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Our Most Popular Products:

Here’s a selection of products that can help you to further improve your well-being. This list will introduce you to four of our most popular products. These include the Blockit-Pockit, the Pyramid energy balancer, the Nu me necklace, and the Q.S.B. Each of these products has been specifically designed to help you to reduce stress, improve your energy, and protect yourself from harmful electromagnetic radiation.

We hope that you find something that appeals to you and that you will join the many satisfied customers who have already benefited from these fantastic products.

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  1. Blockit-PockIt

Are you tired of worrying about the radiation emitted by your phone? Blockit-Pockit offers a simple solution to keep you safe. Place your phone on one side for protection or in the center to live off the grid. Keep your cards safe too. Get Blockit-Pockit and stay protected.

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Blockit Pockit Cell Phone Radiation protector












2. EMF Protection Pyramid Power P.e.Bal.

Our Pyramid energy balancer is the strongest anti-EMF device in the market today. Protect yourself from harmful radiation and geopathic stress with a huge protective field of 36 meters. Its pyramid shape focuses on ambient life energy, making it a potent healing tool. Get yours now for a healthier, safer life!

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3.  Nu-Me Pendant Range

The Nu-me pendant is more than just a beautiful piece of jewelry, it provides complete energy protection and balance. It introduces a force that constantly interacts with your body’s energy to bring it back to a balanced state, combats the negative effects of EMF, and protects you from other people’s energy. It’s the perfect product to carry with you everywhere you go.

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4. QSB Quantum Scalar Box

Get ready for a life-changing experience with the Q.S.B. – the revolutionary device that heals stress like never before. With the power to generate healing scalar waves, including the ancient Solfeggio frequencies, it completely de-stresses the body in just 30 minutes. Don’t let stress hold you back – upgrade your life with the Q.S.B. today!

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Use Coupon Code FBTEN For 10% Off At Checkout