You Won’t Believe How EMF Affects Your Body

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  • December 19, 2019
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You won't believe how EMF affects your body.

You Won’t Believe How EMF Affects Your Body



When we’re exposed to EMFs our bodies, that are electrical, at the base level, when we talk about signals that go from our brain, or even at the cellular level, when we’re exposed to those – what is happening, you know, even at the cellular level, or a little bit bigger? Well what’s happening-first of all, is these holes and our cell membranes, and so that’s causing calcium leakage. Calcium, it needs to be in a very narrow range in the body to do all of the

things that it does, and so that’s changed the calcium inside and outside. The cell is no longer in balance because of these holes because they’re leaking out. In fact, they’ve done autopsies on autistic kids. Their brains show all this calcium imbalance throughout their brain, and so, these electromagnetic radiations are, first of all, causing those holes. Then they cause oxidation damage and that oxidation damage just raises havoc at the level of the cell.

DNA Damage

it’s (EMF) breaking our DNA. It breaks both single and double stranded DNA. So, the difference between these radiations in nuclear ionizing – an x-ray and all that is called ionizing, and it breaks the DNA immediately. These radiations are slower in so far as breaking the DNA. They vibrate the DNA until it finally does break. It still breaks. just takes longer. And it’s all cumulative. You know they put the lead apron on you in the dental chair because ionizing radiation’s cumulative, well this is cumulative too- so the people who find me, who are sick like I was. I became very sick from electromagnetic radiation. I’m very sensitive to it and so by the time they find me they are they are very, very sick and they’re usually been around radiation a long time –  usually toxic – have some type of heavy metal poisoning or pesticides -or you know just eating today all the pesticides in our food.

So they are the ones, the ones with the toxic load and being around the (EMF) radiation a long time so the cumulative level is totally raised. They are the ones who are as sick as I was.

What happened for me was that being in California by the time the smart meter installations got into our area, into our city, a judge ruled  that this can’t be mandatory and so we opted out – it is called a permanent opt-out list. We called The Electric Company and said we want to be opted out. I educated our neighbours got our neighbours on both sides to opt out so when they started rolling out the smart meters on our street I thought “hey I’m fine like nothing around me”  They started Monday morning, Thursday afternoon I had a rash on my ankle. I know I had a doctor’s appointment next week so I thought I’ll ask her what it is.  Then the rash was all the way up my leg – totally solid on my leg, and she looked at it –  she goes well it’s some type of inflammation. it’s not scabies and she gave me some head to toe.


I could not pick up my cell phone, if I turned it on, I’d get itchy buddy sores erupting on my ankle within seconds. I couldn’t be on a computer anymore. Itty-bitty sores up my nose  and arm, and I was only halfway through writing my first edition of my EMF freedom radiation book, and I had to quit work. I couldn’t work. Then I also found out that if I was around anybody’s cell phone it would feel like a sharp knife in me. It was just horrible –  knives ten people, ten knives, hundred people hundred knives. I even quit going out in public because it was so painful and if I walked near my neighbour’s house – it had a smart meter – knife same sharp knife.


And I found out about grounding. in grounding I was going down to the beach and there weren’t smart meters along the buildings on the beach yet I could lay on the beach and I feel better, I would recover, but then they started rolling out the smart meters on the building’s next to the beach and I’d lay on the beach and start feeling the knife again. So, I am definitely electromagnetic sensitive.

I’ve been on computers since they were invented. I’ve been a researcher so I’ve been on them 12 -14 hours a day. When I have a book coming to publication sometimes seven days a week. Even so, I have been on the computers a lot. Plus, I have a history of mercury poisoning. 15 years ago I almost died from mercury from a dental from the fillings in my teeth. So, I know I have this mercury problem – half of the people who find me have a history of mercury poisoning . They know they’ve been exposed to the mercury and so what happens is that you open up all the cells. You open up the protection barriers, that mercury – you know – come on in to destroy me. I mean, literally, that’s what’s happening with electromagnetic radiation.

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