Does using a cell phone cause insanity?

W-Fi in Schools - a precautionary approach.

When I used to see Someone Muttering to themselves I knew They were looney. Answering voices Inside their head.

Now Mutterers In business suits Or designer labels Are the norm. Yet still They’re disconcerting. Until you see The cell phone attached to their ear. Communicating with a voice unseen. Not in their head But someone else Of importance. Or not.

It seems That talking to oneself Is no more A declaration Of a insanity. Or is it? Is that busy Endless talking To A hidden voice Through A radiating ear piece. Frying Their brains Big-time – Sane?

Maybe not. Time will tell. With cancer Or Alzheimer’s Or just A headache So fierce It will drive them Insane. Who’s to say? Time will tell.


W-Fi in Schools – a precautionary approach.

EMF protection wide open

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