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Anti Radiation Air-Tube Headphones with case


Stop cell phone radiation being beamed into your head – either directly or up the wires of normal earbuds.

  • Radiation Protection with the unique technology of Anti-Radiation Air tubes offers 99% protection against EMF and RF radiation.
  • The EMF prevention with Anti-Radiation Air tubes safeguards your brain.
  • Universal Compatibility Fits all 3.5mm audio devices.
  • With S/M/L silicone earbuds provided for a Comfortable Fit.
  • Convenient design with a built-in mic, an on/off switch and collar clip for secure use.
  • The sound with these earbuds is crystal clear.

These earphones come with a stylish zip carrying / storage case.

Please Note. Some phones might need adapters. Most newer iPhones and some Android phones will. If your current phone does not take a standard headphones jack fitting then you will need an adapter.

Adapters are available here.

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These NEW Anti-Radiation Air tubes headphones reduce exposure to harmful radiation. One of the main sources is of course our cell phones which affects our brain. As we now depend upon them and their use has increased significantly so too has the hazard to our health.

Be Aware: Advice stating that using headphones is a good way to reduce the radiation from your phone getting into your head is controversial because although maybe better than having the phone against your head, from wired headphones there are still high levels of radiation that travels up the cable right into your ear canal.

Warning: The wire from the headphone can actually act as an antenna that will pick up and relay other sources of radiation that might be nearby and deliver them into your head as well.

Warning: Even just listening to music from your phone using headphones sends radiation into your head.

If you use your phone on speakerphone or have a RadiSafe attached to your phone then you are cutting your microwave exposure considerably – but – NEW Anti-Radiation Air tubes headphones give you the option of having private conversations when in public.

Why are NEW Anti-Radiation Air tube headphones different from normal head phones?

The main difference from normal wired headphones is that there is an air tube gap that stops 99% of the radiation from reaching your head by distancing the speaker from your ear.

What can the NEW Anti-Radiation Air tube headphones do?

Just like the earphones that came with your smartphone, or the normal headphone, they have a microphone built-in and buttons to answer calls, pause and skip music, and other functions normally controlled by the headphone controls.

What is the NEW Anti-Radiation Air tube headphone?

  • There is no loudspeaker in the earplug, thus avoiding any direct harm to the eardrum and brain brought by the 1000 Gauss permanent magnetic field and alternating magnetic field.
  • An air tube isolates magnetic fields and any radiation source.
  • The air tube also lengthens the distance between the mobile phone and the body which significantly decreases electromagnetic radiation exposure.
  • Three Electromagnetic Radiation Research Organizations have confirmed that air tube earphones are one of the best ways to reduce mobile phone radiation.
  • The Anti-Radiation Air tubes headphone have shielded wire made of strands of copper wires which prevents the transmission of high-frequency electromagnetic waves.
  • The Anti-Radiation Air tubes headphone block signal noise and so ensure good sound quality.

Why should I buy New Anti-Radiation Air tube headphones?

  • They are strong and well made so ensure long efficient service.
  • Our New Anti-Radiation Air tubes headphone mean that you have the latest technology and design which makes them the most effective available.
  • The Anti-Radiation Air tubes headphones are a necessity to safe guard your health and wellbeing.
  • They are very affordable – no corporate profits included!
  • There are three sizes of silicon ear buds provided to make sure they fit well and are comfortable.
  • The smart zippered carrying/storage case prolongs their life while keeping them tidy and on-hand.

Airtube headphones – functions well, long wiring, doesn’t heat up my ears/head like normal headphones do. Also looks nice 🙂
Quick efficient delivery, no problems. Al, Trustpilot

Instruction Guide

See our Instruction Guide

Troubleshooting Guide

See our Air-tube headphones troubleshooting guide

Please note: For reasons of hygiene we cannot accept returns due to change of mind  or  earbuds not fitting properly.  The Air-tube headphones are supplied with three different earbud options to help with comfort for most-sized ears.

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Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 17 × 11 × 2.5 cm

FC12 (white), FC21 (gold), FC31 (black), FC31 (rose-gold)