EMF in cars

EMF in cars

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Some time ago we wrote an article about  dangerous levels of EMFs in some hybrid cars.  A little more research shows that modern petrol / diesel vehicles can be even worse in some cases.

The problems are:

1.    You are in a metal box , which traps electrical fields within it.
2.    The alternator is the equivalent of a sizeable motor generating significant EMFs
3.    Petrol-driven cars have spark plugs generating EMF from high voltage.
4.    Modern cars have wi-fi and Bluetooth – both rattling around the metal cage.
5.    Turn on the A.C and EMF levels rise quite sharply.
6.    GPS units communicate with satellites and this adds another significant source of EMF.
7.    All the electronics are up-close by design so you can’t easily distance yourself – especially if you are in the front.
8.    Even the wheels turning relative to the brake drums generate high EMF and static electricity.
9.    Use a cell phone in a car and it has to boost its signal strength to get through the metal chassis – more power beaming into your head.
10.    Depending on your driving habits you can be exposed to the fields without relief for long durations.

Some cars are better than others but you will be hard pressed to find EMF emission data from the manufactures. If you are looking to buy a new car it might be a good idea to buy or borrow a Tri-field meter to take on your test-drives.

I managed to find some data on the web showing the different EMF exposure for the driver in a range of vehicles. These are all 2000 and older so a lot of modern car electronics are not in the equation.

The variation is massive even with the same manufacturer.  As an example if you drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee 1995 model you are exposed to a massive 110mG with the engine idling but if you drive a Jeep Grand Wagoner 1989 you are only exposed to 2.5 mG.

Whatever car you drive, we recommend putting your car keys on a Kibal to protect everybody in the car and make your journey a lot sweeter.


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