bed to help you sleep then that is fine.
• Please be aware that drinking undiluted charged water may initially have a laxative effect if the body needs to detox.

If you have a QSB you can use this method:

• Put a tumble crystal in a blue glass filled with water.
• Place the glass beside your QSB being mindful of safety with water near an electronic device.
• Run your QSB for a full cycle.
• The QSB will infuse Solfeggio healing frequencies into water via the crystal. This will add another dimension to the benefits of the charged water.
Charged water has been proven to have great benefits to your health so enjoy making it in knowing that it will do you so much good.