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QSB Wave


The QSB Wave can be purchased on its own if you already have a QSB or as a package with the QSB.

The combination of the QSB and the Wave gives you everything you need to benefit from Quantum Wave Genetics age reversal and healing using baby photos or baby DNA samples (hair or nail clippings).

You can also simply offer age reversal and healing sessions to multiple subjects simultaneously – both in the room with the QSB and remotely using the principles of quantum entanglement.

Your QSB Wave will come with cables and instructions as well as access to our forum where you can ask questions and interact with other owners. We will also be offering advice, materials, and support to anyone interested in starting or expanding their own healing business with the QSB Wave. This will include access to free webinars, promotional videos, and documents.

If you do not have a QSB you can buy the QSB Wave with a QSB using the drop-down menu. Anybody who buys a package this way will also receive a free Upgrade pack to allow custom frequencies and sequences to be played through the QSB.


QSB Quantum Scalar Box


A Tesla-inspired Vibrational Healing and De-Stress Device which is unique to Life Energy Solutions – there is nothing else like it available today. Proven effective, try it for yourself.

Includes: 1 x QSB, 1x Universal Power Supply, Instructions.



Quantum Scalar Box – Upgrade Pack


This pack includes the cable to connect your QSB to a cell phone or pad so that you can run custom frequencies and sequences. Full instructions are included, with links to app downloads.

More importantly, this includes an ALL ACCESS INDEFINITE PASS to our information-packed Forum and all future webinars and seminars on subjects relating to the QSB and healing.

Crystal Water Bottle PLUS


Crystal Water Bottle PLUS:

7cm dia. x 25.5 cm

High Borosilicate glass (tough)

Neoprene Carry Sleeve.

Separate Crystal Chamber.

Natty/Snappy Insert to Super-Charge the Water.

Amethyst Crystals (add any of your own crystals).

Scalar Wave Enhanced Zero Point Energy Wands


Amega Global wands are proven healing tools. The Life Energy chakra healing energy Wand is a natural energy-generating device proven effective at protecting against cancer-causing EMF.

Crystal Pendulums


2 different designs of crystal pendulum with a gift bag and instructions how to use.

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