Solfeggio Music 741 Positive Intuition


One Hour of blissful meditation music with embedded binaural beats at 741Hz.

This is a perfect accompaniment to our QSB relaxation/healing device and adds another level to the experience.

741 Hz

Balances the Throat Chakra

Benefits of this frequency are:

  • Awakening intuition.
  • Helps remove all toxicity and negativity in our lives.
  • Protects from all forms of negativity.
  • Prevents negative emotions – anger, jealousy, fear etc.
  • Blocks lies that we tell ourselves and others.

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One Hour of Solfeggio Music embedded with 741Hz

Better than the Healy


The QSB (Quantum Scalar Box) is unique to Life Energy Designs, inspired by the work of Nikola Tesla and made in New Zealand.

The QSB produces Scalar Waves is pre-programmed with the solfeggio healing frequencies. The upgrade pack allows custom frequencies to be generated. It destresses at the cellular level, beyond both the mental and emotional levels. When the body is in this completely de-stressed state true healing can take place at the root cause..