A & J Longmuir, NZ

  • January 27, 2022
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We have been using Nu-Me and p.e.bal products personally and in our clinic. We are extremely happy with the results and benefits of them and strongly recommend them to our patients.

Along with its many other benefits we find the p.e.bal is particularly beneficial for people who suffer from disrupted sleep. All who have used it have noticed marked improvements.

We find many people who come to us are suffering from EMF radiation – from cell phones, home portable phones, computers, TV, cars, air travel – this is extensive. We recommend the Nu-Me as protection from this radiation. The results of using the Nu-ME & p.e.bal are fast and effective. Patients note among other things more energy, a feeling of wellness, better sleep, less headaches, easing of muscle pain. All have noticed improvement.

A & J Longmuir, NZ


Deborah Meyer, USA

Margie Slinger, NZ