Rande, Hawaii

  • January 28, 2022
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Energy wand experience

Yes of course, you may share my experiences with others. The Wand clock-wise over the head has caused different reactions in family members from feeling dizzy to feeling something swirling above the head to a mild pain/headache. These feelings go away in a matter of 1-2 minutes. I know it’s working because everyone seems to have a sense of peace and calmness after.

BTW the p.e.bal and ki-bal are amazing also. And thank you for the surprise gift with each order that I have placed. I have given 2 of the pendants to 2 of my very good friends. I know that they are not as “strong” as the other products but I hope that it will help them with some healing.

I would like to add another reaction that my 86 year old mother and my 70 year old sister-in-law had.  They both started to sweat profusely after a session.  They felt fine but were just totally drenched.  They both had had knee surgery’s recently and my mother had a bladder infection that required antibiotics about 2 weeks ago.  My sister in law had also taken antibiotics for some other infection which I can’t recall at the moment.  The wand has helped both of them with their knees.  My granddaughter has eczema which flares up especially when it’s hot and humid.  The wand has helped her also.  I swirled the wand under another granddaughter’s armpits and low and behold………..stinky’s went away!!!  My grandson has just gotten 4 teeth extracted today.  I am wanding him now.  He feels much better.  No pain so far.  Happy! Happy! Thank you again

Rande, Hawaii


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