Vibrational Healing – Making the right choice

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People are starting to wake up to the possibilities of vibrational healing- harnessing the power of vibrations to restore balance and harmony within our subtle energy fields.

Evolving from the growing understanding that everything in the universe vibrates at a specific frequency, including our bodies and emotions. By introducing specific vibrations through sound therapy, scalar wave devices, or even simply intention, vibrational healing works on the principle of entrainment, bringing the body back into resonance with its healthy vibratory state.

The QSB is well placed to serve this new awakening and takes its place amongst a plethora of vibrational healing devices emerging onto the market at this time.

One thing we get asked a lot, particularly since we have launched our Quantum Wave Genetics accessory for the QSB – the QSB Wave, is “how does the QSB compare with…”

More often than not the end of that question has been the EES system (EESystem). This is surely thanks to their extensive advertising budget which is doing much to blaze a trail for scalar wave healing and other forms of vibrational healing.

I have not experienced this technology, but I believe from multiple reports that it certainly offers benefits. I have read their material and can say that I do not understand the nature of their devices, how they create scalar waves, or what frequencies are presented to the body to help it heal. They seem to focus on increasing the energy of the body’s cells, which is certainly a good thing but nothing that the QSB isn’t doing- almost as a by-product of delivering beneficial frequencies.

My response to the question of comparison has evolved to the following, which I feel could be useful for those looking towards vibrational healing tools to support in their own healing journey or that of friends, family, or clients.

There are three components to healing and there are only two things that any vibrational healing tool can offer you that might be useful in your journey to full health and wellbeing.

These two things are: 1. Energy and 2. Vibration at useful frequencies.


Energy can be presented to the body in several forms which include:

1. Sound – the physical vibration of air molecules usually created by some form of instrument and relayed by speakers into the body.
2. Electrical pulses to the skin using electrodes making an electrical connection between a device and your body.
3. Pulsed EMF or Electro-Magnetic Fields. These are generated by electrical coils that are powered by electrical frequency generators.
4. Light waves. Can be a laser or other light source that is rapidly switched on and off at key frequencies.
5. Scalar waves. These are movements of the morphogenetic field, as Dr. Sandra Rose inventor of the EESystem refers to the universal field of all life. The same field has been called the ether (aether) previously, the life energy field, and, more recently the zero-point field.

All these forms of energy are viable ways to provide energy to the body along with key frequencies to help the body with healing.

But scalar waves can deliver energy and frequencies at full power to the entirety of our energetic system – body, mind, spirit, and emotions. This makes them ideal for treating the root cause of conditions that most often exist as unprocessed emotions and trauma in the emotional and mental bodies. “Massaging” at this level can release these energetic “knots” in a similar way that a good massage will release knots/tension in muscles.

Scalar waves are also ideal for adding energy to the cells and so boost vitality.


The next thing to look at is what frequencies are being delivered to your body/system by the specific vibrational healing technology.

Rife Frequencies

Rife (named after inventor Royal Rife) healing devices are generally designed to deliver specific frequencies to treat specific ailments, delivering these frequencies by electrical contacts or by other means.

There are long lists of frequencies matched to specific bacterial infections, viruses, fungi, and conditions such as cancer. Some of these frequencies have good results behind them, some are more speculative.

My perspective is that most, if not all, the conditions in the vibrational cross hairs of Rife technology are symptoms of a root cause that is very likely being left untreated, so leaving the door open for the symptoms to re-occur. It is also very technical and complicated to use this equipment successfully.

The Schumann Frequency

One other frequency that is often used in vibrational healing tools is the Schumann frequency. This is a natural frequency that the earth vibrates at and that we need access to for our well-being. Electrical pollution by way of cell phones, towers, and microwaves…is drowning out this frequency and causing issues for our health – particularly for those living in the city.

Offering up an artificial version of the Schumann frequency could be useful in this respect. This frequency is, however, changing as many have noted. Is humanity ready for an upgrade? Will tethering yourself to the old frequency still be a good idea in this case? I don’t know but, either way, it is not a solution to help us heal at the root cause.

Solfeggio Frequencies

These have been our focus with the QSB. They are key frequencies tied to our energetic centres. Vibrating these centres is like causing liquefaction to a sun-baked garden full of weeds. These weeds (issues, trapped emotions, traumas..) can then more easily be removed. Read more about the Solfeggio frequencies here.

Other frequencies are available with the QSB using the Upgrade and one of our custom phone apps.

Complex Frequencies.

Everything in our world vibrates. Plants can vibrate with a range of complex frequencies which “coincidentally” can help us rebalance our bodies to a state of wellbeing. Providing these complex frequencies with vibrational healing tools can offer some significant advantages. Custom complex frequencies tied to our own specific DNA blueprint can now also be provided in line with the work of Dr. Peter Gariaev.

It is said in many traditions that the Universe was sung into existence. If this is the case then we are individually symphonies within this great song, each with a unique set of frequencies that make us who we are.

As we age our own symphony gets corrupted by stress, toxins, EMF pollution… so that maybe our violins are out of tune or our flutes playing out of sync with the rest of the instruments in the orchestra and our symphony is no longer so sweet on the ears!

Scientist and inventor Peter Gariaev discovered that our DNA blueprint is stored as frequencies within our bio-energy field. This degrades over time like in the symphony analogy but, if you have access to the original “blueprint”, then the degraded copy can be over-written to bring the body back to its original pristine condition. This would be like presenting the orchestra with an original recording so that they could re-tune and re-sync to match that sweet symphony as it was first played.

Our QSB Wave has opened the possibilities inherent with complex frequencies, with our original DNA “blueprints accessible via our baby photographs as per Dr. Gariaev’s research but extracted in a simpler, more user-friendly way. The door is now open for a vibrational healing device to offer age reversal and the treatment of congenital conditions.


Vibrational healing, quantum healing, and energy healing are all terms that will become more widespread in their use as we move forward into Star-Trek-style healing modalities.

We have expanded human understanding into the quantum realm and now it is the time for practical applications within the healing and wellness field to blossom.

If you are looking towards adding vibrational healing to your own journey to prime health then it pays to research and, ultimately, trust your instincts when it comes to choosing your own device or the services of a practitioner offering vibrational therapies.

One tip I would leave you with: Paying more money for a device or service doesn’t always equate to a better device or service – despite our conditioning to the contrary. We have seen a device offering similar if not identical benefits to our POWER P.e.bal selling for 60 times the price.

We hope you will choose our devices, but our greater hope is that you end up with exactly the tool you need that is best for your own healing journey.


Vibrational healing – Emotional release here and beyond.

Being calm and finding hope in the eye of the storm.