Protecting Yourself from EMF Radiation at Home This Christmas

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  • December 15, 2020
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Christmas has always been marked by a sense of safety. For just a few days each year, we are able to draw close to the ones we love, close the doors and the curtains, and detach ourselves from the rest of the world in favour of tradition, well-being, and a little much-needed indulgence.

The year has been a difficult one, for many reasons, and the need for us to find some respite from the insistent pull of everyday life is stronger, perhaps, than ever before.

Unfortunately, the things we hold most dear – safety, health, comfort and happiness – are all compromised by the presence of EMF radiation within our homes. It is not something we can simply close the door to, and ensuring that our minds and bodies are given the space to heal – now, and into the new year – we need to take the time to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our pets from harm.

Here are three steps to follow in order to make your home safe for Christmas, and for many Christmases to come.

1.     Knowing the Risks

EMF, or electromagnetic fields, exist to varying degrees of intensity around all of the electronic devices in our homes. Our Wi-Fi router, cell phones, smart meters – even our Christmas lights – all emit radiation, which poses a significant risk to our health and wellbeing. Mounting evidence is pouring forth in support of long-held suspicions that EMF is damaging our health. From the ways EMF elevate the risk of depression, other mood disorders and insomnia to physiological ailments as far reaching as chronic pain, allergies and even a growing risk of developing cancer, the sheer volume of evidence against dated safety reassurances is reaching a tipping point.

There are also those little Christmas extras to consider. As family begin to make their descent at Christmastime, for instance, that also means that the number of cell phones constantly emitting and receiving information within a confined space increases. Where, the rest of the year, you might have two or three cell phones switched on within the home at any given time, visiting family could double the number – at the very least – and create a space that is brimming with carcinogenic cell phone radiation. Without any cell phone radiation protection, everyone is incredibly vulnerable to the short- and long-term effects.

Finally, each year brings a new line up of enviable tech devices that will inevitably appear on their share of Christmas lists, but remaining mindful of the risks of integrating more and more technology into our lives should always come first. Wearable tech, for example, remain some of the most coveted devices on the market this year, and they promise very little benefit over our existing devices, with the added disadvantage that they remain in direct contact with our bodies, day and night.

2.     Protecting Our Loved Ones

While they come in all shapes and sizes, there is a wide range of EMF protection products capable of building a strong shield within your home, and harmonizing the energy to the benefit of your entire household.

With zone protection, many homes require only one device to achieve a high level of shielding against EMF radiation. When used in tandem with personal devices, such as the EMF protection pendant, the new routines and comings and goings of Christmas time can happily unfold without an onslaught of radiation occurring against our bodies.

We have talked before about how effective wearable wellness can be against wearable tech and cell phones, and giving family the gift of safety at Christmas is one of the greatest things we can do for the ones we love – now more than ever before.

3.     New Year, New Habits

Taking up new, beneficial habits is just as apt year-round, but Christmas gives us an excellent opportunity to reflect on the year as whole, our health and wellbeing, and our wishes for the new year. Ensuring that we take this opportunity, and use it to guide ourselves onto a more tenable pathway, will ensure that we are prepared for all the trials and tribulations of another year.

Adopt some (or preferably all) of these habits for a great Christmas, and a healthier new year.

  • Turn off the Wi-Fi at night, or whenever it is not in use.
  • Keep your cell phones out of the bedroom, and your pocket (unless you are using cell phone radiation protection)
  • Use your laptop at a hard surface, rather than on your lap.
  • Utilise personal devices, such as an EMF protection necklace, whenever you are travelling somewhere where zone protection is not in use. Ensure your children are protected at school.
  • Say no to a Smart Meter for your home, and exercise caution over any new piece of wireless tech, such as Smart Assistants and Smart Doorbells.
  • If you work with a computer, consider creating a wired connection via your ethernet port, rather than using Wi-Fi for hours on end.

As the year draws to an end, we all have more reason than ever to feel grateful for our own health and safety – and, of course, to reflect on the ways in which we can continue to protect ourselves as we enter into a brand new year.


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