Top 5 EMF protection products

Top 5 EMF protection products

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Top 5 EMF protection products

Are you concerned about how electromagnetic fields may be affecting your health? In the modern world, we are bombarded by dangerous EMFs from an ever-expanding list of sources. These fields are produced by any electrically charged objects; and thus all of the gadgets, gizmos and accessories we use in our daily lives produce them. There has been much scientific debate on how harmful these fields are to the human body, but a growing number of people are demonstrating sensitivities to EMFs and have reported a range of negative health effects, including headaches, nausea, stress, depression, insomnia and more. Luckily, there are some ways to protect yourself from the effects of these insidious forces. Here are some of the top EMF protection products we offer, all of which are designed to significantly reduce the impact of EMFs on our bodies and minds.


The POWER P.E.BAL is the latest and greatest EMF protection product on the market. It is a stunning stainless pyramid engraved with symbols for protection, infinite love, healing, and quantum energy. Although it stands at only 4 cm, you shouldn’t doubt the healing power of this top product as it can transmit a healing radius of over 30 metres (32 yards). This makes it perfect for any home or office environment and allows multiple people to benefit from its protective qualities.

The POWER P.E.BAL is actually the strongest device we offer here at Life Energy Solutions. So if you are looking for some serious protection against 5G, Wi-Fi, and other modern interferences, this is the perfect solution.

The Ki-BAL

If you like the sound of the P.E.BAL, but want something more compact and therefore portable, you should check out the Ki-BAL. This is a mini pyramid which does everything its big brother does, just on a smaller scale. With a protection radius of 12 meters (approximately 12 yards), the Ki-BAL’s handy keyring means you can attach it to your keys or bag so that you are protected in your car and on the go. The Ki-BAL provides excellent protection on the move as well as in a smaller office or home space.

The Nu-Me Skinny Range

If you are searching for a personal EMF protection product other than those already listed, you might want to consider an EMF pendant like those in the Nu-Me Skinny range. This is an updated version of our much-loved Nu-Me pendant and features two stunning designs on a reversible pendant. One side features the classic Nu-Me spiral, while the other side has one of three beautiful designs. Available in both silver and copper and capable of generating a protective field of 6.5m, the calming and strengthening properties of these necklaces have been scientifically tested and the results can be seen for yourself here.

The Zen Stones

Modelled on real stones and cast in a gorgeous pewter, these Zen Stones are available in three different sizes to suit your needs. The smallest is the Hope Stone; compact enough to slip into a handbag while still offering you approximately 12 metres or 15 yards of protection.

The next size is the Peace Stone, which offers 17 metres (or 18 yards) of protection. This will provide you with a good sized bubble of protection and is ideal for creating a zen atmosphere for anyone struggling to sleep at night.

The largest Zen Stone is the Love stone. It generates a massive harmonising field of 21 metres (or approximately 22 yards) which makes it ideal for someone looking to restore balance to their entire home or workplace.

Each one of the Zen Stones comes in its own velvet pouch with an inspirational card. You can buy each of them separately or together as a set for maximum protection. Owning the full set will allow you to fully benefit from each stone individually and then an impressive 29 metres (31 yards) of protection when distributed strategically throughout a given environment.

The RadiSafe

Your cell phone is one of the biggest producers of EMF in your everyday life, and it’s also one that you often keep close to your body, and even hold to your head. Luckily, we have products that dramatically reduce the impact for every member of your family while they text, call or browse the net. The RadiSafe is a small shield which you can add to your mobile or cordless handsets. Thanks to the scalar frequencies in the crystal of the shield, you will have 95% protection from the EMFs produced by your device. This is one of the top protectors on the market and you will struggle to find a better solution.

Use it on its own, or combine it with one of the products listed above for more complete and balanced protection.

If you think you are sensitive to EMF, consider investing in one of our top products. Don’t suffer from ill effects and risk serious health problems from accumulative effects when there are easy, scientifically-backed solutions that can help you and your family. Take the first step to living a healthier, EMF-protected life today.


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