Kinesiology takes the guess work out of life.

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  • October 27, 2019
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Food has become sophisticated. Not necessarily good for you but looking good. And the taste – delicious. Of course it isn’t real flavour it is mostly added, MSG. So how do we know what is good for us and what is not?  What are we intolerant of? Is it wheat or dairy? Or both.

The good old days are mostly gone when food was wholesome and nutritious. Now are senses are tantalised by packaging, sugar, salt and all things refined and artificial. But how do we know as we wander up and down supermarket isles what is really healthy or poisonous. It is so easy to be led astray by the labels. Marketing is big business and probably cost the company more than the ingredients.

So how do we maneuver through the good, bad and indifferent? And it isn’t only about food. We have to make so many decisions in our lives that affect our health and wellbeing. Impossible? Or we need help to do it? Well neither if we realise what power our bodies possess and that they are dying to communicate with us. We are just too busy to hear. When we focus on what our body or higher self is wanting to tell us then we have the answer to any and every question we have ever asked.

Now Dr. George Goodhart discovered this in 1964. He found that the body always tells the truth. It is impossible for it to lie. He called his discovery Applied kinesiology.

How does kinesiology work then? So simple – the truth makes us strong, lies make us weak. In the same way if we touch/think something good we are strong. If it is bad, we are weak. Kinesiology tests the body’s strength by muscle testing.

Applied kinesiology means testing a person’s response to questions This is often by pushing down on an outstretched arm. The strength or weakness indicates good or bad – yes or no. Our body or higher self is giving us a true, unbiased answer.

Now Applied Kinesiology is used by practitioner’s world-wide to help people especially with health problems and since 2001, when featured in Time magazine, it is recognised as one of the top 100 innovations of medicine.

This is great but what about everyday life, it still leaves us in the dark a little as to whether those biscuits will feel as yummy in your tummy as they look on the packet. Even knowing whether the new man/woman in your life is toxic would be useful!

So can we be all powerful in our own lives? Yes. Yes. Yes. A very small effective kinesiology tool carried in your pocket or bag can be available all the time to take the guess work out of your life. Instantly you can know what will benefit you and what you must avoid. What you should do, when and with who. Think how much this will change your life?

Applied kinesiology is not only for the professionals it “Izit” about us all. We all can access our own answers – on our own if we choose.



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