QSB Testing – Live Blood Analysis

Everybody says a session with the QTB* leaves them in a completely relaxed state – melting away stress completely.

*The QTB is an earlier (prototype) version of the QSB

We thought it would be great if we could validate this scientifically with a technology that everybody can understand. Fortunately we have a great working relationship with David C Holden ND, MS (USA), Dip.App.Irid.,Dip.BioChem.,HbT who is a Chartered Natural Medicine Practitioner with a specialty in Hemaview Blood Analysis.

David set up a testing session with 9 different subjects of various ages and both sexes. Blood was taken before and then directly after a 35 minute session with the QTB machine consisting of 7 Solfeggio frequencies played in ascending sequence. I will post the before and after pictures with any notes David Holden made at the time, followed by his overall analysis. For anybody interested in more pictures / analysis, I will post links to the actual pdf files at the end.

What to look for

Hemaview is great in that it shows stress in the body very simply. Stress is indicated by the clumping together of blood cells. If cells are individual, spaced out, and free-flowing then this indicates a healthy unstressed state. A trained observer can gather more information, but this is all we need to know to interpret these images in terms of stress in the body of the subjects.


Before slide images are on the left and after adjacent on the right. If David Holden’s notes show “Self Evident” No comment was made by David at the time of trial.

Subject: DJ Female aged 51

 Before After

David Holden’s Notes

#1DJ female 51 BEFORE large area of RBC clumping like a dam blocking flow of blood due to chronic stress.

#1DJ female 51 AFTER Self Evident.

Subject: FE Male aged 63

 Before After

David Holden’s notes:

#2 FE male 63 BEFORE large clumping seen clearly with some damaged cells. Large clump rouleaux stage 2 seen clearly.

#2 FE male 63 AFTER speaks for itself!

Subject: PB Male aged 50

 Before After

David Holden’s notes:

#3 PB male 50 BEFORE specific areas of RBC clumping seen – classic sign of stress.

#3 PB male 50 AFTER clearly see well dispersed RBC’s – speaks for itself!

Subject: KW Female aged 60

 Before After

David Holden’s notes:

#4 KW female 60 BEFORE some mild clumping seen – probably the best of all the pre treatment bloods seen.

#4 KW female 60 AFTER clearly visible WBC unlike before.

Subject: AC Male aged 16

 Before After

David Holden’s notes:

#5 AC male 16 BEFORE some severe RBC clumps & damaged RBC’s. Severe rouleaux clumping stage 3

#5 AC male 16 AFTER – significant change from B4 shots!What a difference!

Subject: MS Female aged 67

 Before After

David Holden’s notes:

#6 MS female 67 BEFORE significant mass RBC clumping – rouleaux clumping stage 1 + 2

#6 MS female 67 AFTER – speaks for itself!

Subject: SC Female aged 51

 Before After

David Holden’s notes:

#7 SC female 51 BEFORE rouleaux stage 1-2 clumping

#7 SC female 51 AFTER Self Evident.

Subject: DW Female aged 54

 Before After

David Holden’s notes:

#8 DW female 54 BEFORE very dense specimen with significant clumping.

#8 DW female 54 AFTER – very first screen shows huge changes already – speaks for itself!

Subject: FR Female aged 50

 Before After

David Holden’s notes:

#9 FR female 50 BEFORE Self Evident.

#9 FR female 50 AFTER. Self Evident.