EMF protection wide open

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  • November 5, 2019
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EMF protection wide open

Scalar pendants, scalar waves, quantum technology, sympathetic resonance technology …… what does it all mean?

Energetic and protective product web sites are littered with these technical sounding words. They can be quite confusing to the uninitiated and energy aficionados alike.

Without pointing the finger in any specific directions some energetic pendant information on the web is presented as scientific-sounding gobbledygook, which seems to warp your brain as you read it and leaves you none the wiser about the product in question.

As an antidote I thought it might be useful to bring everything down to a state of simplicity so that regular human beings can understand it.

Scalar waves, life-energy, life force energy, scalar energy and zero-point energy are all different names for the same stuff. In the East they have a cultural understanding of this primal energy, which they have called Ki (Japan), Qi or Chi (China) Prana (India). In the West in the 1940s Wilhelm Reich identified this same energy and called it Orgone. Reich’s work was suppressed but quantum physics has identified an energy called zero-point, which is certainly the same thing.

Here at Life Energy Designs we have a unique insight and perspective as a result of direct experience with life-energy, which we can effectively manipulate using derivatives of Reich’s technology and even create (more correctly convert from electrical energy) using Tesla’s technology. We are therefore quite confident to present to you some simple truths about life-energy and how it relates to the human condition. So here they are in bullet form:

1) We are an energetic system emerging from and dependent on the vast field of universal zero-point energy.

2) We are constantly bombarded by energies from multiple sources.

3) Life-energy has some basic qualities, which can be beneficial or detrimental to wellbeing.

4) Life-energy is either harmonious / coherent or disharmonious / chaotic. The former supports life and wellness, the latter supports illness, death, and decay. EMF promotes the chaotic form.

5) Life-energy vibrates at a vast range of frequencies. Specific frequencies can have beneficial healing effects on living beings. Some frequencies can jam or otherwise impair our healthy functions (e.g. wi-fi)

6) Tesla technology can generate scalar waves from electrical frequencies. A scalar wave is merely life-energy vibrating at a specific frequency.

7) Scalar waves / frequencies can be recorded / programmed in some materials such as crystals and water. These frequencies then become a resource for healing when introduced to the human energy system.

8) The solfeggio frequencies are powerful healing frequencies that can be programmed into crystals and water with a Tesla technology scalar wave generator.

9) A pendant made from crystals charged with scalar frequencies makes these frequencies available to the wearer.

10) All crystals vibrate at the Schumann frequency (natural earth frequency) which helps connect the wearer to the earth and keep them grounded.

11) Reich’s technology, when used in conjunction with a crystal will constantly process and balance the energy of the wearer and his/her environment.

12) Moving and balancing energy will create a balancing / harmonizing field which is where the protective qualities of the pendant / device stem from.

So I hope this clears a few things up. We don’t do gobbledygook here on Life Energy Solutions. If you like to know how things work, you can always check out our technology page. If that doesn’t answer your questions, send us an email or give us a call we are always happy to enlighten – this is what we are about.

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