Vibrational Healing, Tesla, Pythagoras, and ancient Egypt

This is a great video that shows that vibrational healing has been around since at least the ancient Egyptians. Pythagoras worked it out and Nikola Tesla certainly knew all about it and put it to practical use. This video doesn’t identify what Tesla used to vibrate the bodies of his subjects but it was vey likely scalar waves, which he knew how to create and was certainly experimenting with.

Tesla and Twain: The Experiment

One lazy afternoon in the 1890s, legendary inventor Nikola Tesla was lounging around his laboratory with his good friend Samuel Clemens, also known as the famed writer Mark Twain. The two had a longstanding relationship, and Twain, who was notoriously fascinated with science and technology, was a regular visitor at Tesla’s laboratory.

Twain’s Health Woes

By this point in his life, Twain was, as Tesla described, “in the worst shape, suffering from a variety of distressing and dangerous ailments.” Thus, on this particular afternoon, Tesla suggested that Twain try out a new invention he’d been working on, a mechanical oscillator which sent vibrations through the body at various frequencies.

Unexpected Results from vibrational healing

Twain agreed and stepped onto Tesla’s machine. At the end of the process, Twain suddenly leaped up and rushed to the toilet with terrible diarrhea. Despite this, Twain would continue to use the machine daily for almost two months, at the end of which he had, in the words of Tesla, “regained his old vigor and ability of enjoying life to the fullest extent.” This was, in fact, exactly what Tesla had expected, the same results Tesla and his assistants had achieved during their experimentation with the invention.

Tesla’s Discovery

As Tesla described in his records: “I stepped on the platform and the vibrations imparted to it by the machine were transmitted to my body. The sensation experienced was as strange as agreeable, and I asked my assistants to try. They did so and were mystified and pleased like myself. But a few minutes later some of us, who had stayed longer on the platform, felt an unspeakable and pressing necessity which had to be promptly satisfied, and then the stupendous truth dawned upon me.”

“When I began to practice with my assistants mechanical therapy, we used to finish our meals quickly and rush back to the laboratory. We suffered from dyspepsia and various stomach troubles, biliousness, constipation, flatulence and other disturbances, all natural results of such irregular habit. But only after a week of application, during which I improved the technique and my assistants learned how to take the treatment to their best advantage, all these forms of sickness disappeared as by enchantment and for nearly four years, while the machine was in use, we were all in excellent health.”

Healing Potential

Tesla described this discovery and invention as his greatest contribution to human well-being, a bold statement for an inventor on the level of Nikola Tesla. Throughout the rest of his life, he would use his oscillation machine to treat people with a wide variety of health problems; from constipation to cardiovascular disease, injuries and infections, sleep disorders, and hormonal imbalances.

But exactly what was it that he had discovered? As Tesla himself said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Pythagoras: Pioneer of Vibrational Healing

Over 2500 years ago, legendary Greek thinker Pythagoras; the professed father of mathematics and geometry, as well as the first person to use the term “philosophy” was waking past a blacksmith’s shop, when he heard the sounds of hammers pounding on iron emanating from within. He stopped, noticing the hammers were producing curious harmonies. Intrigued, he ran inside to investigate.

After some examination, Pythagoras found that those hammers which were harmonious with each other had a simple mathematical relationship, namely that their masses were ratios or fractions of each other. This sent his mind racing, as he began to experiment, investigating and testing with liquids in glass, various pipes, and various lengths of stringed instruments he had created.

Soul Adjustments

The results of these experiments led Pythagoras to a stunning conclusion; that music was not only an expression of ‘sacred geometry,’ but that it was, in fact, medicine. He began to use the instruments he had created to perform what he called ‘soul adjustments,’ teaching that these adjustments would not only bring the soul into harmony. but purify the mind and heal the body.

As 3rd-century Syrian philosopher Iamblichus noted, “Pythagoras devised musical medicines calculated to repress and cure diseases of both bodies and souls.” In other words, Pythagoras was using vibrational medicine to treat a wide variety of illnesses and injuries, just as Tesla would thousands of years later.

Ancient Practices

Led by Pythagoras, the ancient Greeks became proficient with vibrational medicine. They would treat their soldiers by plucking strings of a bow-like instrument over injuries, creating vibrations which were shown to allow pus to drain more freely, and wounds to heal much faster. Further, they used healing chambers for “dream sleep,” where reverberant spaces inside temples would allow practitioners to, in effect, bathe in sound and vibration while they slept.

Egyptian Influence

Of course, the Greeks were not the only, nor even the first, ancient culture to use vibrational medicine. It is interesting to note that Pythagoras was the first Greek educated in the Egyptian secrets of science, medicine, math, and astronomy; this, during a 20-plus year stint he spent in the country.

Notably, a fundamental part of this secret Egyptian knowledge, which Pythagoras must surely have been exposed to, was a belief that sound and vibration had healing abilities. Consider the Egyptians used certain resonant vowel sounds in their ancient rituals; these vowels were considered so sacred that they were banned from everyday language and did not appear in the written language of hieroglyphics. Further, Egyptians used an instrument called a ‘sistrum’ during ceremonies, a rattle with metal disks attached to it, which has been shown to create exceptionally high levels of ultrasound.

There are some, such as Egyptian archaeologist Dr. Abd’ el Hakim Awyan, who believe that the pyramids themselves were used for sound healing. Dr. Abd’ el suggests that the large granite sarcophagi which have been found inside various pyramids were not sarcophagi at all, but rather conducive platforms for people to lie on and absorb sound vibrations resonating through the chambers. As he explains, “Every chamber within the pyramid has a specific harmonic replicating the harmonics of the cavities of the human body. Sound healing techniques were then used to restore the patient’s body to the correct harmonics.”

When considering whether the pyramids of Egypt were used in sound healing, it should be mentioned that a similar, much older temple was found on the island of Malta in the early 1900s, a Neolithic underground complex which displayed “exceptional sound behavior.” Archaeologist Fernando Coimbra described how, when within the complex, “he felt the sound crossing his body at high speed, leaving a sensation of relaxation. When it was repeated, the sensation returned, and he also had the illusion that the sound was reflected from his body to the ancient red ochre paintings on the walls.” Could this be the same effect Abd’ el is describing in Egyptian pyramids?

Crucially, the techniques and principles of vibrational medicine have only been enhanced and validated by modern science. Today, we use ultrasound to shatter kidney stones, break up blood clots, and for a wide variety of other therapeutic and diagnostic applications. We use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to excite the nuclei of atoms inside the body with electromagnetic fields and record the echoes they produce to create images of our insides. And we use various forms of vibrational therapy to treat everything from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, to depression, insomnia, and PTSD.

Modern Validation

Perhaps most notably, however, is the fact that science now recognizes that all matter is vibrating; that the universe is made up of energy, frequency, and vibration, as Tesla said. Not only that, but science recognizes that different frequencies affect the human body in different ways. For example, certain frequencies can cause DNA to repair itself, and others can cause it to mutate. Others still can cause cells to grow or to die, to divide or to metastasize. And we know that certain frequencies can synchronize brain waves, creating a whole-brain state which is associated with healing, relaxation, and creativity.

As Nikola Tesla, Pythagoras, and countless others throughout history have said, music is not just an expression of mathematics; it is medicine. And the good news is that music is everywhere, and everyone has access to it. So, what’s stopping you from taking your health into your own hands and harmonizing your soul today?

Bullet point summary:

  • Nikola Tesla introduces Mark Twain to a mechanical oscillator, leading to unexpected results but ultimately improved health.
  • Tesla’s oscillator invention is described as his greatest contribution to human well-being.
  • Tesla and his assistants experience significant health improvements after using the oscillator regularly.
  • The concept of vibrational medicine dates back to Pythagoras, who used musical instruments for healing.
  • Ancient Greeks and Egyptians utilized sound and vibration for therapeutic purposes.
  • The discovery of an underground temple in Malta with exceptional sound behavior supports ancient practices of vibrational healing.
  • Tesla’s experiments with his oscillator and vibrational medicine aim to reorganize the structure of the human body for healing.
  • Quantum physics principles and the optimal frequency of the human body are linked to health and disease prevention.
  • Experiments by Helene Grimal and Fabien Maman show that sound waves can cause cancer cells to disintegrate.
  • Vibrational medicine’s potential in treating a wide range of conditions, including cancer, is highlighted.
  • Sound therapy has been shown to reduce anxiety, depression, and improve conditions like arthritis and Parkinson’s disease.
  • NASA uses vibrational therapy to prevent bone density loss in astronauts.
  • Vibration therapy could be beneficial for patients with diabetes, cerebral palsy, and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • The foundational principles of vibrational medicine could revolutionize how medicine is practiced and how human health is approached.

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