Our second adolescence, Vibrational Healing – a new healing paradigm, and claiming back our power.

Hero of our own story

Unless you have been walking around with blinkers on for the last few years, you will know that there are big changes afoot on planet Earth.

To me we are clearly undergoing what I would call a collective second adolescence where we are being inspired, encouraged, and cajoled in some cases, to look at our lives in a more empowered way – something which offers exciting potential and fearful resistance in often equal measure.

Our first Adolescence

The dictionary says: Adolescence – a transitional period of development between an initial or early phase and an established or mature phase.

Our first adolescence was the leaving of the “initial phase” of our childhood home and going out into the “mature phase” of the big bad world on our own.

No more paid for accommodation. No more mum’s cooked meals. No more pocket money.
Instead, we were facing a job, college, self-catering, managing our finances, washing our own clothes… you get the idea.

Scary wasn’t it? On the plus side we could live by our own rules and so had a level of freedom not experienced in the family home. We had more freedom to behave the way we wanted and experience the feedback from the consequences – hopefully no more life-threatening than a bad hangover!

So that was the first adolescence and many of you who have read this far will have this done and dusted and will be wondering what could possibly be in store for us now. Others will be starting to get the idea and there are some who will be in the middle of this process right now.

So what do I mean by a second adolescence?

When we closed the door behind us on our childhood home, we were not exactly on our own in the wilderness were we?

If we went to college then we had various student bodies to assist with our accommodation, funding, and even health issues.

Out in the work force we likely took full responsibility for housing, food, insurance, and many other things.


But we still live under the umbrella of a government to take our energy in the form of taxes in “payment” for telling us what we could or couldn’t do with our lives to a great extent.


We have a medical system which thrives when we are sick, but which we still delegate our health concerns to with the hope that they will “fix” what ails us.


We are children of the one creator and no more separate from this loving power than a fish made from water is separate from the ocean it swims in, yet we have collectively delegated our spirituality to one of the many religions that kindly tell us what we should believe and whether or not we are worthy to commune with our Creator.

Victims or Heroes in our own story?

What our current situation has enabled is for us to be the victims in our own story. We have lived in a Newtonian physics world where things have been done to us and we have suffered or thrived as a result.

Our second adolescence is afoot. As the institutions of our old lives are exposed for all their limitations and we start to see things clearly then, painful and scary as it is, we are left with no choice but to start embracing the idea of full control and full responsibility for our own lives in every aspect.

A new Quantum Age.

We are now heading into the quantum age where everything can be understood as consciousness manifesting our reality through energy and frequency information.

We are the consciousness in this equation. We are individually and collectively creating everything, and it is happening FOR us and not TO us (even if this is not immediately obvious).

When we step into our full power as co-creators alongside our Creator, creating consciously whilst becoming the heroes of our own stories, then the possibilities for our lives are endless and beautiful beyond our current imagining.

Partners in your healing journey

Our part as Life Energy Solutions is to be part of the movement in the reclamation of power over our health.

We are often asked if our devices cure this or that disease. This is old, pre-adolescence, thinking where responsibility for our physical wellbeing is simply being shifted from one place to another.

The fact is that all dis-ease is in-curable – meaning curable from within!

Taking responsibility for your own healing journey doesn’t mean that you need do it all on your own. There are tools and guides to help. Use your intuition to find them and if you have found our QSB and QSB Wave in this process you can be sure that your intuition is working well and that your second adolescence is well underway.

Hopefully this adolescence comes without the acne!





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