How to cope with stress – Losing energy via technology.

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  • December 18, 2019
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How to cope with stress - Losing energy via technology.

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Being with people is often stressful. Why? Because they use us as an energy source, topping up their energy with ours. Being energetic beings, as quantum physics has proved to us, we now know that we run on energy. But don’t fool yourself in thinking that you need to be physically with someone for them to leach your energy and stress you out. When you are on your electronic device and think your safe – think again!

We all know people who are hard work to be around. People that feed off our energy by being a victim, a poor me, a bully, aloof, an inquisitor, or just plain self-obsessed bores wanting an audience. They are hard to be with and leave us feeling drained. They have robbed us of our energy and leave us feeling flat at best and unwell at worst. And definitely stressed.

We avoid them if we can to save our health, sanity and keep our stress levels down.

But, emails and texts are the modern way that these energy suckers drain us. No need any more to be in a face to face situation to be thrown off kilter, an email, message or text can be just as effective. And there is no let-up – these energy vampires, stress inducers are relentless. Technology just makes us more
accessible. Easier targets. This is terrifying, especially for the energy sensitive who normally try to shield themselves from negative people, negative stressful situations, and those they know will take their personal, precious energy.

So, read emails, messages and texts consciously. Look at the message behind the message. Don’t let yourself be bombarded with a prolonged thread of conversation, especially if it is going nowhere and it is obvious that your correspondent isn’t ‘listening’ to you. They only want to have their say, or most likely moan. Don’t get involved – cut it short.

Always remember that you are not here to be the source of anyone energy – except your own. It is up to all of us to recharge our own energetic batteries, in whichever way is best for us to relax and revitalize, be it meditating or working out at the gym.

Those that don’t do the relaxing, recharging for themselves are taking the route of least resistance or effort. They want you to do the work so that they can benefit. Maybe they don’t mean to. Maybe they are ignorant about how energy works. Maybe it is time for change. Maybe when you get a potentially energy draining, stressing email, message or text you enlighten them about topping up their energy for themselves, without involving you, or others. You would be doing them a favour – and yourself one. It will keep you vibrant and stress-free.

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