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We all know that stress is a killer, right? If you have been living on Earth for the last couple of years, the chances are that there are likely multiple new factors causing you stress -over and above the ones that were there before.

With new sources of stress coming at us on a regular basis, maybe we need to start looking for new ways to help us deal with it and new ways to help us to remove it from our mind, body, and emotions.

At this point you might be guessing that we have some new ways to deal with stress to tell you about. You would be right – two different technologies in fact. Both working in different ways to help you deal with and eradicate stress at the most fundamental levels.

But before we look at these unique and powerful solutions, let’s take a moment to update ourselves on who we are, the direction of modern healing, and some of the different types of stress that we accumulate on a day-to-day basis:

We are an energetic system.

Chakra Balancing ProductsMedical traditions of the East incorporate an understanding of the human body as a system of flowing energies, with stress is identified as one of the main causes of blockages in the energy flows leading to ill health. Over the last few decades, here in the West, we have been incorporating some of the Eastern healing modalities into our own health care to the point where practitioners are available in most population centers and are in high demand.

We are in the middle of a healthcare revolution.

If you have ever seen an episode of Star Trek you will have likely seen the doctors doing their thing by pushing buttons on an electronic device or waving a portable gadget over the patient’s body.

Well, the exciting thing is that this “Star Trek” future has been quietly arriving whilst many of us have been looking the other way. Devices are now available to buy and use in your own home to help our bodies heal without ingesting often harmful pharmaceuticals. Devices that help us manage and remove stress are a vital and exciting part of this healthcare revolution.

We have been part of this revolution for nearly 20 years!

A word or two about stress

Mental Stress:

They say that moving house, divorce, and losing your job are some of the most stressful things we can go through.

The key common denominator is that all these things involve significant change at levels that can be overwhelming.

We human beings generally don’t do change well as a species and resist it whenever possible. When change is forced upon us, as it has been over the last few years (I am talking about you 2020, 2021, and 2022!) it takes things to a higher stress-level as we can feel out of control and uncertain as to what might happen next and whether we can weather these unforeseen storms.

Physical Stress:

If you are in pain or suffering a debilitating illness this is a guaranteed source of stress.

Emotional Stress:

Emotional Stress - griefThe experience of losing a loved one – either through passing or as a result of the divisive pressure cooker we have been going through that has served to send many couples and families off in different directions – has been a major source of emotional stress for so many of us lately.

A bruised or broken heart is a major stressor, very often leading to health issues. This very often comes as a package with the overwhelm stress of dealing with the fall-out practicalities.

Trauma Stress:

Not many of us survive to adulthood without some kind of trauma impacting us. It can be violent in the form of an attack or accident. It can be emotional such as parental divorce of death. It can even be taking on-board a destructive idea about yourself such as “I am not good enough”. Unless released these things can bring their own imbalances to our lives in the form of permanent stressors.

Environmental Stress:

This is a huge topic on its own. Our air and water are full of toxins that stress our bodies as they are dealt with but people are now waking up to the issue of electromagnetic fields (EMF), the unseen menace that ensures that many of us never actually reach a state of zero stress – even when we are asleep (assuming we can sleep as EMF is often what causes insomnia).

An energetic perspective on stress

Western medical practitioners and scientists have confirmed that the Eastern idea of energy centers or nodes distributed along our central meridians to be accurate. You might have heard these called “chakras”, which is from the Indian medical tradition.

These energy centers are designed to be in a state of balance with each other and to be allowing the free flow of energy throughout the body.

When the body carries stress of any kind it acts as a knot or a blockage to the flow of energy through our energetic system, which ultimately will result in some form of physical illness if not treated early enough.

Our ideal state of energetic balance and equilibrium is what keeps us energized, happy and fulfilled. Even when life is throwing challenges at us, if our equilibrium is in place, we are in a much stronger place to deal with them calmly and consciously towards the best solutions.

How to Overcome Stress: Some tools to help.

This is the good bit where we stop talking about the problems of life and present to you some valuable solutions that have been helping to reduce the stress and improve the wellbeing of our customers for nearly 2 decades.

Introducing the Nu-Me pendant.

Nu-Me BubbleOne of the most common feedbacks we get from wearers of the Nu-Me pendant is that they feel much calmer and centered.

There are many factors combining to create this result but they are keyed to the fact that the technology inside them interacts with energy and stabilizes it if it is disharmonious or out of balance.

This is true if the energy is outside of us such as various forms of E.M.F or even someone else’s bad hair day energy! The Nu-Me’s protective and balancing energy field puts us in a protective bubble – protected from these energetic invaders.
Or, if our own energy is askew – maybe because we have just had a shock, a potential panic-attack, or just feeling the effects of a stressful day, its balancing properties can help bring our own energy system back to a state of balance – bringing the rewards of inner peace and calm.


Take a look at some of our testimonials to appreciate what this can mean for people in their daily lives:

Star Trek – style healing and de-stress technology.

The QSB – Quantum Scalar Box

qsb, scalar waves, healingOur Nikola Tesla technology based de-stress and healing device , the QSB, is a solid candidate for our Star-Trek health revolution. It uses special scalar waves that bathe our bodies in some very powerful healing and de-stressing frequencies that can help not only our bodies but our minds and emotions be free from stress.

To explain how it works we can use the analogy of a deep-tissue massage. If you have had one of these you will know that a good one can free the knots in our muscles leaving us feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Well, the scalar frequencies coming from the QSB can massage your body, mind, and emotions at the same time. This massage is capable of helping you release the mental, emotional, and physical stresses of the day. It can also reach deep enough to release the knots left by past traumas and stresses and so promote healing at the deepest root level.

In our initial testing deep field blood analysis revealed that stress was removed at the cellular level – indicated by the removal of blood clumping to promote free blood flow in the body.

The QSB is designed to plug in and go – treating one person or a room-full at the same time. If you want to take control and create custom frequencies and sequences you can get an upgrade kit that allows you to plug in your tablet or cell phone and create these with our own custom apps.

See what people are saying about the QSB: