Watch Out for EMF Hotspots When Travelling

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  • March 2, 2023
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We build a safe home environment to live in where, within our familiar territory, we know where Electro Magnetic Frequency radiation or EMR is high and needs to be avoided, but when we travel outside of this we can come into situations where we are exposed to levels of EMF beyond that which we are used to or are comfortable with.

Consideration about EMF exposure before we travel can make the difference between an enjoyable trip or spending the time feeling unwell.

How bad is EMF in Airports?

Generally, we fly more these days. Even travelling by domestic flights has become a quicker preferred way to travel, but airports and flying are notorious EMF hotspots. Wi-Fi wizzes around andemf, airports, travelling Bluetooth is used by nearly everyone with a phone, computer or tablet. If you are energy sensitive you probably are electrosensitive and airports will potentially be uncomfortable places to be in.

When we recently flew to Christchurch, I found only one person reading a paperback book almost everyone else was using a phone or tablet. The back-to-back seating meant all round exposure to others using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. David became frustrated at my constant seat changing trying to find a comfortable energy space. He is not electrosensitive but those of us who are lead the way, like the canary down the mine to see if gases are present to sense the presence of EMF radiation – and often its level.

In airports I wear two Nu-Me pendants and carry a hope stone. This is the level of protection that I need to feel comfortable. David has a Nu-Me pendant and a Ki-bal in his pocket extra sometimes is all he needs. Our tolerance of EMF is different for individuals but what we need to heed is that the damage EMF does is the same whether we feel it affects or not.

My two Nu-Me pendants set off the warning on the metal detector when going through the security check. David sailed through wearing only one. I was told to step into the shiny new Xray scanners. I refused. The levels of radiation are comparable with an Xray and most of us avoid these or wear the lead covering offered to protect our heart and organs. Big warning -no such protection is on offer with these x-rays.

A body search was the alternative. I was told by a bored airport official to empty my bulging pocket which elicited a look of disgust as I unearth a stash of screwed up tissues squirreled away for any and every eventuality. I found myself explaining that they were clean, as if she was actually interested.

So, cutting a long story short – avoid the scanner they are lethal EMF-wise.

We have never been asked when going through airport security what our Nu-Me Pendant is and they look at the Hope stone and Ki-bal with mild disinterest. Avoid trying to explain about EMF protection as you will probably get the eyes glassing over look. You know the one? They are just doing a job and not a bit interested in being educated about something new.

Planes are well known EMF hotspots, but we all know that and cannot avoid them so make sure you are well protected when aboard.

Exposure to EMF in Cars and motor vehicles.

Most of us travel in a car every day, or at least every week. These are usually not long journeys, but we still need to be protected as the motors in them create high levels of EMF.

On a journey when we are in a motor vehicle for hours we are being seriously radiated by EMF. So, beware – be-protected.

Motor homes are not exempt from EMF either!

Where are the worst public places for EMF?

If you want to be in an EMF nightmare most public places are where to go. In surroundings we are familiar with we know where the levels are acceptable to us and where they are off the charts.

Malls, shopping precincts, cafes, restaurants – and cinemas. Mine and David’s idea of a night out is to see a good movie but now admittedly good films seem to be rarer in the last couple of years?

Armed with the mandatory, can I use that word anymore, popcorn and a bottle of water we settle in our seats, which are no longer on the back row where the sound is not so good, and soak up the atmosphere. Except that now they have reclining seats with transformers under the aisle seat which for the electrosensitive can make them feel ill. Some seats are more comfortable with less EMF exposure which I learned from the seat shuffle and change.

Again, be conscious that places that were relatively EMF safe can have changed. Don’t take it for granted that what was will always be the same as new technologies emerge and 4G is replaced by 5G with plans already in place for 6G.

How do you know when you book accommodation whether there are high levels of EMF and Wi-Fi?

When you are deciding your budget, hotel, motel, book a bach or Airbnb there is an even bigger consideration – how much will you be exposed to EMF while staying there. Will you be able to control the Wi-Fi by switching it off. Is there a cell tower nearby, or is it under power lines?

Hotels of course are Wi-Fi and EMF mine-fields, so we avoid them. But being self-sufficient and self-cater has its risks too.

We first learned this lesson when we booked into a cottage in a boutique winery. Our cottage had the Wi-Fi router that served the other six cottages. When we switched it off, they had no Wi-Fi. Other guests were not happy, we were not happy, It became a bit of a battle with the management!

We again learned a similar lesson when we rented a cottage where the Wi-Fi was controlled from the main house. We were already in situ when we discovered this, but fortunately a solution was found which involved lots of trailing wires to a switch hidden in a cupboard that even a gymnast would have difficulty accessing.

Our latest lesson was on our trip to Christchurch and booking accommodation when we knew exactly what question to ask, “could we switch the Wi-Fi router off”. The answer that came back was a surprise one “No because of the security camera”.

Traveling should be and can be fun, an adventure if you plan properly, take care and are aware of EMF hot spots and dangers. Never assume everything is straigh forward and without risk. EMF lurks under the guise of modern, convenient and necessary. It is these things – but – it is also a disturbed energy that our bodies not only cannot assimilate but is harmful, blocks our own energy field and can, and will, make us very sick.

When you are out and about with abandon don’t underestimate that the harm EMF you encounter, and the harm it causes, will stay with you long after your trip becomes merely photos and souvenirs.


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3 thoughts on “Watch Out for EMF Hotspots When Travelling

  • Jeanne Burk

    Just got back from a 10-night cruise, and the amount of EMF on the ship was unbelievable! All information (shore excursions, entertainment, dining, etc) is now online in a downloadable App, so everyone is constantly on their phones. It was a nightmare!

  • admin

    I can only imagine. There are theories that the co-vid outbreaks on the cruise ships was related to a 5G system installed??!!

  • admin

    Yes, too much of a coincidence in my view.


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