Margie Slinger, NZ

  • January 27, 2022
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My terrified screaming would wake both me and my husband David. It would feel as though there was some thing there. Nothing that I could put a name to and not at all like waking up from a night mare. It terrified me. I lay awake afterwards for hours, afraid to go back to sleep.

It started, what ever “it” was, some years ago, happening once or twice a month for several years. There was no pattern to it nor did it happen in a particular location – several bedrooms, my own and hotels, different cities and even countries. The “attacks” always caught me unawares and left me mentally, emotionally and physically disturbed. It was also distressing for my husband to be frequently woken believing that I was being murdered.

The technology that we were using and later manufacturing to balance disturbed energy and protect against EMF had never laid claim to curing Night terrors. But suddenly mine stopped. It was only when a customer that had bought one of our devices for a sleeping problem and reported that her infants Night Terrors had ceased (her insomnia was also cured) did we associate the two.

Since then we have firstly trialled the devices and subsequently sold hundreds for both children and adults who suffer from this mysterious and very frightening condition.

Margie Slinger, NZ


A & J Longmuir, NZ

Night Terrors