Self healing in this time of global healing.

  • December 1, 2020
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The nature of dis-ease.

I subscribe to the idea that dis-ease is almost always rooted in a mental or emotional imbalance. We get these when toxic ideas are implanted in our childhood through unkind words, cruel deeds, or some sort of trauma. These can be added to or reinforced as we move through life until they become part of who we are – or at least part of who we perceive we are.

These imbalances can be looked at as toxic lies that we have convinced ourselves to be true. Lies such as: I’m not good enough, I’m not love-able, I will never amount to anything, I was born to suffer, I am a sinner…

Besides interfering with joy-filled lives with the rewarding relationships that we all deserve, these imbalances work their way down to be represented in our bodies as illnesses that are often made worse by toxic air, food, water, and energy (EMF) of the world we live in.

Each of us as individuals forms part of the global collective. Science has proved that we are all far more connected than we might think. From this perspective the link between our own dis-ease and our society’s is clear. The harsh truth is that each of our own imbalances is contributing to the imbalance of the collective. Healing ourselves and healing our global society are, therefore intrinsically linked.

Dealing with denial.

The main force that works against us healing our deep-rooted issues is denial. We have all become very good at this as we choose not to take an honest look at ourselves and what ails us. This denial has fed a medical system that has no solutions for chronic illness other than to cover up the symptoms so we can continue to look the other way and continue with the pretense that all is fine.

The ability to deny the truth is certainly a major component of why we have collectively allowed the world to reach the state that it is in. We deny that our leaders are corrupt, that our laws are unjust, our planet’s eco-system is unhealthy, and that our media is constantly lying to us about everything, whist forming a critical part of the great distraction machine that allows us to keep looking away from the real truths behind our current state of affairs.

The truth will set you free

Step one of any healing journey involves honesty. The truth will set you free but it is often a painful process looking in the mirror and assessing the things about ourselves that might be derailing the life we really want. Taking an honest look at our world can be equally as uncomfortable but also crucial if we are to move towards a system that serves all of humanity and the planet and not just a few greedy individuals.

Take responsibility

The next step is about self-responsibility – taking ownership of our stuff. On an individual level this means not blaming other people such as our parents for our issues. They may have played a part but the hand of cards was dealt to us and it is only us who can now play it. On a collective level we need to accept that the state of affairs is our responsibility to fix together. Our governments may be corrupt and serving corporate interests but we are part of a society allowing this to go on. Maybe it is time to step up and join with others to affect change?

Letting go

Another key step is letting go of the version of yourself with the dis-ease. This might seem obvious and simple but it is very easy to hitch our own self-identity to our conditions as if they are somehow part of who we are.

Letting go of the world as it is is also key to moving forward to a better world together. Our present version is ugly and unjust in so many respects but it is familiar and known. The unknown is generally a scary place for us human beings to go.

Intending and doing the work.

So now we have the issues honestly framed, what next? Well there are two choices at this stage: kick the proverbial can down the road or set our intent to tackle the issue head on. Intending is an important stage. It’s about drawing our line in the sand and making our first determined steps on the road to wellness.

Doing the actual healing might require some help but ultimately we need to do the work ourselves.   Once we have our honesty in place, have taken ownership, and stated our intent, then a good analogy of the next stage would be shining a light into the shadows. Just as darkness cannot survive light, so cannot dis-ease survive the prolonged light of our attention. Neither can our dis-eased society survive the light of our collective attention.

Using tools.

As our collective understanding moves beyond Newtonian Physics into the realms of Quantum Physics some exciting possibilities are opening up in terms of tools that can help us with real healing.

From the quantum perspective everything is consciousness, energy, and information. This means that what ails us can be consciously tackled with energy and information – information coming in the form of frequency or rates of vibration.

There are more and more devices coming onto the market that provide some form of energetic input into the body with healing frequencies.

Our QSB stands out in this field and uses powerful scalar waves as a medium for a range of frequencies with great potential to not only shake up and bring issues to the surface but work alongside us to help move them on. As well as working on the physical body, the QSB works at the emotional and mental levels to help unearth the root cause of our dis-ease.

Our QTB is a high-voltage powered scalar wave device that is transmitting beneficial healing frequencies out around the planet at this time (see how to plug into this here). Some readers of this article will also be aware that the planet is experiencing shifts of energy and a rising of ambient frequencies at this time which I, and many others, believe is shaking things up and moving us towards individual and collective healing. In this respect we can view our own home planet as being on its own self-healing journey and is taking us with it!

The detox.

Any real healing involves a period of detox. Things seem to be getting worse just before moving into a new version of life free of the physical, mental, or emotional pain associated with the previous state.

In our personal healing we can experience intense emotions and even strong physical symptoms just prior to moving into a new healed state. It can be intense and uncomfortable but, ultimately, it represents a demarkation old and new, sickness and health.

If you look at the chaos ensuing around us in the world right now it might seem that everything is getting worse and it is easy to get into a state of fear as we live through it. My take is that this is our collective detox and can be viewed as the demarkation between our old world and the new. It is a scary but necessary part of the process.

Trust is our best ally here in braving this storm before the dawn of a new day shows us what a life free of dis-ease in a healthy world can look like.





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