We are getting a lot of questions about 5G so I thought I would create a standard response so that people know where we stand and how our products can help.

Our position is that we collectively need to stop this technology being deployed as it is not compatible with life. This mirrors the statements of many doctors and even telecommunication engineers. What little testing has been done has shown it to be destructive to wildlife and very damaging to our health.

This short video further emphasizes our position: HERE

There are initiatives in place to try and stop it. There is a 1 trillion dollar class action suit in the U.S and Brussels has banned 5G in the city so there is hope. We will be providing information and resources to help people connect to what is happening and add their energy.

Our technology will certainly do a lot to mitigate the effects of 5G but we can’t say that if you have a transmitter outside your house and you are sensitive, whether this will be enough. We certainly are not going to give a false sense of security here. Our products should be viewed as an interim solution until collectively we regain our sanity.

What we can say is that we are increasing the strength of our products so that they have a stronger (more intense) field strength. The new POWER P.E.BAL is a very strong device and a stack of Zen Stones offers an intense protective field. The Nu-Me Skinny pendants are also now the strongest pendants we have ever produced.

Multiple products can be put together to add to the level of protection so adding 2 of our original P.e.Bals together will act like a new POWER P.E.BAL for example.

We are building quite a library on 5G. You can see some of the information via these links”

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