Margaret Lovell, U.K.

  • January 27, 2022
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Margaret Lovell is a renowned U.K sculptor http://www.margaretlovell.co.uk/ who suffers from electrosensitivity. She was interviewed by a U.K TV show about her condition. See this story on video: Electrosensitivity case study.

Hi David, Sorry to be so long in getting back to you with the promised comments. But I have wanted to see how things have gone on and I have to report that I am very pleased and very grateful to you. I wear the pendant all the time except in bed as I find it a bit heavy then. So I always have it under my pillow and then sleep with my palm on it and when I turn over I take it with me so the other palm is in contact……unless I am peacefully asleep anyway! That brings me to my major point! Totally changed/improved sleeping pattern. this is a major breakthrough for me because previously I was awake ALL night some nights and sometimes got to sleep from sheer exhaustion at about 7 am until 9am by which time I would then feel groggy as the day was moving on and I was still very tired. Other times I used to have just two or three hours on a good night. There have been a few occasions when I have been in tears because of feeling so wretched due to lack of sleep. I had had relaxing bathes, Melatonin, nice warm comfy bed etc. but nothing helped…….until now!!!!! Now I sometimes sleep as long as 7 hours which is like a revolutionary experience for me. thus I feel more energetic and able to cope with general life and busyness. I had been sceptical about the bad effects of my recent flights to and from TX but again it has not been nearly as traumatic as all the other times I have travelled.
When I started wearing the pendant first I did have a kind of detox time of feeling a bit woozy and worse which I welcomed as I knew something was happening then but after about a week I was feeling much better than before and the sleeping help kicked in almost at once. I still cannot be on phone or PC for long without feeling unpleasant effects but I can stay with these longer than before and with patience and careful ‘rationing’/avoidance, I hope things will improve further. THANK YOU!

PS. David what I may not have made clear in my other email is that it is the sleep pattern (or lack of it) which is so vital in overcoming the problems caused by this exposure. So the improved sleeping is a fantastic healer of the EMS so the body can cope, otherwise it is constant bombardment with no respite.

Margaret Lovell, U.K.


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