Is there a Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome Natural Treatment without Drugs?

Is there an effective Post Traumatic Stress Disorder treatment without drugs?

Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome Natural Treatment is possible.

Post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD a debilitating anxiety disorder triggered by exposure to a traumatic experience such as physical or sexual assault, exposure to disaster or accidents, combat or witnessing a traumatic event. There needs to be PTSD support as the condition can cause re-experiencing the original trauma(s) through flashbacks or nightmares.

There are now more people known to be suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder than ever before, a sign of the times. So not only does there need to be adequate PTSD support at all times, but there needs to be an effective Post traumatic stress disorder treatment, preferably without the side effects of drugs. Understanding the condition is the first step.

Approximately 25% of children exposed to family violence can experience PTSD. Clinical findings indicate that a failure to provide adequate treatment to children after they suffer a traumatic experience, depending on their vulnerability and the severity of the trauma, will ultimately lead to PTSD symptoms in adulthood.

PTSD is much more common following modern warfare, which may be explained by modern warfare being a new development and very unlike the quick inter-group raids characteristic in historic battles.

PTSD causes biochemical changes in the brain and body that differ from other psychiatric disorders such as major depression. Therefore a Post traumatic stress disorder treatment can’t be standardized along with other psychiatric drug treatments. But is there a Post-traumatic stress disorder treatment that doesn’t rely on drugs?

People with PTSD need care, support, understanding, and a way to stop their suffering.

Sam, an ex-marine suffering from PTSD, found a solution and generously shared it with us all. Watch the video.


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