Solfeggio Music

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Solfeggio Vibrational Healing

These 9 hour-long music tracks are our latest addition to our Solfeggio music offerings – commissioned from a different musician, Each one is based on an individual Solfeggio frequency.


These music tracks are 60 minutes long and can be used with or without the QSB to attain a deeper mediation and healing. The Solfeggio Tones compliment the unique healing of the QSB which produces Scalar waves in the Solfeggio frequencies or custom frequencies by using the upgrade pack..

Individual Tracks

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Solfeggio Vibrational Healing

The Solfeggio Suite

The Solfeggio Suite is a 70-minute music track which we commissioned from a world-class musician. It has 7 Solfeggio healing frequencies embedded with binaural beats into a beautiful piece of music designed for meditation, deep relaxation, and self-healing. It was composed to run alongside the Solfeggio cycle of the QSB but be used without it.

Take a look at the QSB HERE

Individual tracks.

Binaural beats in the lower beta frequencies 14 to 30 Hz help meditation, stress release, reduce anxiety, improve sleep and offer pain relief. They also increase concentration and alertness, problem solving, and improve memory.

The music player below will allow you to sample any piece of music. Simply click on the play button alongside the track. Each product can be added to your cart with a click on the buy now button underneath your chosen tracks shown below the player.


One Compilation (70m) and 7 individual 1 hour tracks