EMF and Household appliances

EMF and Household appliances

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Don’t underestimate the EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) Radiation from our household appliances that appear to be safe. While we are looking at the things that we are told may affect our health and wellbeing these apparent little innocents sneak under the radar.

Hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, power tools, sewing machines, mixers and of course your car, be it green and friendly or not, all have motors and these cause high levels of EMF radiation. Who would think that drying your hair, making a pair of curtains or putting up a shelf could be bad for your health?

Then there are electric blankets, electric clocks and the bed springs which re-radiate EMF to make even sleeping not so healthy. Add to that computers and TVs in the bedroom added to Wi-Fi makes sleeping very risky.

Fortunately, albeit too slowly, the truth is coming out about EMR and the health dangers associated. Even Insurance companies are worried about the affect EMF/EMR is going to have on their pockets.

“Household appliances, such as hair-dryers, electric blankets and vacuum cleaners, emit electromagnetic fields (EMF). Since EMF may cause biological effects in humans, household appliances may have higher risk exposure. The potential risk of EMF liabilities will impact general liability, workers’ compensation and product liability insurance.” Author: Riswadkar, A.V.

There is lots of research being done about how EMF affects us but there is still a lot of denial and is it any wonder when one considers the enormous impact admitting it will have one the big boys’ bank accounts.

In 2001 Dr Neil Cherry did this conclusive research into EMF so why oh why after all these years are we still being submitted to EMF without due care, and adequate protection.

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EMF makes insurance companies nervous- National Research Council’s (NRC) findings not stopping lawsuits.

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