Smart Meters – This means War!

Smart Meters - This means War!

What is the story with these so-called smart meters? Call me a conspiracy nut if you like but there is something going on with how forcefully they are being introduced around the globe.

Here in New Zealand we turned away a meter installer who was ready, without any consultation with us, to switch off the power for two hours and install one of these things. We sent him packing but residents in Naperville have not been given this option:

Two vocal opponents of Naperville’s initiative to install wireless electric meters on homes were arrested after interfering with the installation process, according to city officials.

Police are accompanying crews this week as they install smart meters at homes that previously sent away installers.

“The previous installation attempts were met with some resistance and we wanted to ensure our employees’ safety,” City Manager Doug Krieger said. Source: Chicago Tribune.

The official story is that smart meters are designed to help us save electricity. I have not heard of anybody getting a Smart meter- generated report suggesting how they can do this. All the information is available to the power companies who can now tell when you get up in the morning, how many people live in the house, what electrical appliances you have and when you use them ….. and so on. A bit too Big Brother for my liking.

Big Brother issues aside, there is the health concerns associated with the additional source of EMF.

Here’s a very short video of a public health physician giving his take:



So they haven’t proved they are safe but are rolling them out anyway. Sound familiar? They never proved EMF radiation was safe and yet here we are experiencing 100 million times the levels of EMF that our grandparents experienced. How much this will increase when we all have these meters calling home 24/7, I don’t know. I have heard that some meters generate about 100 times as strong a radiation as cell phones and I do know that many of our customers are feeding back that they are sensitive to this and suffering adverse health effects.

And, if you think that the EMF is as bad as it gets, there are many reports of these meters catching fire and putting lives in more immediate danger:



If you still can, we advise putting a padlock on your meter box and refusing the installation of these meters – where you are legally allowed to do so. There are many protest/ activist groups being formed around the globe which might be able to offer local advice. One of our customers told us that here in New Zealand the power company Nova are offering subscribers the chance to remove their Smart meters for $80 – reason enough to switch over if you can. Read our other blog on Smart meters to see how some California residents got their meters removed.

For our part, we are releasing a product,which will block the signals from these smart meters from entering the house. Make sure you are on our mailing list to find out when these become available.

I am probably the most peace-loving person you will ever meet but I believe it is time for us to declare war (non-violently, of course) on these smart meters and the system that cares so little about our health and privacy that they will steam-roller over our interests.

Vive La Resistance!

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