What are panic attacks?

What are panic attacks?

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Panic attacks are more common than you think. But knowing that doesn’t help when you are in the middle of one. If you’ve never had one and you probably have if you are reading this. They vary very much in magnitude from a raised heart beat to full blown sheer panic and loss of control.

A Stressful situation leads to panic and the resulting panic attack leads to more stress. It is a very vicious circle. Unless you break it, it is completely debilitating and all consuming.

I’ve had panic attacks – but not for ages. In fact looking back I had them quite regularly – but then life seemed to be full of stress. Lifts used to be a big one. They are for a lot of people. Confined space, lack of control, the mind going over time about mechanics breaking down, doors refusing to open and the lift plummeting to ground zero. The mind has been fed on these scenarios in films for ever. It makes for good tension and fear in movies but it brain washes us, like so many other things, into fear mode – which leads to – stress – which leads to panic attacks.

Any way I had forgotten what it felt like to be in the throes of a panic attack. I am pretty laid back about most things. Well that’s a lie I cope without panic. That is until I did a very ordinary thing that I have done dozens of times – took my car into the car wash. It wasn’t one of those with rotating brushes that love to snatch your wing mirrors and chew your trims. It was the spray several times with fluorescent foaming agents and then air blow dry. The wash isn’t spectacular but it does the job, sort of.

I lined up the car until the red stop light flashed on and sat back for the soap show to begin. As the car got covered, and the interior grew dimmer, my heart started to pound and I started to feel sick. I wanted to open the door and run. Except I couldn’t and the giant machine continued to encase me and my motor in a mixture of more and more pink and blue bubbles. The more I realised that I was trapped and helpless, the more I wanted to get out.

How long does the wash take? Not long enough to get a really clean result, but by the time the gigantic motor contraption shuddered to a stop, and a green light replaced the red, I had started the car and shot out. I swear that if there had been a police speed trap in the fuel station forecourt I would have been given a speeding ticket. I felt weak, I felt sick and doubt whether I was even fit to drive.

Back home, calming down with a cup of tea, I pondered as to why I had had a panic attack so out of the blue. What had triggered it? I thought of the formula of stress leading to panic leading to a panic attack. I wasn’t stressed – was I? I couldn’t come to a conclusion and anyway I had the start of headache. Headache – it started to dawn on me. I felt for my Nu-Me protective pendant, I wasn’t wearing it. I always wear it, night and day, but after putting it on a fancy chain to go out to the cinema I had neglected to put it back on.

There-in lay the answer. The Electromagnetic radiation from that gigantic motor in the car wash had knocked my body for six. It had stressed it, thereby stressing me – panic – panic attack. I was vulnerable without my protection.

Now not all panic attacks are caused by EMF, but electromagnetic field radiation has been proven to cause stress. Whatever the cause of the stress, and the possibility of panic attacks, have a look at the Nu-Me* as a way of keeping you calm not only from EMF but all the things that trigger stress – panic – panic attacks in your life. After my little saga in the car wash I will NEVER go anywhere without mine – EVER. I really don’t want to face another panicky situation – alone!


*The beauty of trying the Nu-Me is that it carries a 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked.

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