Wave Genetics: how can we use it to heal ?

Wave Genetics

What is Wave Genetics?

Wave Genetics is a relatively new field of study that originated with the work of late Russian scientist Dr Peter Gariaev* which is revolutionizing the way scientists look at the genetic code. It is based on the idea that the genetic code is not static, but rather is constantly changing and evolving. Wave Genetics is an attempt to understand how this dynamic process works and how it affects the development of organisms.

At its core, Wave Genetics is based on the idea that, from the quantum perspective, the genetic code is composed of waves of energy that interact with each other. These waves are constantly in flux, and they can be affected by external factors such as environment, nutrition, and even stress. This means that the genetic code is constantly changing and evolving, and this is what Wave Genetics seeks to understand.

The first step in Wave Genetics is to identify the patterns of energy that make up the genetic code. This is done by using a variety of techniques, such as analyzing the structure of DNA, sequencing the genome, and studying the behavior of proteins. Once the patterns of energy are identified, scientists can then begin to understand how they interact with each other and how they affect the development of an organism.

Studying Evolution

Wave Genetics is being used to study the evolution of species. By understanding how the genetic code changes over time, scientists can gain insight into how species evolve and adapt to their environment. This could lead to a better understanding of how species interact with each other and how they respond to changes in their environment.

Wave Genetics revolutionizing healing.

One of the most exciting aspects of Wave Genetics is its potential to revolutionize medicine. By understanding how the genetic code works, scientists can develop new treatments and therapies that target specific genetic mutations. This could lead to treatments for diseases that are currently incurable, as well as treatments for conditions that are caused by genetic mutations.

A key factor for healing to arise from Professor Gariaev’s research relates to information that is captured when you take a photograph of somebody. The information stored in the photograph includes a snapshot of the DNA and can be retrieved and presented to a patient to help them heal themselves in the same way that original blueprints could help a builder restore a damaged building to its original state.

A Photo holds the Key.

If a photograph is of you as a child prior to any form of DNA degradation or damage, then this provides a perfect blueprint for the body to restore itself. If you should have some form of a congenital condition, a healthy sibling’s photo can provide the information to help undo this condition.

Wave Genetics is still in its early stages, but it has already made a huge impact on the scientific community. It has the potential to revolutionize the way we understand genetics and how we treat diseases.

Professor Gariaev’s work involves extracting the information from a photograph and presenting it to the patient in the form of an audio file.

Our new Wave Genetics Product.

Later this year (2023) we will be releasing a new product that anybody can use to extract the same information from a photograph and provide it as a restorative blueprint to help a person or animal heal themselves through scalar waves using our QSB.

We will let you ponder on the implications and possibilities of this!

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* Peter P. Garyaev was a nominee for the Nobel Prize in Medicine taking place in 2021. Unfortunately, he passed away* in November 2020. The theory of Wave Genetics is grounded in extensive theoretical and experimental research. Peter Garyaev has discovered that genetic information exists in a form of an electromagnetic field and he has developed a way of transcribing genetic and metabolic information that can be transferred through time and space. He claimed that viruses spread in two ways, through physical contagion and through quantum as a replica, and can appear therefore anywhere.

  • This video speculates that his work represented a major threat to the medical status quo (pharma monopoly) and so he was “assisted” in passing into the next world. As he was in perfect health by all accounts this seems likely and is a key indicator that he was onto something revolutionary.

Peter P. Garyaev Video:

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