C.H, Australia

  • January 28, 2022
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How EMF Protection products have changed life

I am wearing your Nu Me pendant and loving it. My husband bought some products a few weeks ago from your site. I am finding that I can work on the computer now without that tell-tale head fugue which usually comes on after about an hour. So hooray, I can do more work with less negative effects………

I think this EMR is a big Elephant in the room and will possibly be like the passive smoking issue though hopefully it won’t take as long to get the info out there. Your website is wonderful – I’m so grateful for all the research you guys are doing. Thank you.

I’m excited because I am a garden designer and now can put all my photos onto my iPad (which I rarely use due to EMR!) to show my clients without feeling the effects on my brain. I once had a client open up his laptop and I felt an instant headache. I asked him to turn it off and he was startled. People who aren’t sensitive to it have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about. I tell them it’s a bit like if I didn’t have a sense of smell and they did and were trying to describe the lovely scent of a gardenia. I would have no clue what they were on about. They seem to get this more than when I start ranting about how toxic it all is.

The reason I went in the competition for the Ki bal is that I want to put it on my key ring for my clients now that I’m going digital with my work folios. I have my pendant and a phone shield on but it seems unfair to pollute the punters!”

C.H., Perth, Australia


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