The blockit-pockit

The blockit-pockit

How much EMF protection is enough? Well the answer to this depends considerably on what is generating it and how close it is to the body. The cell phone is an incredibly useful and conversely incredibly disruptive device. It is transmitting strong signals in a frequency range that has the capability to jam our body’s own inter-cellular communication with corresponding health challenges. This takes it beyond just another chaos-generating piece of equipment and into a class with Wi-Fi, cordless phones and microwave ovens. The fact that we carry cell phones on our bodies all day arguably puts them in a class of their own.

Having their own class of problem has a meant we have sought out a new class of solution. We have already addressed the microwave radiation beamed into your head whilst calling with the RadiSafe, now we are addressing the emitted frequencies that the phone is beaming into your body as you carry it around. The only way to deal with frequencies is to block them. The trouble with blocking cell phone signals is then the phone will no longer receive calls.

Enter the blockit-pockit – a neat little carrying case for your phone with 2 options to block cell phone signals.

Option one will block any signals going from the phone into your body whilst still allowing the phone to connect with the towers and so receive calls.

Option two will stop all signals in or out of the phone leaving your callers with a “phone out of range” message. This is useful when you want to cut short a phone call from your mother-in-law (just kidding Dora) or you just want to drop out of contact in the movies or a meeting without the fuss off switching off your phone.

The blockit-pockit has other uses as well. You can put any other small electronic devices such as cameras, hard drives, to protect them from external radiation and block anything they might be emitting. You can put your RFID chip-enabled credit cards in the blockit-pockit to stop unscrupulous high-tech criminals stealing your identity or bank details by remote-scanning them.

The blockit-pockit is not a life-energy device so represents a slight diversion for us but in our quest to keep our customers protected and healthy, we know it is a valuable addition.


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