2021: A New Year and New Risks

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  • December 18, 2020
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As another year draws to an end there is, no doubt, plenty of cause for celebration. But, if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that an increasingly modern world is apt to reveal new, unanticipated threats that put our health and wellbeing in peril – and that, in order to ensure a happy new year, we will need to be prepared for these mounting risks.

The Return to the Office

As 2020 draws to a close, and more of the world begins to consider reopening shared and social spaces, many are breathing a sigh of relief.

We have written before, however, about the manifold risks of office life, and of existing for hours each week within such an energetically volatile environment. Spaces devoted to modern tech, and to connecting one small group with the entire globe, pose a massive threat to our mental and physical health.

Consider how many people work within the average office, and the likelihood that every single one of those people owns a smartphone which is, at every moment, communicating with the outside world.

New Gadgets

Every year, a new string of gadgets and wearable technologies make their way onto the shelves. From virtual reality gaming headsets to ‘smart’ glasses and watches, it seems as though we need only wait a matter of months before the next device is touted as the height of modern convenience and luxury.

Armed with the knowledge of EMF, however, the story grows much more threatening. While our smartphones are capable of completing more than enough tasks on their own, new devices worn against the skin are promising very little in the way of additional benefits, at a much greater cost to one’s health and wellbeing.

Consider the fact that the FitBit is worn on the wrist, and is intended for use throughout the day and night – and some can even be worn in the shower. What this amounts to is unbroken, direct-to-skin exposure to EMF radiation, all of which is sold under the guise of supporting our health and wellbeing. The past few years have seen mounting evidence that confirms our worst fears: these devices have a psychophysical impact when worn on the body. FitBit induced insomnia, for instance is already documented, while other wearable tech such as smart glasses incur their own, localised symptoms.


While efforts to prioritise human health over a fifth generation mobile network have proven to be effective in some areas of the world, it is unlikely that the changes will take hold before further ‘progress’ is made.

Protests, demonstrations, and unbiased inquiries into the biological consequences of 5g, have signalled a significant, cross-cultural fear of the new technology. We are, it seems, collectively afraid of the potential this network has to impact our lives – but the power remains with governing bodies and tech giants for whom the introduction of 5G offers cold, hard profit.

This year has proven more than any other than human safety, and our ability to thrive within our own environment, matters very little to those in charge of the ‘grand scheme’ of things. 2021 will represent a time of mounting worry as 5G sinks its teeth into more and more towns and cities across the globe.

What We Can Do

Of course, it is not possible for us to shirk the office and stop working, even if our health is being jeopardised from the moment we step foot inside the building. It will become increasingly difficult to find an area of the world that remains untouched by the continued rollout of 5G. While we can easily avoid developing a dependence on new gadgetry, we cannot avoid those who do use them; we would have to become hermits to avoid the EMF overwhelming almost every corner of the globe each day and night.

In short, we cannot eliminate the threat – even if we do our very best to avoid it. What we can do, however, is ensure that we are shielding our bodies with an effective EMF blocker technology, rather than simply waiting for the day it overwhelms us entirely.

Shielding our bodies with the right EMF protection products and cell phone radiation protection is something none of us can afford to put off or neglect. The sooner we can feel confident that the rising levels of EMF colliding with our energetic systems each day is being mitigated by EMF protection, the more prepared we will be for the ‘progress’ that will mark the next few years.

There is little we can do to diminish our own exposure. Most jobs require a steady Wi-Fi connection, to say the very least, and none of us have the power – even, it seems, collectively – to completely stem the spread of 5G.

There remain, however, plenty of options for those who accept the danger, and understand the necessity for change in 2021, and beyond.


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