2012 – The Movie. Hollywood FEAR Machine at work again.

2012 - The Movie. Hollywood FEAR Machine at work again.
Have you seen the new trailer for the movie 2012? It promises to be an action-packed thrill-fest. I have a problem with it.

It’s not like I wouldn’t enjoy it. I enjoyed the same team’s other films – Independence Day, Day After Tomorrow, Godzilla …. But what if the quantum physicists and mystics are right? What if we are living in a manufactured consensus reality – an ilusionary projection of our collective consciousness?


Do you see the problem? If enough people watch these type of films and take it on board that this is what we have to look forward to, could this not be manifested in our experience? This would make our film makers and media networks the most powerful people/ institutions on the planet.

I don’t see this problem with Godzilla and films with other far-fetched scenarios. I doubt many people will leave the theater looking up and down the street fearful of giant lizards.

Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow and now 2012 fall into a different category. Each of these play on things that have a very real presence in the human consciousness and throw a completely negative and fearful light on them.

I prefer my Aliens benevolent and non-invasive. I prefer climate change to be gradual so that I can save up for double glazing and more thermal underwear. I prefer a vision of 2012 where mankind steps up towards his/her true potential.

Whatever the future holds I do know that fear is not the answer. Ultimately our choices boil down to two things – love or fear. I choose the former and will leave this movie where it belongs – unviewed.


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