Vibrational healing – Emotional release here and beyond.

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What is emotional release?

Emotional release is on everyone lips it seems at the moment, as is talk about vibrational healing. It’s fashionable. But what’s it all about – really? Often when we’re sick, we just want to get on with feeling better, getting better. When we are unwell who has the time to investigate what is making us ill and trying different modalities to get better? We want to get well as quickly as possible and get on with our lives. This is often why people go to see their doctor and get the pills.

Ok so we know that it masks the symptoms and doesn’t reach the cause, but often we have no idea what the cause is.

Can our emotions affect our health?

For some time, about as long as I have been exposed to knowledge about quantum physics and vibrational healing, together with the development of our QSB I have become more aware about how our emotions affect our health. I can now boldly say that I believe they are the biggest factor along with stress and lifestyle that make us unwell – sick.

Your opinion may differ, and I respect that but hear me out.

Supressing emotions.

We are told to ‘control our emotions, which emotions are good, and which are bad for us. Positive emotions are good, I must agree with that. Negative emotions are destructive and therefore a no-no. I definitely disagree with that.

We are given emotions for a reason and to not accept them is to cut out an important part of our life. They are a sort of wake-up call to what is going on for us. It is suppressing and not dealing with those emotions that does the harm because we are not working on them and then letting go.

Anger is not destructive unless we hold on to it. Fear alerts us to look at what and why we are fearful. We need to take heed of every emotion as they are telling us something, but we are often too busy trying to suppress them, make them go away, that we don’t ask the why of it.

Not dealing with grief.

Grief is like this. How many of us are devastated by the physical loss of a loved one and because we don’t have time to grieve, or believe grief has an allotted amount of time we don’t fully process it, never get over it and it impacts our whole life – and health.

There is another factor to holding on to emotions that affects us deeply, this is the emotional blocks that our forbearers had. Sounds strange and how does that work?

Quantum physics has opened up how we look at life, energy, vibration, information, consciousness. It makes sense of what previously was senseless. It aligns with metaphysics so those of us that were previously considered la-la or woo-woo because we engage with other dimensions, saw things sometimes differently are not so daft after all.

Where are emotions held in our bioenergy field?

We all hold on to emotions in different parts of our body, but the gut is a very common one where it can cause a range of digestive issues some serious enough to lead to cancer. Unprocessed emotions cause a blockages in our bioenergy field that affect our health which is the wake-up call to do something about them.

This holding on to emotion has been my story ever since my dad passed over when I was thirty. I never processed my emotion around his death, instead I went the medical route to get rid of the pain which resulted in digestive issues including colitis. I majorly messed up my body because at the time I knew no better. I realize now that it was all about my stored-up grief and not allowing myself time to process my feelings, my emotions around the shock of his unexpected death.

Can emotional blocks be inherited?

But recently I also learned that the grief I was holding wasn’t mine alone, I had inherited that of my maternal grandmother. Sounds strange but until we fully understand the power of eternal energy which Quantum physics is teaching us, and the fact that vibrationally and energetically we are all connected then it is not so odd.

The information came to me as always through my connection with source and spirit.

My Nan was the most charismatic person I have ever known. She befriended everyone, would give away her last dollar, and could tell you your future by reading the tea leaves. But all this belied the hardship she had in her life. The amount of grief.

Grief was no stranger at the turn of the twentieth century. The first world war saw to that as did the great depression of the thirties. Living conditions for those with low or no incomes were difficult. Hardship was no stranger.

Nan lost her mum when she was fourteen to cancer. Her end was painful without money for doctors and pain-relieving medicine, Nan stole sixpences for brandy to numb her dying mothers pain a little. When my great grandmother finally passed Nan became mum to a family of six younger children, and carer of a drunk father while working full time to provide for them all. She had no time to grieve. Life went on.

A happy marriage in nineteen twenty, two years after the end of WW1, lasted for only four years when Grandad died from his war injuries leaving Nan to care for my mum, a three-year-old, and her six-month-old brother. With no government help she had to scrape an existence for her little family – she had no time to grieve.

All that unprocessed grief lay hidden under charm and a can-do attitude to life. In time she remarried a much older businessman with whom she had three more little girls. Life continued.

That was until two of them, at aged three and five, contracted diphtheria, a highly contagious disease spread by their sister who was the ‘carrier’ of the deadly disease of which she had no symptoms. They died within weeks of each other. Mum told the sad story of how her mum sat the family around the fire soothing their inconsolable grief. But she had no time to grieve herself. Life goes on.

Nan’s life ended with cancer. She remained a ray of light until she passed over with a stomach bloated and extended by the cancerous grief that she held there neglected for sixty years.

Energetically I inherited that unprocessed grief and held it as an emotional block along with my own unresolved grief and pain. I am by no means alone as I believe this probably happens to us all. By clearing, releasing our own emotional blocks we also clear those of past generations.

Unblocking emotions and healing with vibration.

The best and most effective way I have found to release emotions, which of course have their own vibration, is with vibration – vibrational healing. The QSB is perfect for this as it shakes emotions and uproots them. Then gently with the vibrations of healing frequencies clears the debris and tills the soil so that only life-affirming plants can grow.

Testing shows that the QSB de-stresses the blood and a destressed body is where true causal healing can take place. Vibrational healing with scalar waves in the healing Solfeggio frequencies is so simple – yet so profound.

Healing past emotional pain.

And there is more – we can heal the past with vibration. The QSB Wave does not only affect this dimension, but also the pain still held in the spiritual realm.

The photograph of those that have passed can be laid on the plate alongside that of yourself, your family, and friends allowing the combined work of Gariaev and Tesla which have been brought together in the QSB Wave, can make changes here – and beyond. How marvellous is that?


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