Find a QSB Wave Practitioner for on-site or remote treatments

If you would like to experience the benefits of a QSB and/or QSB Wave then we are providing a list of practitioners with the equipment who are offering treatments. These treatments can be either direct on their premises or remote anywhere in the world.

This is a directory service we are offering only. We are not specifically endorsing anybody on this page, nor taking any responsibility for their level of service. Please connect with the service provider directly to find out their charges and their mode of operation.


Tatjana Crealy

tatjana crealy         

email tatjanacrealy@gmail.com
Website / social media link www.instagram.com/tatjanacrealy/
Phone +61 4273 16248
Experience / qualifications Dipl. Bowen Therapist, Intuitive Healer, Pilates Instructor, Kabbalah Life Analysis
About Me I’m Tatjana Crealy, a licensed Dipl. Bowen Therapist, Intuitive Healer, Fitness, Pilates, Aerobic Instructor based in Mannus/Tumbarumba, NSW – here to help you find balance and a better quality of life. I love helping people and guarantee that each client experiences a very personal and intuitive healing with Bowen Therapy and QSB.

Since 2002 I’ve been providing Bowen Therapy, Fitness and Pilates training whilst working extensively in translating and teaching seminars for Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia in Germany. In 2009, my Australian husband and I chose to settle in beautiful Tumbarumba, NSW, Australia.

Family life and children were my priority for several years. Bowen Therapy and natural health turned into an everyday routine for our family’s general well-being.  My client’s well-being and comfort is my number one priority. I believe our body, mind and soul is more powerful and capable than we can imagine. Our self-healing abilities are huge and with the right approach we will be able to unlock these powers and shift “mountains”.  Everything takes place in divine timing.  “It is not that one has more opportunity than another… it is when one is ready for the vibrational lift within the self.”

Artemis, The Oil Temple


email support@theoiltemple.com.au
Website / social media link www.theoiltemple.com.au/blog
Phone +61 4327 88843
Experience / qualifications Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique, Raindrop Technique, Ayurvedic Massage, Body Harmony, Bowen Technique, Reiki I & II, Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils (25 years exp. ID 184692)
About Me I’ve been on a personal spiritual path for over 30 years, exploring many different healing modalities. I’ve always looked for that “one thing” that can transform us out of emotional and physical pain, so we can live a life of high frequency and joy. I have a deep sense of intuition and higher guidance, and love assisting others to see more deeply into their heart, and to unravel emotional patterns that are holding them back from achieving their truest potential. I am also passionate about the power of therapeutic-grade essential oils, and how they can help transform the trouble spots in our life (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually). I have both a private practice for my modalities, and I travel the world teaching about essential oils. I have already seen wonderful benefits from the QSB and QSB Wave, and look forward to assisting you in any way I can.



Darcy Jordan, Upcycledsoul Sound Journey

Vibrational Healing

email upcycledsoul@yahoo.com
Phone +1 250 717 7975
Experience / qualifications Human Services Worker/focused on high risk youth. Quantum Touch Practitioner/local Cliental and remote healing. Akashic Property Clearings. Sound Healer
About Me I reside in the mountains in the Interior of British Columbia, Canada. Living and interacting with nature, gardening , foraging , making remedies & Forest bathing.  My passion is helping those on their healing journey using the frequencies of the Crystal Singing Bowls combined with toning & Scalar Waves.Connecting the frequencies from Heaven & Earth , flowing these frequencies in , around & about your body overflowing your Heart space with Love , Peace & Gratitude LOVE is Everything !

To learn more about the QSB Wave sessions and/or Life Energy Solutions Products you can connect with me by email/phone/text message/WhatsAPP. When you are ready to begin your healing journey, I have a Special Introductory Offer for You


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Bernhard Scholl,

email bernhard.scholl@kiwaneo.com
website https://kiwaneo.com/
Phone +64 210 8548760 phone NZ & whatsapp, Telegram:  +41 763 6849900
Experience / qualifications Master Gardener | Founder „Terrazze Sante“ | Pranic Healer | Biowell-Consultant
About Me QSB sessions in English and German / QSB Sitzungen auf English und Deutsch.

As a trained pranic healer in combination with his training as a Biowell Consultant he bridges the more energetic approach with the more scientific method of the GDV-technology.  His personal approach is down to Earth and solutions have to be simple. The QSB is now complementing the support that he can offer people to regain health, peace and purpose in life.  Back in Europe, Bernhard had a market garden and CSA, worked as garden designer and founded „Terrazze Sante“, an online learning platform to teach people about growing healthy nutrient-dense food with ease.

Als ausgebildeter Prana-Heiler in Kombination mit seiner Ausbildung zum Biowell-Berater schlägt er eine Brücke zwischen dem energetischen Ansatz und der wissenschaftlichen Methode der GDV-Technologie.  Sein persönlicher Ansatz ist bodenständig und die Lösungen müssen einfach sein. Das QSB ergänzt nun die Unterstützung, die er Menschen anbieten kann, um Gesundheit, Frieden und Sinn im Leben wieder zu erlangen.  Bernhard gründete eine Gemüse-Gärtnerei und SOLAWI, arbeitete als Garten-Designer und startete „Terrazze Sante“, eine Online-Lernplattform, die Menschen lehrt, gesunde, und nährstoffreiche Lebensmittel mit Leichtigkeit anzubauen.

Ursula Gérard

email ursula.gerard@kiwaneo.com
website https://kiwaneo.com/
Phone +64 210 8548760  phone NZ & whatsapp, Telegram:   +41 763 6849900
Experience / qualifications Author | Pranic Healer | Biowell-Consultant
About Me QSB sessions in English and German / QSB Sitzungen auf English und Deutsch.

Ursula’s spiritual & health journey started 1984, she was trained in different healing modalities (Reiki, NLP, Body Electronics and more) and worked as a consultant in the USA, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

Her focus is on empowering you to live an intuitive, inspired and divinely magical life.

Ursula’s spirituelle und gesundheitliche Reise begann 1984, sie wurde in verschiedenen Heilmethoden (Reiki, NLP, Body Electronics und mehr) ausgebildet und arbeitete als Consultant in den USA, Italien, Deutschland und der Schweiz.

Ihr Fokus liegt darin, Dich zu unterstützen, ein intuitives, inspiriertes und göttlich-magisches Leben zu führen.


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Elizabeth Salmon

Elizabeth Salmon

email elizabethsalmon820@gmail.com
Website / social media link
Phone +64 2234 12036
Experience / qualifications Teacher; Reiki Master
About Me A lifetime interest in health and healing on all levels led to a fascinating journey with energy healing, first through Reiki, both as a practitioner and as a teacher, including remote healing, and then through an amazing journey with Life Energy Solutions over the last decade.
I was a beta tester of the QSB Wave which I have been using daily for the last five months, and from which I am receiving profound healing on all levels of my being – emotional, mental and physical.
Having conferred with David and Margie Slinger, Directors of Life Energy Solutions, about the possibility of sending healing with the QSB Wave, remote healing came about. This is proving to be very successful. I was invited to join them in webinars where the QSB and QSB Wave were introduced globally, and questions were asked and answered. People shared very positive experiences. You can see more about it here
To share the benefits of this amazing new technology I am sending age reversal remote healing to others on a daily basis. I would like to offer this healing opportunity to you, too, and will support you on your healing journey in any way I can.Please contact me so that together we can take the first step.

Jo Kempton

jo kempton

email jokempton@hotmail.com
Website / social media link www.mylifepotential.com
Phone +64 2115 10914
Experience / qualifications Energy Healer 8 years
QSB user 3 years
About Me Jo Kempton is an Energy Healer and Self Care Advocate. With 8 years of experience in her energy healing work, Jo has seen the remarkable magic that is possible when we release the past and step into the present. Jo refers to this calmness, when our nervous system is at ease and we are fully present: ‘The Shining Feeling’. Jo is known for being a very kind, soft spoken and gentle Leader. Her presence creates an atmosphere of peace and her own journey has given her a powerful presence that reminds us all we can put some things down to really lighten up our lives.

Karenza Fullerton


email bhadrakari@gmail.com
Website / social media link
Phone +64 2112 84556
Experience / qualifications Shiatsu practioner. Buddhist meditation teacher. Student of NVC and Process Orientated Psychology.
About Me Grandmother of 11.

Liz Ford

liz ford

email liz@lizford.co.nz
Website / social media link https://www.lizford.co.nz/about.html
Phone +64 2738 96590
Experience / qualifications Qualifications in Nutrition Assessment and Advice, Reiki Level 1 and 2, Energy Medicine.
Also work with Magnetic Energy Healing. Approved Retailer for Zazen Wellness Water Systems.
Now offering Quantum Wave Genetic Healing sessions, remotely.
About Me In the past few years my own research, training and self-experimentation led me to develop a more Holistic or Integrated approach to health. The focus is on using whole foods while considering Mind, Body and Spirit or Emotional Health and Intuitive information, that can help support my clients with improving their health and general well-being. My approach is to empower my clients to be find the best way to eat for their needs and body type as well to use other healthy living practices to improve their overall wellbeing.

Victoria West, Infinite Health


email contact@infinitehealth.co.nz
Website / social media link
Phone +64 2759 12333
Experience / qualifications BSocSci M Psych, IR & HR | BodyTalk | Breathwork | Rongoa | Ionic Detox | Wellness Consultant | Yoga
About Me Victoria runs a private practice focused on restoring health through engaging state of the art energetic and consciousness based modalities grounded in sound scientific understandings.  Her range of therapies have evolved over decades of experience to effectively meet the unique needs of individuals experiencing a broad range of health issues and to help address the ever changing health challenges we collectively face in this modern era.

She is committed to ensuring positive results that enhance health and well being.

Rachel Salter

email rachelsalter@inspire.net.nz
Website / social media link www.salter-homeopathics.business.site
Phone +64 2122 96229
Experience / qualifications Practising qualified Homeopath Dip Hom & Intuitive. Microfascial Unwinding Practitioner. Reiki Practitioner and Master. LIghtworker. Access® Bars Practitioner. QSB sessions.
About Me I live in the Tasman region in New Zealand where I run my practice. I love to work with the whole person through the Homeopathic consultation and/or energetic bodywork – accessing the Bodymind in new and ever-expanding ways. All sessions available in person and on distance via Skype.


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John Ramsay

email johnramsayn@hotmail.com
Website / social media link johnramsay.net
Phone +44 7952 641366
Experience / qualifications Qualified counsellor, Reiki Master, Angelic Healing, NFSH healing and Lemurian Healing practitioner, high school supply teacher.
About Me Hello. I am a practising counsellor and certified high school supply (relief) teacher and have trained in and worked for the last twenty five years as an energy healer (Reiki, NFSH healing, Angelic and Lemurian Healing).
I am available to assist you on your journey with the QSB and Wave: as the person receiving the fresh DNA information from your baby photograph the process can initiate in you a mental, emotional or spiritual detox. You may be happy to engage with that process by yourself or I can help you through that process with counselling or healing.

Sally Beautista, Hypnotherapy Islington.

email sally@hypnotherapyislington.co.uk
Website / social media link www.hypnotherapyislington.co.uk
Phone +4407793743493
Experience / qualifications I am a Reiki healer/teacher
I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist,
IEMT and EFT Practitioner.
I have been researching health and healing for many years. I have gained a lot from frequency healing with the QSB and look forward to using The Wave for myself and others.
About Me I am very excited to include frequency healing to my toolbox.


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Donna Goodman.

Donna Goodman


email donnagoodman111@gmail.com
Website / social media link https://donnagoodman.com/colors-of-awareness
Phone +1 (203) 376-9177
Experience / qualifications I am a global professional, using years of international water and climate change education together with healing practices for Mother Earth and all of her children. I am trained in Core Energetics, Crystalline Consciousness Technique and in energy and life work with Aleya Dao.
About Me I am mother if three adult children and grandmother to four. Also an author of numerous UNICEF and UN publications and now the ECOMASTERS series of middle grade fiction adventures. Please do take a look at other pages of my website to learn more about me.It would be a great honor and pleasure for me to work with you toward your healing and personal goals!!!

Leigh Ann Tatnall.

Leigh Ann Tatnall

email latat@duck.com
Website / social media link
Phone +1 (414) 207-9361
Experience / qualifications QSB Wave Practitioner, Certified Wellness Counselor, Reiki Master/Teacher, Access Consciousness Practitioner, Certified Aromatherapist, Comfort Touch Practitioner, Completed Doctorate’s in Naturopathy, Currently working on Lightworker Healing Protocol and DSMR Certification, Body Stream Suit Sessions available (CO2 Therapy)(On Site Only).
About me After becoming a Registered Nurse, I experienced a Reiki session and found my real  calling. Since then, I have been studying energy and healing modalities. I have retired from the healthcare field and exclusively practice alternative healing. I have an affinity for energy work. I am here to share light and love with the world.❤️