What are Seashells good for?

Seashells are not just another miracle of nature they have, because of their construction from sacred geometry and the ocean as their habitat, a profound energy. This is why they have been used for thousands of years for healing and protection.

Wise ancient peoples used them as protection from negative energy and as tools to kindle intuition and deepen spiritual connection. They knew of their healing properties, using them in conjunction with energy and spiritual healing. This is still common practice today.

Shells have been used in spells, as a talisman and good luck charms. They have been and still are used to in spiritual practices and meditation. They are often used in conjunction with crystals as they compliment each other.  They are commonly used to cleanse the aura and balance the chakras.

Seashells have a gentle energy which is often described as feminine. Considering their birthplace in the ocean this is perfectly understandable. They are influenced by the moon and the movement of the tides. The rhythmic rolling of the waves are their cradle. They absorb the energy of their surroundings, as all living things do, and this makes them energetically strong with the magical qualities they have. And like crystals different types of shells have different qualities.

When we were guided to use a shell to incorporate in our energetic product range, we found a clam shell. These are given as a talisman for protection and are famously used for purification, a gift of love and to bring good fortune.

Our Clam Shell Shields hold more than just the shell energy and properties – although they retain those too – they have our unique technology encased within them that give them the same properties as all our other energetic products. They also hold crystals in them that are working as part of the technology. They are also embedded with Scalar waves in the Solfeggio frequencies. Powerful!

The Shell shield creates a balancing, harmonising energy field around them that not only protects against EMF but also any unbalanced energy.

What can you use a Shell shield for?

  • They are great as a healing tool, holding one on an area of pain will unblock the energy that is causing it. Blocked energy is what also causes illness and dis-ease.
  • Hold it for a deeper meditation.
  • Hold it when feeling stressed – it will help you relax.
  • Hold it when depressed or feeling blue it will lift your spirit.
  • Put it under the pillow to get a better night’s sleep.
  • Put it in a child’s room to stop night terrors.
  • Put it in a child’s cot/stroller for EMF protection.
  • Put it in a child’s school bag to protect them from EMF.
  • In the car it will provide protection from EMF (cars generate a lot of electromagnetic radiation as do all things with motors)
  • In an office drawer or on the desk it will protect from all the EMF that abounds in this environment.
  • Workshops are EMF dense also. One there will protect you personally.
  • Keep one in your pocket for personal protection not only from EMF but also other people’s negative energy and ‘stuff’.

So, next time you walk on a beach littered with seashells, that once housed little creatures, and one looks extra beautiful pick it up and feel its energy – it could be a meaningful talisman nature is giving to you.


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