We Can Make You Stronger – instantly.

This is a big claim and if you have arrived on this page a skeptic then it will seem over the top.

Normally when you put out big claims like that you have to follow up with proof and justification. Instead we are simply going to show you how to prove it yourself – with the help of at least one friend.

Watch the Video

Simple Balance Test – What you need.

  1. A friend – preferably one strong enough to support you if you started to topple.
  2. Any Nu-Me pendant, Ki-Bal, or Chi-Shell. If you don’t have one you might have a friend that will loan you one or perhaps there is a retailer nearby who will let you do this test in the shop*
    *If you don’t have a friend who own one or a nearby retailer, remember we have a full money-back guarantee if you buy one mail order from us.

How Strong Are You Now?

To show how we can make you stronger , we need to know how strong you are now.

  1. Without wearing Nu-Me pendant, nor having a Ki-Bal or Chi-Shell in your pocket, stand with your feet level with your shoulders parallel facing straight ahead. You will need some space behind you.
  2. Put your arms behind your back and interweave your fingers to make a cradle as in the picture.
  3. Get your friend to push down into your hands with their fist – straight towards the floor. Have them increase the force slowly.
  4. Resist and try to remain upright – noting how easy / difficult this is and pay close attention to how strong and balanced you feel.
  5. Make sure your friend is there to stop you toppling over or be ready to step back slightly to steady yourself if needed.

How Strong Can Our Technology Make You?

  1. Put on the Nu-Me you are testing or put the Ki-Bal or Chi-Shell in your pocket. Wait about 15-20 seconds for it to do its magic.
  2. Repeat the test as in part one.
  3. Assuming you can stay balanced as they push down., get your friend to put more and more of their weight on your hands.
  4. See how strong and balanced you feel now compared to the previous test.
  5.  Have a look at the video, you can see this test performed. It was a completely genuine test with a legitimate result but ,remember, the object is for you to test yourself – not to convince you with our video.

How Does it Work?

There are two things happening in concert. 

1. you are being protected from all forms of disturbed energy such as electrical fields or EMF.

2. Your body’s energies are being brought into balance.

You can choose to educate yourself about EMF and energy balancing by exploring our site. However, if you just want to make yourself stronger without getting into the explanations because..

  1. You play sports – golf, tennis, rugby, football, cycling, rowing, martial arts…… and want an edge.
  2. You just want to be strong , centred and balanced in your every-day life.
  3. You are concerned about what is making you weaker and think it is a good idea to be protected for your general health and wellbeing.

….then you will want to try any one of our Nu-Me products. We have a great range to suit any personal style or budget.