EMF protection for the family on holiday

EMF protection for the family on holiday

Most of us strive to ensure our homes are safe environments for our families. For those of us who understand the dangers, this includes limiting or mitigating exposure to the harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by household technology. However, most of us also appreciate a change of scene, and so like to go away on holiday from time to time. Holidays are fantastic opportunities to relax, but they carry their own set of problems for those conscious of EMFs. Here are some of the things you can do if you want to have a stress-free holiday with less EMF exposure.

First of all, where do EMFs Come From?

An EMF, or electromagnetic field, is generated by any electrically charged objects. As you can imagine, this means that we are bombarded by EMFs on a daily basis. While some forms are natural, all of the technology we take for granted gives off unprecedented levels and varieties of EMF radiation. Given how little we know about the long term effect of the levels of exposure we are now experiencing, we need to make sure that we are adequately protecting ourselves, but that can be difficult when you are on holiday.

Holiday Travel

If you are conscious about the EMFs you are and your children are being exposed to, there are several things you can do whilst away on a holiday. Children are often glued to Smartphone’s and tablets during long journeys, and so one simple thing you can do is to ensure they carry phones in a bag or purse rather than close to their bodies. Similarly, getting them to switch to airplane mode while using devices on the go, and choosing wired over wireless headphones can help to reduce their exposure.

It’s not just about the journey of course – it’s equally important to keep an eye of their exposure once you’ve arrived.  Encourage them to make calls using headphone or a loudspeaker instead of holding smartphones directly to their heads, and make sure they’re not sleeping with or near their devices.

Airports and aeroplanes

Airports and aeroplanes abound with EMF radiation. The levels you and the family are exposed to is off the scale so make sure that while travelling you are fully protected as there is a way of avoiding it.


If you really want to reduce exposure whilst away, you can find accommodation which is either Wi-Fi free or at least only has Wi-Fi in the reception area. Though this can be difficult to find in today’s modern world, there are still establishments out there which specifically offer this sort of safe haven from EMFs.

Some resorts even offer a full digital detox service. You can travel and unwind in a tranquil setting with virtually no EMF exposure. This combined with the right preventative strategies could give your body and mind just the sort of holiday you need.

Further Protection

As it won’t always be possible to simply avoid EMFs, or even reduce proximity to technology, you need to also consider products that provide EMF protection. The easiest way to do so on the move is with one of our EMF pendants. These handy little items are in fact incredibly powerful at protecting from EMF as well as being beautifully made pieces of jewellery. They use unique, tried and extensively tested technology to counteract the harmful EMF radiation and so if you feel out of balance, one of these pendants might be exactly what you need.

Protection does not have to stop there. One of our most popular products is our compact but powerful P.E.BAL.  which produces a protective field of 36 meters. What’s more, the P.E.BAL is small enough to come away with you on holiday. Simply tuck it into your suitcase and then place in your hotel room for some powerful zone protection whilst away.

Protect Yourself No Matter Where You Go

Even on holiday, you need to be mindful about the EMFs you are exposing yourself and your family too. However, with the right EMF protection products and some smart choices before you go away, you can limit your exposure and concentrate on enjoying your time away with the family.


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