Stopping 5G and how to live with 4G

Stopping 5G and how to live with 4G

Fear about 5G

People are running scared. The world is fuelled on fear because it is a reliable control mechanism. We can buy into it, or not. The choice is ours.

Every day we get emails from frightened people that are looking over their shoulders at shadows. They are swallowing all the reverberating fear-mongering and running scared. Now I’m not saying that there isn’t a lot to be concerned about, but concern is not fear. 5G is a monster that is being foisted on us by the very people that are trying to frighten us to death. This time their tune is somewhat different to suit their agenda. They are extolling all the virtues of having 5G and keeping silent about the dangers. It suits them. They are still controlling us. But it will only work if we let them. When in fear mode we can easily forget that we do have a choice.

Do we have a choice about 5G?

All of us have an inbuilt safety system, let’s call it intuition. Or gut instinct if you prefer. We were designed for self-preservation.

Now if we buy into all the negative hype around us – from whichever direction it may come – we are giving up our power of ‘knowing’. We are allowing ourselves to be pawns in the game of control and manipulation. So, let’s back-up here – life has no victims, other than those that make themselves one. We create our own realities, our lives, and are the ones in control of how we choose to live it. Things may happen around us that we seemingly have no control over, yet ultimately, we do – we can control how we handle it. What our emotional response is. How much we let it affect us. Whether it dominates our life so much that we stop ‘living’. And live in fear.

What can we do about 5G?

5G is a dark prospect, already a reality for some. Do we curl up and give up? Or do we acknowledge that if we listen to our survival instinct in our guts, we can use our collective force – whether it be signing petitions, prayers, visualization, or our power of creation – to stop it?

To all those that have written to me afraid of 5G and ready to give up, I say “You have the power. You have the ability. You have the inbuilt knowing of what is best for you and how to achieve it. So – do it. Because – you are so very worth it.”

Living with 4G

In the meantime, we are living with 4G which although tame in comparison with 5G is pretty nasty and does our health and well being extensive damage. The Late Dr Neil Cherry did extensive research on this. Read his research and papers. 4G makes it possible to live with the convenience that most of us now expect – we couldn’t live without it and even though it might improve the quality of ‘life’ it certainly doesn’t improve the quality of our health. And it is too late to stop it!

What can we do about protecting ourselves from 4G

Short answer: everything possible. Longer answer: being conscious about how and when we use our electronic equipment, tools and devices. The definitive answer: protect ourselves.

EMF protection is a must in this day and age. Those that ignore the fact are reckless. They are playing Russian roulette with their lives. And often sadly with the lives of their vulnerable family. EMF protective products are now becoming more easily available. Do your research and see what is available either to protect all the people in a  ‘space’ or EMF jewellery to protect yourself or loved one personally. Don’t buy without finding out about the technology that is used to make the EMF protective product and the testing that has been done on it.

Look at returns policies and company history. Do you want an expert in the field to guide you or do you want to make a quick purchase because you know what you want? Make sure that if the product suits you and if it doesn’t can you exchange. As with most things in life it is different strokes for different folks. As an individual, you need to make sure that your protection covers YOUR needs.

We are certainly not going to put the clock back to the days where all electrical wires were encased in metal pipes and earthed, and all phones were landlines without cordless handsets. When EMF radiation was unheard of. Times have moved on. Technology is here to stay – and increase. We need to ensure that we don’t put ourselves in danger while this is happening. We need to act responsibly without fear. Why? Because we are so worth it.


Concerns grow ahead of 5G

Scalar Waves, healing, and the nature of the universe.

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