Franz G, NZ

  • January 27, 2022
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Hi there, I think, the time has come, for me to tell about my experience with the Nu-Me pendant… at first , I came across the pendant on Trade Me .[N.Z’s answer to Ebay].. I followed it’s thread and came to life-energy… it was interesting to read about the P.e.bal and all that life transforming effects it has on people… yeah.. right… I am always open to new things… but I am also a healthy skeptical…and it took me to do a bit more research and reading… about Reich… and what that mans ideas were… before I decided, to order a P.e.bal… the only way to find out, is to try out.

I didn’t tell my wife ,or my children… for me to see, whether the P.e.bal works, I thought it would be better not to tell anybody… so I didn’t. You see, I wanted to be sure… so I didn’t fill my families minds with what I found out… I brought the P.e.bal home and placed it on a window amongst other ornaments ..in the room we are most in… nobody noticed it and I forgot about it too… not for long though… I have got two teenage boys… and the first thing I noticed they have become calmer ..there seems to be more harmony in the house, my wife has noticed it too… and after I have noticed some differences what I perceived to be differences I let them in to the secret… the kids reaction was yeah yeah what ever… but my wife agreed , she could see the changes too… there is definitely something magical about the P.e.bal.

HOWEVER… I wasn’t totally convinced… my sleeping or better not so good sleeping hasn’t had much of an improvement… so I ordered a Nu-Me pendant… again,to find out you have to try out… upon its arrival; it looked more beautiful than expected ,I have scrutinized it under the microscope and found it masterly crafted. The day my pendant arrived, my life changed… that was four month ago… I am calm as! even though my job is one of the most stressfully jobs you can image… nothing seems to be a problem… my energy flow in my palms of my hands sometimes is so strong ,that I use it to relieve pain in my wife’s neck… at night, I take the pendant off and place it on the light above my head..and first thing in the morning after my shower, the Nu-Me goes round my neck..several times a day I feel for it..just to make sure its there… sleeping had been a problem for me for quite some years,but I am happy to say that my sleep
has improved… not that it’s perfect… But I definite sleep better and feel more rested… there are lots of other things, I have noticed too… all.positive things but I will leave that for now.

Well, the story goes on a bit further… my mother back in Germany had a small stroke at the age of 91. up on until then, mum always has been a very active person , physically and mentally top notch….she only given riding up a bicycle the year before… anyway the stroke knocked her back and she needed help… having been independent and living alone in a big bungalow, that was a big blow… mum felt depressed and niggly… and she didn’t like the live-in housekeeper and things didn’t look to rosy… anyway I have send her a Nu-Me pendant …didn’t say too much ..just got her to promise me to wear it… a few weeks later in one of our phone conversations she mentioned to me that she can feel something and that she feels calmer… I haven’t asked her or mentioned the pendant at all… for her to say to me… It works was very good news.

Having all these good experiences…and having talked to the greatest septic ever , my wife,…she too wanted to try a pendant..So we got another pendant, a mini [Compact] this time… my wife is very sensitive, and we wanted to be gentle. Now this again was a few weeks ago… and since then, all these positive things are happening… she noticed her sleep has improved and she can deal with her job a lot easier too… there is so many things that has happened… it is all very subtle and gentle… but it is definitely happening…SO I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the truly life transforming experience.

Franz G, NZ


Night Terrors

Margaret Lovell, U.K.