How Clearing Clutter Can Bring Emotional Release


It may take time to have a good clear-out of all your clutter, but it will do you much more good than just giving you more physical space – it will help you heal.

How can decluttering have health benefits?

Even a chipped cup can have memories that are buried until you decide to throw it away or donate it to a charity shop. The mere fact that we are getting rid of things makes memories surface and with emotions connected to those memories. Most things can trigger a memory and therefore an emotion – memories and emotions are virtually inseparable.

The buried emotions that we have not dealt with are what make us sick. Reliving them is what helps us to heal at the most fundamental, causal level.

How do you declutter and release emotions?

There are two kinds of people, those that live minimally and do not collect things, those that hold on to things ‘ just in case’ and I suppose there is actually another category, those that are sentimental and keep everything that has some kind on meaning, or story for them. These are the people that will probably benefit most from healing by de-cluttering, but for them it will also be the hardest to let go and get rid.

Going through our worldly possessions to decide what to keep, and what to let go, is never easy for hoarders or sentimentalists. As a bit of both I have always found it essential to get into a rhythm, stopping to deliberate over any and everything is disastrous, then sorting is in danger of grinding to a stop and never getting started again.

 For starters the deliberation and dithering will take forever and the exhaustion of “shall I” or “shan’t I” will stop you from getting anything done –  or letting anything go. The old adage of if you haven’t missed it, because it has been in a cupboard for years, means –  let it go. If you haven’t worn it for a year – give it away.

As Quantum Physics and Metaphysics taught us everything is composed of energy, holding onto clutter and unused things creates an energy blockage. We need a clear energetic space to get well – and stay well. Eastern beliefs and practices know this, but  in the west we have a hard time getting our heads around the concept of energy because Newtonian science is still taught telling us that ever is solid and people are just lumps of meat to be cut burned and poisoned in the name of healing. Barbaric.  Energy, Quantum physics, and metaphysics is still an alien belief to many.

How does it feel while you are letting go of your stuff?    

Oh, intrepid explorer of true healing though releasing emotions, do your letting consciously. When a memory arises, good and bad, as you take your belonging into your hand relate to it. Do not get side tracked and go into a daydream walking down an endless memory lane or you will never get the job done. Although if you get a memory associated with it – feel it. Even if it is a happy memory connected with it do not get tempted to keep the item. Never lose sight of the fact that you are making space to become healthy and be fulfilled. If your belonging is no longer useful or serves you then send it on its way with your blessing that it will create wonderful memories for its new owner.

If your belonging brings up negative memories then take a moment to feel the disturbed emotion behind that memory and say silently to yourself or to your Creator, God, that you are letting the memory and the emotion go, along with that item. Send it on its way to a new home with your blessing.

Be kind to yourself while letting go of your emotions alongside your things.

Being kind to yourself is imperative with any kind of healing at a deep emotional level. If the sorting has to a halt a little because you have a good cry – GOOD. This is emotional release. The tears are washing away the pain.

But don’t fall into the trap of indulging in it. Know when you have released and stop your mind from sabotaging your emotional decluttering by telling you that you can’t carry on – because you can – and must to achieve your goal. Halting or stopping the process will mean that you will probably never get the job finished. You will retain those emotional blocks in your fantastic energy system that stop you from being well – and all that you truly are.

How do you release blocked emotional energy?

Let’s be honest letting go is not always easy and healing certainly is not. Both take work. Causal healing, which means getting to the root cause of illness or dis-ease which has its roots in the emotional level of our finely engineered energetic system, usually requires some help.

How do you heal with energy?

Help can come in different forms and wellness modalities. It makes sense that healing us, that are energy beings vibrating a different frequencies, is best done with energy healing frequencies. Like with like. This has been proved to be done most efficiently with The QSB which deliveries powerful Solfeggio healing frequencies simply and beautifully without effort or invasion.

How does using energy to heal while de-cluttering your life work?

Nothing could be more efficient to unblock your emotional baggage than to have a QSB plugged in while you are sorting through your stuff, sometimes going down memory lane, maybe having a little weep or even a good chuckle. All this time the QSB is digging at the roots of your emotional blockages with the Solfeggio frequencies massaging your soul and releasing all that emotion that does not serve you. All that negative energy that you have held onto because you did not know how to let it go. But then perhaps you never felt worthy of letting it go. Although in this we have a whole different subject –although having the same solution – by using frequency produced by the QSB.

De cluttering your life means more than getting rid of unwanted things, it also means making room to let go within yourself too. To make room outwardly and inwardly to grow. To fill that vacated space with only things that are useful and serve you. To regain your health, vitality and joy for life. We all deserve that. So, get cracking with some empty boxes and be all that you were created to be.


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