What is Electrosensitivity?

Electrosensitivity, also known as EMS, ES, electrical oversensitivity / hypersensitivity is a state where the body becomes so sensitive to electrical fields that simple, modern, every-day tasks such as using the phone, driving a car, or working on a computer can have unbearable physical consequences for the sufferer.

With the higher levels of Emf exposure and the roll out of 5G electro sensitivity is becoming more and more common with an increased number of sufferers but still many doctors do not recognise it as a medical condition. Patients are labelled as hypochondriacs or that the problem is psychosomatic. This of course leaves people feeling helpless prolonging and increasing their suffering.

What are the symptoms of Electrosensitivity?

Symptoms are:

  • mild to severe headaches,
  • nausea,
  • insomnia,
  • eye irritations,
  • dizziness,
  • skin rashes,
  • facial swelling,
  • fatigue,
  • joint pains,
  • buzzing/ringing in the ears,
  • abdominal pain,
  • breathing difficulties,
  • irregular heartbeat,
  • depression,
  • balance problems,
  • paralysis,
  • poor memory/concentration,
  • seizures

How do people get Electrosensitivity?

People aren’t born with this condition it develops after a prolonged period of exposure after which the body seems to reach a point of critical mass and tips over the edge into Electrosensitivity. It can even be triggered by exposure to a new electronic device.

Electrosensitivity sufferers face denial from the medical establishment and find themselves fobbed off with antidepressants or other non-effective drugs and left to suffer without support. It is only a few countries that recognise EMS as a medical condition even though it is now a worldwide rapidly growing phenomenon.

Is there anything to help with Electrosensitivity?


  • There needs to be lifestyle changes that reduce EMF radiation to a minimum. Public places where there is always lots of Wi-Fi signals can be particularly challenging and should be avoided as much as possible. But always be aware that even in country areas there are wireless signals and EMF.
  • Reliable EMF protection not only at home but wherever you go. In fact, you should never be without it even in bed.

Our EMF protection is not only tried and tested it also has a money back guarantee so although there is no cure for Electrosensitivity it can help live in this electro-hostile world.

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I was really interested in your current email article about the symptoms of EMF sensitivity. I notice for me personally that I feel agitated, sort of shaky (like I haven’t slept all night, when I have) and very ‘out of balance’. And the symptoms are reduced very quickly as soon as I wear my Nu-Me Skinny pendant. I have been using your Nu-Me products, your original orgonite cones, the p.e.bal and the shell for some years now. And in the past year I’ve been using the QSB regularly as well, and I love it. I almost never get sick now, whereas I used to get sick all the time before I used any EMF balancing technology like this. I know I would be in very poor shape physically and mentally if I hadn’t found your amazing products – so I’m very grateful that you do the work you do.” Claire, NZ

The story of an Electrosensitivity – a case study.

One such electrosensitivity sufferer is U.K sculptor Margaret Lovell. The BBC did a 10 minute segment on her for a local television show and we found her through the associated web site. Margaret accepted our offer to trial both a Nu-Me pendant and a p.e.bal to see how they could help with her condition. The following video summarizes her experience.

“This is unbelievable-after 7 years of misery, itching and damaged skin, painful burning arms that no-one could identify-one night with my Life Energy device, and I slept like a baby, and can sit at my computer without tearing my arms to bits-where have you been all my life!!!!!!Thankyou.” Barbi Speers, NZ

Our guarantee

We want you to rest assured that these devices are genuine, are high-quality, and work. To that end, we offer a money-back guarantee on all of our products. If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, we will refund your money (excluding any postage costs) providing you return the product within 30 days. It must be returned in its original condition, with all its packaging, and with proof of purchase.