Wave Genetics and Age Reversal

Introducing Wave Genetics

The principles of Wave Genetics were discovered by the late Russian Scientist Dr. Peter Gariaev. Dr. Gariaev was among a significant group of Russian scientists who had concluded that the information that is used to create our bodies is actually embedded in our bio-informational field where this information resides and operates at the quantum level as waves and fields. The function of the DNA was to actually point to this information (a bit like a web address pointing to a website).

laser salamander experimentHe performed a very interesting experiment in which he shone a laser through salamander embryos into frog embryos and the frog embryos then developed as salamanders.

He discovered that a photograph of a subject that was taken in early childhood actually contains an imprint of their DNA at the time through a process known as quantum entanglement.

He used laser equipment to extract this information from the photograph or a sample of young DNA (hair/nails) and then add it to an audio file as an overlay. In this way he could provide the information to the adult version of the subject and the body could then assimilate this information and so update the energetic blueprint to a younger/healthier state.

Here is an example of a generic sound file:

This is powerful in that our DNA has been degraded and corrupted by stress, trauma, toxins, electromagnetic fields, and, more recently gene altering vaccines.

An analogy for this would be an old cassette tape of a song that had been left near a magnetic field for a few years. How do you think it might sound? Swap this out for a high-quality FLAC file of the same song and listen to that.

Wave Genetics is about giving you access to that high-fidelity recording of your body to overwrite your corrupted copy.

This is what Dr. Garyaev (sometimes spelled Gariaev) has to say on this:

“In order to create an organism, two genetic programs are necessary. The first program is like a blueprint, providing the design for the body. The second program takes the form of meaningful text, containing instructions and explanations on how to utilize the first program, understand it, and construct the organism. These programs are stored as “DNA video tapes” and are processed by the genetic machinery, which acts as a biological computer. When the bio-computer reads these video tapes, it generates sound and light images that represent the developmental process of the organism, much like a movie. Once the organism reaches maturity, this “movie” concludes. Then a new “movie” begins, which consists of instructions for maintaining the organism’s health and well-being indefinitely. Unfortunately, over time, these video tapes can become corrupted, accumulating errors in the form of DNA mutations. As a result, the instructions become faulty, leading to sickness, aging, and eventually death. However, there is hope that these DNA video tapes can be repaired and corrected. With this newfound understanding of how our genetic machinery operates, it opens up possibilities for entirely new technologies that can heal and extend a person’s life. This is the essence of wave genetics and its promising future applications.”

Adding Wave Genetics to the QSB

Some of you might have guessed that we now have a way to add Wave Genetics to the QSB. Some of you are right!

The QSB is set up to deliver single frequencies to our bodies in order to resource them for healing. If we introduce a mechanism to extract the complex frequency information contained in a photograph and use this to overlay a carrier frequency with this information, then we have duplicated the main component of Dr. Gariev’s work.

If we then replace the sound system with a scalar wave transmitter – the QSB – we have taken this technology to another level.

Introducing the QSB Wave

The QSB Wave is a device to overlay subtle frequencies to a carrier frequency generated by the Wave. This frequency is the DNA repair frequency 528Hz (of course). The specially designed energetic plate has our pendant technology underneath to maximize the energetic transference from whatever is on the plate onto the carrier wave.

This carrier frequency with the embedded subtle information from the plate is now injected into the QSB which broadcasts into the surrounding space as per usual.

Providing the body with uncorrupted DNA information is a powerful thing to do as you might imagine. With the understanding that we are a system of energy and information molded by consciousness, what we are talking about is replacing corrupted information in this system.

What do you need for Wave Genetics at Home?

Wave genetics baby photo

Wave genetics works with a DNA sample or a photograph of a young healthy child. If you are the person to receive healing then this child can be you. Failing this you could use that of a young version of any family member who would have The DNA of your mother and father. This could be a sibling or a niece/nephew for example. It could also be your child or grandchild.
Dr. Gariaev stated that the photograph needs to be of a single person with the inclusion of the full face. I am working with a photograph that includes my parents and I am getting good results. I can only assume that the energetic extraction method of the QSB Wave has different operating parameters than Gariaev’s laser technology.

This brings up an important point when comparing the QSB Wave with Dr. Gariaev’s technology in that the base principle is the same, but the technology is not.

An example of the difference is the age reversal effects noted by the Russian scientist. He concluded that it was not possible to reverse aging faster than you age with notable exceptions it seems in that he had a 60 and a 70-year-old woman both restart their menstrual cycles.

The QSB Wave is still too young to have any significant data behind it beyond our own testing and some beta-testers to date, but the QSB Wave has been created using intuitive guidance and we are very clear about what it can do and very excited to release it to the world at this time.

“The first time I used it I noticed a slight detox effect, felt emotional and had some sort of release, felt quite tired but all ok after a good nights sleep.
The times after that I felt peaceful and energised, like my cells were repairing. Last week I had a tummy bug and found that using the QSB Wave lessened the effects of my headache and aches and pains. In general it made me feel happy, lighter and even a bit younger!
I have been using it with my baby picture and would very much like to continue using it once you have them available. I feel that using it consistently over time is of great benefit.”
Triona Daly. Green Goddess, Auckland, New Zealand

There’s More!

The QSB Wave is capable of transmitting energetically as complex frequencies on top of a carrier wave (528 Hz) anything that has a vibration. This means everything! If you are a budding (or seasoned) homeopath or herbalist for example you could place herbal samples or an existing remedy on the energetic pick-up plate and then transmit that to the room or, by placing a receiving bottle of water near the QSB coils, create a remedy or a duplicate remedy to take away/share.

Things that you could use in this way include but are not limited to:

  • Herbs (dried or fresh)
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Homeopathic Remedies
  • Essential Oils
  • Color Swatches (color therapy uses wool samples as a standard)
  • Minerals
  • Crystals
  • Foods

We are a hop and a skip away from making the QSB Wave available for purchase.

We are planning webinars and launch offers for existing QSB owners and for those who have expressed interest. The initial stock is limited so if you are keen to have the chance to be one of the first to ride the QSB Wave, then please fill out the form below and then look out for our emails. NB If you own a QSB, there is a good chance you could be on this list but filling out this form will ensure that you are.

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