Mandy, Waiheke Island

  • January 28, 2022
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Life changing products

Earlier last year after trawling many websites and suppliers to find quality EMF products I found Life Energy. My focus was to have a user friendly and primarily NZ supplier and product. I live and work on Waiheke Island which is a paradise indeed but I still work in a VERY charged environment. I have salt lamps and have tried various EMF reducing items in the past to cope with the “buzz”.

At that time I purchased the Elan necklace and two Ki-bal key rings for my personal use and I now have a totally different home and workplace. I can now cope with any electronic environment whether it be at work, in front of the TV or computer, on a plane or in the middle of the city! It would also seem to have a very positive effect on those family, friends and workmates, within the general radius.

I am now purchasing a Pizazz necklace (and crystal necklace as a mothers’ day present!) to back up my initial Elan style one. Many people comment on the necklace that I wear 24/7, so it is a great conversation piece and an excellent opportunity to tell them about your products.

I would just like to say thank you very very much for having such great NZ products that can indeed change people’s lives. Your customer service and newsletters are awesome and I will continue (with great enthusiasm!) to tell all and sundry about you.

Mandy, Waiheke Island


C.H, Australia

Reina Cottier, NZ