Karina Keyes, NZ

  • January 28, 2022
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Great EMF protection products

I’m absolutely thrilled to have won the ki-bal. I have just started a new job and around computers for a large part of my day – which is normally not a problem at home as we already have the P.E Bal and love. Now I feel that I also have my protective ki-bal at work – the timing could not have been better for me.

Thank you again for the opportunity to win this We love your products and also use the RadiSafe on all our mobile phones. Next will be the block-it-pocket for all of us.

I must add that I always enjoy finding the newsletter in my ‘inbox’. It’s always nice to read what other people enjoy about the products. I’m always passing on how great your products are, and have also successfully encouraged many of my family and friends to get the P.E Bal and RadiSafe.

Karina Keyes, NZ


Rande, Hawaii

Kris, NZ